Nursing PICOT question topics

Nursing PICOT question topics
Whether you are pursuing advanced studies in nursing or working in a clinical setting, you need to know how to prepare a good PICOT question. These kinds of assignments become confusing to students who have no idea how to choose nursing PICOT question topics. This article provides the best topics to use for your PICOT question assignment.
What is a PICOT question?
PICOT is a mnemonic resulting from the elements of clinical research. The PICOT process starts with a particular case, and the question is couched to develop an answer. A PICOT question helps you get the answer to your clinical question. It serves as a framework, prompting you to consider various aspects of the topic under investigation.
As you construct your PICOT, ensure you are detailed and concise about whatever you want to achieve. This allows you to focus on the most relevant evidence for application in practice. This is the whole meaning of a PICOT;
P: Patient, population, or problem
I: Intervention
C: Comparison
O: Outcome
T: Timeframe, type of question, type of study
Make sure your inquiry is specific. You may include the following questions; Are you looking for a specific type of patient? Will you use a particular test or a large group as your treatment? What are some examples of improved results if you are looking for them?
The difference between a good and a poor PICOT question
An excellent clinical query will address most, if not all, of the PICOT framework. A good PICOT should be specific and, where necessary, specify words and outcomes. A good PICOT will look into something new in terms of assessment, cause, medication, risk, etc.
A faulty PICOT frequently disguises a background question as a survey question. “What are the impacts of Prilosec on people on immune treatments,” for example, may appear to be a decent study question, but it isn’t. First, medicinal effects are frequently regarded as background knowledge because they can be found in a pharmacological monograph; you wouldn’t need an article to know this.
 Second, the statement is highly ambiguous. What kind of immune suppressant are you considering? What are the features of your target demographic? More information is needed to make this a question worth investigating.
Although it may be appealing to choose a precise PICOT question, consider that many medical school tasks need you to locate current material. If you’re having trouble finding articles on your PICOT topic, look for one component at a time rather than all at once.
Some articles may focus on one aspect of your PICOT, while others may focus on another. It’s okay if your articles don’t match the complete PICOT question because you need to develop your case and explain the existing research.
NursingPICOT question topics
There are many nursing PICOT question topics you can choose to write about. However, many students get confused with choosing one that will attract the reader and is interesting to read. Here are some topics you can consider for your paper;

What is the most efficient method for lowering oxygen saturation levels during oxygen therapy for children with urinary tract infections?
Is it a good idea for nurses to use antibacterial spray dispensers?
What are the consequences of consuming more potassium in children with low blood pressure?
Is it true that lifting the head of a mechanically ventilated patient’s bed reduces the risk of pneumonia?
Is it true that exercise programs can aid patients with hypertension?
Is the lithotomy posture a good place for women in labor to give birth?
Is intravenous fluid intervention a better treatment for newborns in life-threatening situations?
What is the best approach to giving oxygen to children aged 2 to 3 months during the oxygenation process?
Is home visiting in rural areas a better strategy to cope with teen pregnancy than regular school visits?
Is using toys to distract kids during needle immunizations an effective pain management strategy?
Is cup feeding an infant better than tube feeding in a NICU setting?
Do nurses benefit from bedside shift reports in terms of overall patient care?
Is spironolactone a better medicine for lowering blood pressure in teenagers compared to clonidine?
What are the health consequences of having a high potassium intake in persons over 21?
Do pain diaries help cancer patients manage their discomfort?
Nasal swab or aspiration? Which is the more effective treatment for children with seasonal flu?
Is flushing heroine through lines a more practical approach to treating CVL/PICC patients?
Is a wound vacuum a better option for treating an ulcer for a patient with high blood pressure than a standard moist?
What are the best guidelines for starting and stopping oxygen therapy?
Is it true that limiting the amount of sublingual sugar helps fully conscious children with hypoglycemia?

PICOT nursing research topics

Is medical intervention an effective strategy to address childhood obesity in school-aged children?
Is handwashing among healthcare professionals associated with a reduction in hospital infections?
What are the measurable consequences of prolonging ICU admissions and antibiotic use in children with sepsis?
Is psychological assistance for dementia patients more beneficial than giving them a placebo?
Can a nurse-led talk on mental health issues related to bullying aid in preventing such behaviors in public schools?
Is diclofenac more effective than pain killers in treating pain in persons over 50 years old?
Is a new fitness a valuable regimen in preventing deadly heart illnesses in women with a family history of heart disease?
Is there a risk of oesophageal cancer in non-smokers?
Are alarm sensors beneficial in hospitals for persons over 65 in averting accidents?
Is negative therapeutic wound pressure better for dealing with persons over 70 than a standard moist?
Is vitamin K prophylaxis useful in avoiding Vitamin K insufficiency in neonates due to bleeding?
What are the likely side effects of heparin treatment options for COPD patients, such as bruising and other injuries?
How successful is antenatal care for pregnant women under the age of 20?
Is skin-to-skin contact between the newborn and the mother a more reliable technique for preventing neonatal death than drying and wrapping?
Is group therapy beneficial to patients with schizophrenia to improve their communication skills?
Is it true that employing continuous feed in emesis is a more effective intervention than stopping the feed for a brief period?
Is taking zinc pills more beneficial than taking Vitamin C for avoiding colds in middle-aged women during the season of winter?
What are the responsibilities of a pre-surgery cardiac nurse in preventing depression in patients after?
Is music therapy a helpful method of pain control in the PACU for patients who are slowly waking up from anesthesia?
What are the side effects of using beta-blockers to lower blood pressure in older adults over 70 years old?

PICOT topics for primary care
Many cases require evidence-based research in primary care for patients in hospitals. This calls for the need to research this area. Here are some nursing PICOT question topics related to primary care;

What are the applications of the insulin port in pediatric heparin therapy?
Compared to normal nebulizers, does the usage of MDI produce superior benefits for pediatric asthma patients?
Are oral contraceptives helpful in preventing pregnancy in women over the age of 30?
Are inline sucking catheters more successful at reducing the infection risk than conventional catheters?
What are the likely outcomes for MRSA patients in children?
What is the typical cost of providing hyperbola to newborn patients?
How accurate are oral thermometers contrasted to tympanic thermometers in the pediatric population?
Is it required to test a person’s blood sugar level four times a day if they have Type 1 diabetes?
What are the ethical implications of giving placebo medication to a pediatric population with mental health problems?
Is aspiration surveillance of NJT installation a better strategy for NJT placement in infants?
Is a sudden temperature shift detrimental to neurologically compromised patients?
Is annual mammography required for women over the age of 40 to diagnose breast cancer?
Is it true that oral contraceptives are much more likely to cause blood coagulation difficulties in women over 40?
Is discontinuing lipids for four hours an efficient way to achieve the desired TG level in patients about to start TPN?
For children under the age of five, how difficult would it be to detect C difficile?
Is preserving breast milk for pediatric persons with a syringe pump more successful than a kangaroo pump?
What are the advantages of keeping an infant awake for an entire day before doing a VCUG?
Is cleansing GT with Pedialyte a healthy method of preventing NA depletion?
What are the vital sign requirements for a pediatric age group?
After introducing antivirals, what is the value of an LP/spinal tap in a fever-stricken pediatric age group?

PICOT nursing topics diabetes
There are different types of diabetics. To identify the treatment process for each type, students need to conduct research. Here are some nursing PICOT question topics related to diabetes;

Is there any benefit to using TPA in tubes as a thrombolytic treatment for diabetic people with chest tubes?
Does psychological counseling assist people with chronic conditions in gaining more self-confidence?
For IV infiltrates, are heat packs more effective than cold packs?
Is it better to absorb sodium bicarb through tubes rather than eat it?
Is the rise in antidepressant use among metropolitan women in their 30s and older hurting their maternal health?
What are the implications of an IVF bolus on regulating the rate of Magnesium Sulphate in asthmatic patients?
What is the usefulness of the RASKIN regimen in treating migraine patients?
Is using contemporary syringes helping reduce needle injuries among healthcare professionals in the United States?
What does it mean to use three lighting banks for newborns with hyperbilirubinemia?
When Imodium is given to an infant with SGS, they usually vomit. What other options do you have?
What is the clinical relationship between Hirschsprung and congenital central hypoventilation syndrome?
Is using infrared epidermal thermometers for a diabetic population justified with tympanic thermometers?
In comparison to adults, what are the effects of vaccination on children?
Is it better to put a child in a prone position to prevent any air leak with chest tubes?
When more networks of lights are utilized to treat newborns with hyperbilirubinemia, do bilirubin levels drop faster?
What are the consequences of using Peracid before a ph.?Probe investigation in children with GERD?
What are the consequences of using an occasional straight catheter in children with UT Is?
Is there a direct link between NGT and VAP?
Are ethanol locks beneficial in avoiding baby catheter-related infections?
What are the fundamental AFB culture protocols for diagnosing tuberculosis in patients?

Health literacy PICOT topics
General health is essential in human bodies. Students should research how to improve their health status on a daily basis. Here are some nursing PICOT question topics related to health;

Is daily heartbeat monitoring helpful in managing hypertension causes in men over 65?
Do first-time women who give birth to premature babies have a higher risk of postpartum depression than second or third-time mothers who have the same problem?
Is bullying at Scottish boarding schools increasing the risk of domestic violence over the next 20 years?
Is a four-times-a-day blood glucose monitoring technique more helpful in managing the onset of Type 1 diabetes after being diagnosed with blood sugar levels?
Is it true that men over the age of Thirty who have smoked for more than six months have a higher risk of oesophageal cancer than guys of the same age who have never smoked?
Is it true that using pain relievers during surgery reduces pain more efficiently than taking the same medications afterward?
Is it true that extended exposure to chemotherapy increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in cancer-stricken teenagers?
Are cancer patients who get severe chemotherapy and regimes more susceptible to cachexia than those who do not?
Is it true that the increased use of cannabis among Dutch teenagers increases the risk of depression?
Is yoga a helpful medical therapy for patients healing from neck cancer to reduce lymphedema?
Do women between the ages of 25 and 40 who use contraceptive pills regularly have a higher risk of blood clots than women in the same age range who don’t use them?
Do peer-supported effective interventions for female students in New York help reduce school suicide rates?
Is it true that getting phone tweets lowers blood glucose levels in patients with Type 1 diabetes?
Do breastfeeding children in urban areas reduce their odds of being obese as preschoolers?
Is a 30-minute exercise routine helpful in reducing the risk of heart disease in persons over 65?
Is yearly mammography more helpful in preventing breast cancer for women under the age of Fifty than a mammogram every three years?
Is it true that organizing work teams to discuss domestic abuse in the US rural population reduces women’s depression and anxiety?
When colonoscopy is combined with an alien blood test, can colon cancer be detected more efficiently than when the colon is performed alone?
Is the increased usage of mosquito nets assisting in lowering the rate of malaria in children?
Is it true that encouraging male co-workers to communicate about sexual harassment reduces workplace depression?
Does the increased use of oral contraceptives in the UK raise the breast cancer risk in women aged 20 to 30?

PICOT research topics birth control
Birth control s an issue that erupts daily. Different women are using different birth control methods for valid reasons. This necessitates research in this area. Here are some nursing PICOT question topics in the area;

Explain the interventions that increase the continuation and uptake of effective contraceptives, including long-serving methods such as intrauterine contraceptives, injections, and implants
What are the side effects of hormonal contraceptives like implants, pills, rings, patches, and others?
Explain the long-term effects of using contraceptives?
Describe the models of care that increase support and access decision making for vulnerable groups
Talk about effective and safe interventions for women with irregular bleedings
Explain how pharmacy services for the provision of contraceptives increase the rate of uptake
What are the benefits and risks of using combined hormonal contraceptives?
What factors influence women while making decisions about the contraception to use?
Identify any factors that can help in identifying women who do not need to use any contraceptives around the stage of menopause
Talk about new contraception methods for men

These are some medical questions based on the PICO (population, problem, patient, intervention, comparison, and outcome) parameters. It’s worth noting that not all of the questions cover all of the PICO or PICOT parameters, but they define the scope of nursing research. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance developing your clinical research question or nursing assignment.
How to prepare a perfect nursing PICOT question
Now that we have examined different nursing PICOT question topics, it is essential to understand how to prepare perfect PICOT questions. Here is the process:

Formulate the PICOT question

Consider the following case scenario:
You work in a Urology unit as a Registered Nurse. A 65-year-old man is among your patients recovering from abdominal surgery, particularly a laparoscopic prostatectomy. The patient is experiencing stomach pains and nausea. He has a bloated abdomen and no bowel noises. The medical professional suspects paralytic bowel obstructions and confirms the diagnosis based on integrating clinical symptoms and laboratory findings.
You address this case at the next meeting of the Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Committee. The commission chooses to conduct a case study to see whether there is any evidence that a simple treatment like assessing whether chewing gum after abdominal surgery can help prevent postoperative ileus.
Our research topic is based on this situation: “Is there a difference in patients receiving abdominal surgery?”There is evidence to show that chewing gum after surgery impacts ileus after than not chewing gum after surgery?”

Identify the keywords for every PICOT element

Population- which specific group are you interested in studying?
Intervention- what is the active treatment or intervention to be taken?
Comparison- what are other treatments or interventions comparable to the action you have considered?
Outcome- what is the outcome anticipated?
Timeframe- how long will the process take?
Our scenario includes patients, abdominal surgery, chewing gum, not chewing gum, and postoperative ileus.

Plan for your strategy

Plan well for your strategy by;

Identifying the primary aspects of your issue
Identifying the primary aspects of your issue
Subject translation from natural language terms

Synonyms, phrases, or words that mean the same or almost the same as another might help you narrow down your search. Using the keyword ‘surgery’ as an example, you might overlook articles that instead explain a situation’recovery’ or ‘Postoperative’ patients. Adding synonyms will aid in expanding your search results to those that are still relevant but don’t have everything.

Execute research

Ensure that the Search Mode is set to Phrase/ Boolean before starting your search. This is significant since this option allows for “precise phrase” searching. If you search for the term “heart disease,” the system will look for documents containing the phrases heart and disease in the same sentence, rather than merely a list of instances where the two words appear independently.
For our case scenario, P (Patient or Population): Start your search with the patient or population going through stomach surgery. As previously said, if you want to improve your search results, try using fewer words. Surgery, Recovery, and Postoperative are examples of descriptive terms with the same meaning. Please remember to use the Boolean operator “Or” to ensure that each result includes at least one of the search terms.
For intervention, begin a new search: “gum” or “chewing gum.” Ensure you note the results or use the Boolean operator. You can conduct research for your outcome, which will be ileus or postoperative ileus. Your intention now is to determine if chewing of gums after surgery impacts postoperative ileus. Note down the number of results that will appear on your search engine.
Lastly, combine all your searches. Complete your search by combining all patients undergoing abdominal surgery, chewing gum, and postoperative ileus. Use databases to look for history to combine all the searches into one search displaying results from the previous three searches.

Refine your results

At this point, you can sharpen your results by adding some limiters. This will allow you to keep an eye on the most relevant and pertinent content results. It will also ensure you do not waste energy and time going through content that may not be useful. For example, you can limit your results by indicating the time and publishing date.

Review your literature

Select and review the most pertinent publications to your PICOT inquiry after adding limiters to your merged search and rerunning the results. If you come across an item that is very relevant to your research but is not accessible text, contact your bookstore to see if they can help you discover the complete text.

Determine the evidence level

The final stage in creating the ideal PICOT search is determining the amount of evidence in each relevant article. There is a hierarchy of evidence degree and intensity when searching for the most substantial available evidence. Select journal papers founded on the most significant degree of evidence, such as Meta-Analyses or Systematic reviews, as you study the articles.
To sum up
To write an influential PICOT question paper, you need to select a good topic. This article provides 100+ nursing PICOT question topics you can use in your research paper.
Contact us if you still need help choosing good nursing PICOT question topics or writing a complete paper. We provide paper writing services to students at reasonable rates.


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