199+ Best Critical Thinking Essay Topics For College Students

199+ Best Critical Thinking Essay Topics For College Students
Writing a critical essay can be pretty intricate, especially if you don’t have a good critical thinking essay topic. An ideal critical thinking essay is centered on a solid thesis statement, a good critical thinking essay topic, and an outstanding analysis of the selected topic.  Although challenging, choosing the appropriate critical thinking essay topic is the first step toward writing an impeccable critical thinking essay. 
When writing a critical analysis essay, the writer evaluates, interprets, and analyzes a piece of literature, a historical event, an argument, or a social phenomenon. Critical essays necessitate in-depth research, and they are built around facts and showcase critical thinking. A critical thinking essay is crucial since it allows students to boost their research skills.
In this blog, we have prepared a list of well-curated critical thinking essay topics that will help you develop your ideas. But first, let’s delve into how to choose a critical essay topic. 
How to Choose Critical Thinking Essay Topics
Choosing an appropriate critical essay topic might sound daunting, but it is an integral part of the essay writing process, and there is no other way around it. But the good news is that you have limitless essay topics for critical thinking essays to choose from. But how do you do that?
Here are some crucial tips to help you select a good critical essay topic.

Select a captivating and compelling topic
Only choose a topic that you have enough evidence to back it up
Your critical essay topic should be informative. You must bring something new to the existing knowledge.
Do not fret over changing a critical essay topic if you find that your topic is unreliable. Change to another critical essay topic. The earlier, the better.
Remember that you are presenting only facts in a critical essay and not your opinion in a critical essay.
Ensure that you can source credible, relevant, and up-to-date information to back up your arguments.
Before you begin writing, discuss a bit of your chosen critical thinking essay topic.
Ask friends and family what they think about your critical thinking essay topic. 

Tips & Hacks on How to Write the Best Critical Essay
Like any other five-part essay, a critical essay begins by selecting a critical essay topic.  You are supposed to choose a fascinating and informative critical essay topic. Your main duty as a critical essay writer is to tell the reader that what you are discussing is valid, and the reader should keep on reading to the end.
But how can you write a critical essay that will keep your reader hooked to the end? Use the simple tips listed below to help you write an outstanding critical essay. 

Read. Read. Read

For years, books agave been the best sources of information. Books are readily available. Books open the world to a whole new perspective, enlarge our imagination and experience, and shape how we think.
Look for some books on the critical essay topic you are interested in. Choose a few questions from the book and use that as a foundation of your critical essay topic.

Look for credible sources

There are millions of sites only, but not each is worth looking into. There are many other sites where you can find critical essay topics. To find a topic that you find exciting and straightforward. Delve into the several published sources about the subject and explore what the previous writers have said about the topic.
A critical response essay topic could grab the reader’s attention and have them interested in the daily issues that affect our daily lives. 

Speak to your close friends 

We all have friends from different backgrounds and different ages. You can have someone your grandmother’s age as your best friend, or even your mom can be your best friend. Talk to the people close to you and let them share their personal lives and what they wish they could change about the world.
Explore how different generations perceive various issues. A critical essay topic that discusses how different ages perceive certain cases is worth looking into. 

Explore the field

If you can take a trip out of your home town. Then please do so. Visit museums, streets, and other public venues and speak to people. You will gain exposure to several ideas and perspectives. You will get a chance to exchange ideas and unearth several issues worth mentioning in your essay.

Stay informed

You have to stay updated on whatever is in the relevant field. There is no shortage of news sites and other publications that focus on specific problems. Take advantage of this and help explain the real issues in your critical essay.
Chaos on the problem and get down to writing about an issue that has garnered much attention recently. If the journalist has covered it, the topic is worth looking into. 
First-Class Critical Thinking Essay Topics

Is the criticism of gays in society justified?
Why is it important to analyze every situation in life?
One person can change the world: How true is that statement
Explain why several government policies fail to work in the U.S
What is the impact of the author’s background in creating a masterpiece?
Explain how misconceptions impact our desires
Investigate the role of mass media in mitigating problems like poverty and illiteracy
Investigate critical problems associated with overpopulation
Highlight the differences and similarities between the first and second world war
Analyze the effectiveness of the judicial system in its quest to control the use of drugs
What’s the distinction between love in medieval times and love now?
What is the role of fairy tales in affective learning?
Explain why people are reluctant to accept the concept of environmental improvement
Are children necessary for the continuation of the human race?

Special Critical Thinking Essay Topics

Explore the trends in critical thinking
Evaluate courses at the university by using the tools of critical thinking
An in-depth evaluation of transformation tools
Humility, courage, autonomy, and integrity are tools used in the transformation of the mind. Go further in detail and examine other transformational tools and how a student can understand them and use them in their everyday lives.
Explain the key differences between education quality and applied education
Explain the meaning of critical thinking in our world today
The significance of critical thinking in the world today
What is philosophy? Critically deduce the scope of philosophy, including branches, characteristics, and relevance.
Explain the scope of creative thinking regarding critical thinking
Explore the breadth of critical thinking
Explore the benefits of applied critical thinking to organizations and businesses today
Personal reflections on critical thinking

Sports Critical Essay Topics

What is the importance of indoor and outdoor activities?
Health problems related to excessive video gaming.
Why should animals not be used in sports?
The link between sports and academic performance.
Should sports betting be legal?
College football players should get paid.
Can two good teams have a boring game?
What is the impact of violent video games on children?
Why should violent sports be banned?
Why should cheerleading be considered a sport?

Historical Critiques Essay Topics  for students

Define xenophobia, review its history and explain how it affects our daily life
Look at the history of the first countries of Canada and their effect on Canada we currently know.
Examine the prevalence of poverty in the U.S and explain how it leads to homelessness
What are the likely impacts of changing gender roles
Describe islamophobia and discuss how it affects the lives of American Muslims.
Describe the impact of racism on black people’s mental health in the United States.
Demonstrate the effect social media and technology have on human interaction and socialization.
Review the history of the slave trade and highlight the impact of the abolition
Demonstrate the characteristics of a diverse nation
What is the effect of drug use and addiction on adolescents in the United States?

Top-Notch Critical Thinking Topics For Papers

Examine the scope of fallacies as they relate to creative and critical thinking
Evaluate the link between critical thinking and money
Explain how personal fashion impacts one’s identity
Define the link between reflective analysis and critical thinking
High-End Critical Thinking Paper Topics
What is the connection between job satisfaction and team member turnover rate?
Examine the impact of social media on human psychology
What is the role of critical thinking in the world today?
Give reasons why education should be free.
Analyze the importance of individuality, self-knowledge, and self-worth in critical thinking
What’s the distinction between applied education and education quality?
Which is better between city life and country life?

35 Latest Topics For Critical Thinking Essay

Why can’t we give up fast food?
Mutual aid is important in society.
Can a black hole swallow our planet?
Why are people skeptical about environmental improvement?
Do people need to be checked in metropolitan areas?
Is office work better than working at home because of real communication with people?
The significance of reflective thinking in a society capped by technology and social media
Does order in your house mean order in life?
Can we live forever?
Is food a need or a special ceremony for body and soul?
Meetings: need or not?
Do women have a certain age for marriage?
Explain the rationale behind clear, objective thinking
What are the arguments in critical thinking? Explain the scope of statements such as deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning
Can a person be happy without a partner?
Should problem-solving skills be a measure of one’s intelligence?
Do talismans help and protect?
Write a paper detailing your reflections on academic situations
Always religion is humility and virtue?
Significance of multiculturalism in our world today
Why do people believe nature is a free market?
High heel shoes: beautiful and dangerous.
Criticism can be offensive to people.
What are fallacies? Explain the range of fallacies concerning critical and creative thinking.
Should we analyze every situation in life?
Explore the many ways a student can use the lessons learned in critical thinking classes in real-life situations
How to stop the sale of drugs?
How to learn to plan your budget?
Does a small child need a lot of money?
Support the existence of wisdom and quality education with facts, reason, and claims
The modern world has many temptations.
Problems with overpopulation.
Explore the stages in research as deduced by a critical thinker
Why are certain animals more faithful and kinder than people?
Do Native Americans live in reservations now?

Critical Thinking Essay Questions

Who is to be blamed for homeless people?
What is the connection between corruption and asterism?
What are the main causes of environmental degradation around the world?
What are the most beneficial environmental conversation techniques?
Examine the impact of social media on the mental health of a teenager
Demonstrate whether anorexia nervosa is associated with many health risks.
Should kids watch horror movies?
Why is the game of basketball so popular?
What is the importance of socialization?
Discuss why some animals are more gentle and trustworthy than humans.
Weigh the pros and cons of getting a college degree.
Discuss the effectiveness of a balanced diet for our health.
Compare traditional learning and virtue learning.
The most serious health risk from anorexia nervosa.
What is the impact of corruption on third-world countries?
Effective sleep habits for everyone.
Describe the importance of medical insurance, the reasons for its necessity, and the various disadvantages.
What is philosophy? Critically deduce the scope of philosophy, including branches, characteristics, and relevance.

Critical Thinking Topics For Debate

Consider the spectator experience when it comes to mind sports.
Distinguish between online and offline relationships.
Conduct an assessment of the efficacy of standardized tests.
Investigate the advantages and disadvantages of district zoning
Why are humans so convinced that nature operates on a free market basis?
Consider the following five ways in which technological advancement has altered the course of human life
Weigh the pros and cons of attending a private or public school
Contrast recorded and lived music
Native American independence issues
Discuss the compatibility between environmentalism and capitalism
Emphasize the most significant risk factors for lung cancer and how to alleviate them
Vegan foods that are not healthy
Discuss the importance of a healthy lifestyle
Describe the effects of championing feminism on social media platforms
Analyze and evaluate how the development of the industry impacts students constantly striving to join it
Consider the obstacles Native Americans faced in their quest for self-determination.
What effect does a well-balanced diet have on the health of a child?
Consider why painkillers are required and some of their potential side effects.
Conduct research into the benefits and drawbacks of genetic engineering and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
Define global warming and the effects it has on human life
Describe the media’s role in the development and prevention of crime

Original Critical Essay Topics Ideas

Crime among neighbors.
Secrets of the great canyon.
Children and video games.
Women in politics.
The discoverers of America.
Work and laptop.
Banking investments.
Exploring the pyramids: do not disturb the pharaohs.
Euthanasia and religion.
Domestic violence.
Revoke strong prison sentences for criminals.
Sport in college.
Is it possible to improve the financial situation of the country?
Inflation in the economy.
Football fans at the championships.
Road traffic.
TV and our minds.
Vikings and their achievements.
Athletes and dope.
Flora, fauna, and man.
Racism in society.
Human factor.
Sex change.
The impact of technology.
Olympic gods.

Environment Based Critical Thinking Essay Topics:

Why processed food may be detrimental to your health
Explain hurricanes and how they affect the environment.
Explain the effects of globalization and why it is the most significant economic phenomenon at this time
Choose any social issue you want to discuss and find an effective solution. 
Are the celebrities effective in disseminating pro-environment ideologies?
Examine the negative impact of the lottery industry and justify why it should be banned
Is there any effect of the environment on psychological well-being?
Synthesize the Italian food custom and highlight different symbolism in it
What is the distinction between economic liberalism and economic nationalism?
Consider the following five ways in which technological advancement has altered the course of human life.

Critical Thinking Topics For Students

What’s the distinction between the caste system and the class system in society?
Analyze how the increase or decrease of carbon dioxide is harmful to the quality of life on earth
How can students’ cognitive abilities be developed?
Investigate the role of society in advancing negative emotions like hatred in human beings
Justify why democratic governments are regarded as the best at meeting citizens’ needs
Investigate why plants that grow in the tropical region
Discuss the factors that contribute to anarchy in a culture comprised of diverse cultures and religions.
Evaluate the basics of critical thinking
Investigate the origin of gender imbalance between men and women in developed economies
What is the impact of the composition of air in a particular region on a person’s health?
Why is it crucial to encourage and support women from their members of the opposite sex?
What is the importance of the marriage institution and society as a whole?

Critical Thinking Essay Topic Ideas On Technology:

What is the role of technology in transforming the lives of human beings?
Advantages and disadvantages of enhanced technology in the current world.
The integration of robots into the lives of humans.
Analysis of Apple iPhone.
How has technology improved the health sector?
The impact of technology on fashion trends.

Critical Essay Topics About Movies and TV

What are the reality TV shows that are so popular?
Choose the most popular game show and analyze it in detail.
Provide analysis on a movie that won an Oscar this year.
Choose a book you have recently read and provide a detailed analysis of its movie adaptation.
What are the pros and cons of classic movie remakes?
Choose any film that you have watched and describe the takeaways in it.
Why are talk shows very popular today?
Conduct a detailed analysis of any educational movie that you have watched.
Describe the main theme in current TV shows.
Provide a detailed analysis of one of the best comic book series.

Critical Essay Topics for College Students

Why, 30-40 years ago, were the principles and laws of society different?
Is contemporary art strange?
Does technology ruin society?
Styles are mixed.
Genetics and its secrets.
Can we help our planet?
Does alcohol always create problems?
Do we need children only for the continuation of our race?
Does inpatient treatment help?
Is every star a separate galaxy?
Why is it important for us to look good?
Children and parents: relationships.
One person can change the world.
TV zombies, people?
Why do we love TV shows?
Criticism of gays in society.
How do we understand love now and in medieval times?
Why does the opinion of other people stop us?
Developments and achievements. Do we need it?
Is there fresh air outside your apartment?
Is a stylish image success in everything?
How to get rid of bad habits? Why do we have it?
Is modern medicine a breakthrough?
Misconceptions affect our desires.
Are we ready to risk and make exploits?

Critical Thinking Essay Topic Ideas On Sports:

Salaries are given to top sportspeople.
What are the methods to control racism in sports?
Use of drugs by the sports players.
Write an analysis of sports on the internet.
How can you relate corruption to sports?
The strategies to get success in the field of sports.

Critical Evaluation Essay Topics

Analyze the cultural value of the pyramids of Giza
What is the impact of deforestation of tropical forests on the environment?
Investigate how environmentalism and capitalism compare to each other
Review the effectiveness of standardized tests.
Highlight the best places to visit in Europe and explain why they are so unique
Discuss the effects of global warming.
Examine the concept of same-sex marriage from a Christian point of view
Examine how moves portray a historical figure
Analyze the viewer’s experience of mind sports.
Synthesize the attributes of an epic summer movie
Evaluate the pros and cons of attending public and private schools.
How the internet has changed the world.
What are the pros of having a college degree?
What is the connection between religion and morality?
What’s the distinction between traditional and online relationships?
What are the side effects of painkillers?
Discuss the effect of technology on the health care industry
What is the impact of social media bullying on one’s mental health, and how can the problem be resolved?
Examine the correlation between economic growth and the environment
Evaluate events that defined economic development in the U.S since 1900
Compare and contrast live performances and recorded music.
Discuss the pros and cons of genetic modification.
Analyze the long term impact of colonialism as observed in the world today
How is the global climate-related to capitalism

World-Class Critical Essay Topics

What factors influence women’s and men’s decisions to undergo gender transition??
Examine the effect that nanotechnology has on human life.
Consider euthanasia from a religious perspective.
Why is it beneficial for humans to exhibit ethics?
How does divorce affect the mental health of a child?
What are the ramifications of robots displacing human labor??
Analyze the impact of inflation on the economy of a country
What are the benefits and drawbacks of cosmetic surgery?
What effect does domestic abuse have on children’s mental health?
Justify why businesses spend so much money on advertising.
Examine the concept of same-sex marriage from a Christian point of view

Critical Thinking Essay Ideas Based On Economics:

Discuss the effectiveness of the American economic system.
Discuss the economic importance of microbes in human life.
How do students effectively spend their money?
Discuss any financial disaster from the past ad its reason.
How does inflation affect economic growth?
What is the connection between literacy and economic growth?

Critical Essay Topics on Social Issues

What are the advantages of eating healthy food?
Police brutality and how to stop it.
Provide alternatives to anti-poverty programs.
Choose any social issue you want to discuss and find an effective solution. 
Advantages and disadvantages of eating fast foods.
The effectiveness of the media in solving issues like illiteracy and poverty.
How to stop the war in the middle east?
How effective is the legal system in combating drug abuse?
Craft a research paper on the impact of social media on mental health
The long-lasting impact of colonialism.
Analyze why some of the governmental policies are ineffective in the US.

Bottom Line 
Thanks to the intricate questions surrounding our daily lives, you have several critical essay topics to choose from. Any critical essay topic can have disadvantages and advantages for animals, nature, people, or the entire planet. If you want to write a critical essay, you need to analyze the selected topic and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the situation.
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