Nursing personal statement examples
To be admitted into a nursing school, you will be required to write a personal statement and attach it with other application documents. If you want to convince the admission panel why you are the right candidate, you need to write a captivating personal statement that depicts your strengths. In this blog, we will discuss what a nursing personal statement is and offer insights on how to write one and nursing personal statement examples.
Most nursing students are unfamiliar with the strategies to apply in order to write an engaging personal statement. The reason could be a lack of exposure to good nursing personal statements.
At the end of this blog, we believe this will change as we will highlight essential elements to apply and factors to consider when composing your personal statement.
What is a nursing personal statement?
Have you come across a nursing personal statement before? If yes, you already know how effective when it comes to applying for a nursing program. However, most students fail to deliver an excellent personal statement because they don’t understand its significance.
So, how can we define a nursing personal statement? A nursing personal statement is a short and brief essay you write when applying for a nursing program. It complements your grades and other quantifiable aspects.
You can use personal statements to discuss your interest in a specific program and how your experiences perfectly fit that particular program. In other words, your nursing personal statement explains to the school you are applying your strengths and clearly shows who you are.
At times, you can write 6 or 7 personal statements to indicate that you have attained the minimum requirements they need for nursing promotion.
How to write a nursing personal statement
Are you familiar with the steps to take when writing your nursing personal statement? If you don’t, don’t worry because we will not only provide you with steps but also guide you on how to write a nursing personal statement like an expert. A lot of nursing students have excelled with these expert tips.
You may wonder why I need to master the art of writing a personal statement. Understanding how to craft a good one will help the admission panel to understand you better as an applicant.
Additionally, writing an excellent personal statement when applying to nursing school will boost your chances of securing admission. Admission committees rarely turn away a well-written personal statement.
So, let’s guide you on how to stand out among the crowd with these seven experts’ steps:
1.      Decide on your school of choice
Before writing a personal statement, you need to clearly understand the school you would like to apply to. Composing a personal statement begins with selecting the programs you wish to apply to.
You can start by researching the best nursing schools that blend better with your skills, values, interests, career goals, etc.
If you are unsure about the school, you are free to seek help. You can consult the admission counsellor or visit some of the schools you have in mind. Doing this will give a broader picture of what to focus your personal statement on.
2.      Set a deadline
Students tend to fail their assignments not because they don’t have the skills to write but due to procrastination. The best way to be productive is to create your own timelines. Set a deadline for yourself with tentative ambitions.
You need to clearly define when you hope to finish different components of your other application pieces and personal statement. It is essential to add deadlines for applications for the rest of the schools you like.
Although these deadlines might change, understanding the appropriate timelines to complete various personal statement sections like the draft or outline is helpful. It will help you write not only flawlessly but also efficiently manage your time and stay organized.
3.      Create a good plan for your personal statement
An excellent personal statement can be achieved by writing a good plan. If you are familiar with a personal statement plan, you can check some nursing school personal statement examples. It is essential to compile tentative ideas for your personal statement before you undertake to write.
Executing creative writing practices can help you figure out your content when writing a personal statement. You can exercise this by trying to put down any idea that hits your mind, provided it is directly linked to the personal statement. It should, however, flow without stopping.
Additionally, the emphasis surrounding a plan is to assist in creating an appropriate format outline while drafting the notes about the introduction, body, and conclusion of your essay. You can obtain more knowledge concerning personal statements through nursing personal statement examples online.
4.      Factor in your approach
Applicants implement various approaches when applying. There is no widely accepted approach. While creating your structure and start drafting your personal statement, you need to consider the admission committee. How will their experience be while reading your essay?
You are at liberty to choose various approaches. For instance, you can choose to begin with a life experience that you think will capture someone’s attention. Alternatively, you can choose something different by introducing yourself and stating your ambitions for that particular program.
If you find problems implementing these approaches, you can seek nursing personal statement writing help. As you write, ensure your ideas have a good transition from one subject to the next.
5.      State specific examples and details
Avoid being overly general and vague. Remember, the admission panel are professionals who can easily judge you. You need to be factual. Include specific and relevant examples, details, anecdotes, etc., in your nursing personal statement.
A human brain is more likely to remember specific and relevant details. The admission team is the same. They will remember those particular details included in your essay more than general statements. Strive to incorporate relatable examples.
For instance, you can discuss a specific period in your life when you displayed compassion to a needy person, an elderly or a neighbour rather than stating you are a sympathetic character.
To understand how to incorporate examples better, look for nursing personal statements examples.
6.      Seek feedback
Sometimes, you may overlook your own mistakes. You need someone else to proofread your work. You can ask an experienced individual to read and critique your personal statement.
Asking for feedback will help you look at your essay from a different angle and objectively. It will also give you a clear understanding of the best ways to revise your essay.
If you don’t know where to get feedback, you can ask two or more people from the following category to give you their thoughts on your personal statement;

A family member or friend
Your current nursing school colleagues
Your instructor or a writing staff member
Your colleagues who are applying for the same nursing programs

7.      Edit and proofread your work
Do not rush to submit your personal statement after writing it. There are potential mistakes that may cost you marks. Revise your essay as many times as you can before handing it over to the admission committee.
You can begin by proofreading structural sections or any personal statement content like the anecdotes and transitions.
When you are done revising these larger components, you can head to proofread the entire essay.
 Proofreading will help you identify grammatical mistakes and ensure the punctuation and spelling are accurate.
Expert tips to help you write a killer nursing personal statement
After learning how to write a good personal statement, the buck stops with you. You need to go ahead and learn how to write like a professional. If there are areas you did not grasp well; nursing personal statement examples are available online for you.
We endeavour to help you deliver a killer personal statement which will impress the admission team at first sight. Therefore, be sure to implement the pro tips we are about to reveal to you.
·         Describe additional factors of yourself and explore some critical parts of your application
The admission committees validate various application essays. Your personal statement should be unique from the rest. Strive to reduce writing repetitive information in your personal statement that the admission team might find anywhere else.
An effective way of writing a unique essay would be to discuss some parts about yourself that the admission panel may not discover after reading your personal statement.
Alternatively, you can capitalize on your personal statement to discuss significant parts of your application essay. Take, for instance, a case where your chemistry teacher played a role in shaping your nursing career; discuss the class that inspired or motivated you.
·         Consider the expectations of a personal statement
Essays are common in different levels of education. You might have probably come across essays or even written one before. It could be about yourself or anything. Nursing personal statement writing is slightly different.
A nursing personal statement has various procedures compared to a four-paragraph essay format or other more straightforward essay structures. Personal statements seek to enlighten the admission team about the applicant.
An excellent personal statement helps the admission team understand your life experiences, values, character and motivation. Whenever you want to impress the admission panel with a good essay but don’t know how you can hire our nursing personal statement writing services.
·         Carefully follow the instructions
Different instructions will issue their application instructions. Directions will guide you on how to write precisely what they are looking for. So, ensure you go through the instructions for every institution carefully and understand what they require.
Sometimes, you can write a good personal statement, but if you don’t properly consider the instructions, you might lose the vacancy. After writing about factors of an institution’s personal statement, ensure to stick to work limits or characters.
Instructions will guide you to write an appropriate personal statement for a specific school. You can explore various nursing personal statement examples to understand how to incorporate instructions in your essay. After writing, be sure to submit your personal statement correctly.
Child nursing personal statement example
Have you thought about your childhood experiences and how they can impact your career? When writing your nursing statement, you can include a child nursing personal statement example. Writing a child’s personal statement can be tricky yet rewarding.
You can describe your ambitions when you were a young girl in terms of where you see yourself in future. For example, most students gain the urge to be teens nurse so they can help other children.
Explore your main reasons for training in that specific school and how you can assist the needy.
Adult nursing personal statement example
You may be required to write an adult nursing personal statement in your personal statement. Are you familiar with what to discuss? If not, you can check adult nursing personal statement examples written by experts.
As you will notice, nursing personal statements are more apparent currently due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You can discuss how Covid-19 expanded your passion in your nursing career.
You can also read nursing personal statement examples to give you a clear picture of the responsibilities you can discuss. It could be taking care of children with disabilities or orphans.
Mental health nursing personal statement example
Mental health is a significant issue, yet it is rarely discussed. There are a lot of topics you can discuss. If you are unsure about mental health vital issues, you can check the mental health nursing personal statement example.
You can write your personal statement to tell the admission committee why you want to help mental health patients. Since mental health is a sensitive issue, you can analyze how you can help in treating patients without judging them. Also, discuss the role of beliefs and cultures in treating mentally ill patients.
Nursing personal statement example
A good nursing personal statement is achieved by observing how the works of experts and using your own skills to determine relevant factors for your personal statement. Get a nursing personal statement example online to help you write and submit your essay earlier.
Reading various nursing personal statement examples will help you diversify your skills and understand the best approach for different schools.
Bottom line
Hopefully, you can now know how to write a winning nursing personal statement on your own. There is no magic to writing a good personal statement other than the above techniques. However, ensure to read various nursing personal statement examples to give you a wider perspective on the suitable approach to take. If you find challenges writing your personal statement, there is no shame in asking for help. We will gladly rescue you. Click here for further insights and help on nursing personal statements.


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