Orem’s Self-Care Deficit theory

Orem’s Self-Care Deficit theory
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Conceptual models are a group of statements that work together to help with theory formation (Butts, & Rich, 2018). In the formation of Orem’s Self-Care Deficit theory the concepts that helped form the theory were self-care, self-care demands, nursing agency, self-care agency, deficit, and conditioning factors. The interrelation of these concepts form the conceptual model that led to building of the theory of Self-Care Deficit.
Orem began theory formation when she realized that nursing know how to perform the act of nursing but they do not know how to communicate what nursing is. The theory of Self-Care Deficit specifies when nursing is needed. It states that nursing is required when an adult (or in the case of a dependent, the parent) is incapable or limited in the provision of continuous effective self-care. Five methods have been identified in helping the adult/dependent: acting for and doing for others, guiding others, supporting another, providing an environment promoting personal development in relation to meet future demands, and teaching another. The term self-care deficit refers to the relationship between self-care agency and therapeutic self-care demands of individuals. This applies to individuals who are completely, or partially, unable to know or to engage in self-care (Duffy, Donnell, & Snowden, 2014).
In evaluating the SCDT is can be noted that this theory is still significant because it has practical uses in society today. Orem’s theory of Self-Care Deficit was used to develop an anti-violence program for adolescent high school students in Thailand (Kongsuwan, Suttharangsee, Isaramalai, & Weiss, 2012). The SCDT was also used to educate women in rural areas regarding obesity. By minimizing the barriers to Self-Care Agencies and Self-Care Practices nursing will be able to tailor interventions to address obesity (Burdette, 2012). These are only a few examples of the applicability of Orem’s theory.
Empirical indicators serve as real-life substitutes for concepts (Butts, & Rich, 2018). They are needed because most theoretical concepts cannot be directly observed and measured.  Self-care agency is a concept that is part of the conceptual model. Self-care agency can be measured by using the Self-As-Carer Inventory. The Self-As-Carer Inventory was designed to permit individuals to express their perceived capacity to care for self.
Theory development is formed through the C-T-E structure. The three components that made up the structure are: a conceptual model, a theory, and empirical indicators. Orem’s SCDT has all three components that help her form a well-designed, testable theory (Butts, & Rich, 2018).
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