Worldview Analysis and Personal Inventory essay example

Worldview Analysis and Personal Inventory essay example
Worldview Analysis and Personal Inventory essay example
Based on the required topic study materials, write a reflection about worldview and respond to following:
In 250-300 words, explain the Christian perspective of the nature of spirituality and ethics in contrast to the perspective of postmodern relativism within health care.

In 250-300 words, explain what scientism is and describe two of the main arguments against it.

In 750-1,000 words, answer each of the worldview questions according to your own personal perspective and worldview: (a) What is ultimate reality? (b) What is the nature of the universe? (c) What is a human being? (d) What is knowledge? (e) What is your basis of ethics? (f) What is the purpose of your existence?

Remember to support your reflection with the topic study materials. Worldview Analysis and Personal Inventory essay example.
While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. Worldview Analysis and Personal Inventory essay example.
Worldview analysis and personal inventory
Part 1.
Christians view spirituality as the prism of religion and theology in which an all-powerful God exists that has control over everything. In fact, the spirituality is a reflection of the Christian quest for purpose, meaning and truth in life, seeking to introduce a transcendental perspective to the human experience. This implies that spirituality serves both a symbolic and theological function. In addition, Christians view ethics as conformity with the dictates of spirituality especially when there is no ambiguity over expectations. The Christian perspective of spirituality and ethics has implications for health care through evaluating it as practiced ethics since it seeks to lessen human suffering from disease with restoring and augmenting wellbeing (Igboin, 2015). Worldview Analysis and Personal Inventory essay example.
Postmodern relativism is based on the notion that there is no absolute truth. It acknowledges that although there are those who subscribe to spirituality and believe that human life has transcendental implications, it would be wrong to disparage the belief that human life does not have transcendental implications. In essence, postmodern relativism accepts that all contrasting ideas are equally valid and should not be discarded simply because they are contradictory. Concerning ethics, postmodern relativism considers it as a truth that changes based on the circumstances. That is because what is unethical for one group will similarly be unethical for another group. This has implication for health care since it forces medical personnel to be more cognizant of what the patients want. For instance, medical personnel could consider assisted suicide as ethically right, particularly in palliative care, while a group of patients could consider it as unethical (Zavada, 2019). Worldview Analysis and Personal Inventory essay example.
Part 2.
Scientism is the view that hard sciences that can provide factual and testable data that can be replicated (such as astronomy, physics, biology and chemistry) are the only source of genuine and true knowledge about reality. In fact, it notes that although soft sciences offers some knowledge about reality, only hard sciences can offer superior knowledge. That is because hard science is based on falsification, experimentation and skepticism in the search for basic explanatory principles about world reality. In addition, soft sciences (such as religion, ethics and philosophy) are only partially acceptable on the basis of their inherent subjective nature and are considered as private issues of personal opinion. This implies that any claims that accept knowledge from soft sciences as factual scientific truth is an indication of intolerance and bigotry. Overall, scientism advances the notion that only hard sciences have the intellectual authority to provide real knowledge (Moreland, 2018).
Although scientism appears valid, there are two arguments that invalidate the notion. Firstly, any reality presented by hard science is simply a propositional truth that is provisional and is likely to change as scientific approaches become more advanced. To be more precise, hard sciences apply methodological approaches that only offers a perspective of reality, and is not a catalog of irrefutable facts or inflexible principles. Similar to the way hard sciences is disputable, is the same way in which soft science is disputable and adapts to newly presented evidence. Secondly, scientism is tyrannical since it promotes a dangerous brand of bloodless rationalism that disregards soft science although they are important for hard science. For instance, it disregards noble human endeavors such as literature, painting and music that are thought provoking through willfully denying or ignoring conclusions from hard sciences (Briggs, 2019).
Part 3.
(a) What is ultimate reality?
The ultimate reality is that humans are the product of interactions with the environment to include the neighborhood, education, parents, government, media, and so on. Through interaction with the environment, every individual is subtly influenced and shaped to comprehend how and why they exist. For instance, it is not surprising for an individual to ascribe to the religion that his or her parents ascribe to. Overall, the ultimate reality is only limited by experience and reason, which can influence the capacity to adequately understand and truly grasp the nature of human existence. Worldview Analysis and Personal Inventory essay example.
(b) What is the nature of the universe?
The universe is a static existence that is subject to constant change through the process of evolution, competition, and energy conversion. Firstly, the universe experiences evolution through adaptability and selection where only the most suitable biological entities that can outcompete other biological entities are able to survive even as they acquire the limited available resources. Secondly, competition is an inherent occurrence that determines who gets the best or worst resources. Finally, the universe is reliant on energy conversion in a well-structured system with the sun being the main source of energy that powers all other activities to include life and gravitational rotation of the earth.
(c) What is a human being?
A human being is a biological entity characterized through biological speciation and the capacity for higher thinking. Firstly, they are characterized through biological speciation with every human being identified as Homo sapiens. The speciation is validated by DNA profile similarities that indicated biological capacity to reproduce. Secondly, they have a capacity for higher thinking that allows them to adapt the environment to their needs through developing better food, clothing and machines as well as controlling all other animals. Worldview Analysis and Personal Inventory essay example.
(d) What is knowledge?
Knowledge refers to the set of skills, information and facts that are acquired through experience (practical) and education (theoretical that can be from formal or informal processes). Through acquiring knowledge, individuals gain an awareness and familiarity with different situations. In fact, it consists of recognizing differential awareness whose limitations are defined through awareness. Worldview Analysis and Personal Inventory essay example. For instance, all nurses have knowledge of nursing concepts, but the depth of knowledge will differ based on experience and level of education that determine awareness limitations of the different nursing concepts.
(e) What is your basis of ethics?
There are two basis of ethics. The first basis of ethics is the personal perspective that is reliant on what I consider right and wrong based on my beliefs through interacting with the environment, such as what my religion, culture, community, and family believe in Worldview Analysis and Personal Inventory essay example. The second basis of ethics is the public perspective that is based on public beliefs expressed through principles such as confidentiality principles that protect personal information. The personal and public perspectives all determine how I approach ethics with the public perspective taking precedence when the two perspectives are in conflict.
(f) What is the purpose of your existence?
The purpose of my existence is to live to my full potential, improve the world, and leave this world not worse than I found it so that my future generations are not placed at a disadvantage. I can live to my full potential through acquiring competent professional skills and applying this skills in earning a living. I can improve the world by having an analytical mind that notices the problems around me and proposing solutions to these problems. I can leave the world not worse that I found it through being cognizant of the impact of all my actions on eth environment and ensuring that I do not contribute to environmental degradation. Worldview Analysis and Personal Inventory essay example.
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