The four spheres of political action in nursing essay

The four spheres of political action in nursing essay
The four spheres of political action in nursing essay
Respond to The four spheres of political action in nursing essay post as if it were me. Min 150 words, min 1 scholarly citation (no older than 5 years), Strict APA format, ASK A question at the end.
The four spheres of political action in nursing are listed as the government, the workplace, interest groups, and the community (Mason, Gardner, Outlaw, & O’Grady, 2016). Each of the four spheres are influential to policies that affect the health care of our nation and its people.
In our reading the four spheres are described as:
1. Government – regulates many health care policies for the people, even sought as the leader in policy development for private sectors when deciding health care policies.
2. Workplace – the setting in which a nurse is employed and regulated by its internal or external influences of policies. The four spheres of political action in nursing essay.
3. Interest groups – nursing associations for example, can increase the amount of advocacy for a group of nurses in their influence on health care policies.
4. Community – a group of people that share a geographical area, that also share a common interest. The four spheres of political action in nursing essay.
The four spheres are most definitely interconnected and overlap each other. In my nursing practice, I have always worked in the acute care setting. I was born and raised in the community that I know serve as a nurse. My community is a small town, with a recent increase in growth within the last two years due to more jobs being offered with big box distribution centers being created in our community. Not only have I seen this growth in the last two years, but there has always been the influence of the snow birds in our community, residing in the well-known area of The Villages. In my community, we also have the very popular event Horses in The Sun (HITS) every year, which brings many travelers as well. My community features a large population that lives in the range of poverty and/or lower class economic statures. In working in acute care, I see the results of people living in poverty. They do not have access to primary health care and do not seek medical attention until the circumstance may have become too detrimental to their health and in an “unfixable state”. In my workplace, we do not deny access to people in our community that do have health insurance coverage, but it is undeniable that their health care services and treatments are different than a person who does have medical health insurance. We have many interest groups in our community that provide means of health care for the population that lacks access to health care needs. For example, we have the Marion County Nurses Association and we have the non-profit organization called FREEdom Health Care. FREEdom Heath Care provides free of charge health, dental, and vision care to the lower-class citizens of the county once a year, all managed by volunteers and donations. The four spheres of political action in nursing essay.
In my experience as a nurse, there has always been ethical considerations when caring for lower-class/poverty level patients. Many people, even nurses can be “quick to judge” and biased towards a person who may not have the means of access to health care, maybe even judging as far as thinking they deserve to be sick since they do not have primary health care. When saying this aloud, yes – it sounds completely immoral and wrong for a nurse to be biased in this way, but let’s face it, we have all seen this type of judgement occur against the underprivileged population. Education in ethical considerations should happen early on within the education of a nurse. Training a nurse in ethical awareness as a precedent of ethical sensitivity can encourage the nurse to be morally responsible in their care for others (Milliken & Grace, 2017). Specifically, ethical sensitivity defined as “understanding of the patient’s situation” should be addressed when caring for any person (Milliken & Grace, 2017). The four spheres of political action in nursing essay.


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