SBAR template

SBAR template
SBAR template
Choose an experience from your nursing practice. Using the ”SBAR” template, explain the situation in detail, followed with background information. Then explain your immediate assessment and recommendations you have for the provider.
Include the following in the ”SBAR” template:

1.Be sure to include three or four evidence‐based references, not older than 5 years.

2.When giving your recommendation discuss how you would educate the client using evidence‐based research and guidelines. How would you deliver your recommendation in various learning environments? SBAR template
APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.




SBAR template


As a nurse it is not uncommon to experience situations requiring the use of SBAR an abbreviation for situation, background, assessment and recommendation method SBAR template. An experience with the use of SBAR that standards out occurred during a night shift in the medical ward. In this case, I was attending to a patient who was admitted into hospital for treatment and observation. Her situation worsened during the course of the night and it was deemed necessary to call the attending physician. During the call, the first step was to explore the situation (S) in which I presented a brief and clear description of the situation. I reported that the patient was experiencing increasing shortness of breath and was complaining of chest pains. The second step was to report on the case background (B) in which I offer relevant and clear background information on the patient. I reported that the patient had back surgery three days ago. About three hours ago, he indicated shortness of breath and recklessness, complained of chest pain, blood pressure reading is 128 over 54, and pulse is 120. The third step was to report an assessment (A) that indicated a professional nursing conclusion of the case based on the situation and background information. I made the assessment and reported that the patient could be having a pulmonary embolism or cardiac event. The final step was to make a recommendation (R) on the case by stating what is required from the physician in a relevant and clear manner. SBAR template The recommendation made was that the physician should see the patient immediately, and that he should be started on oxygen to relieve the breathing difficulty. The case makes it clear that SBAR facilitates communication between medical personnel through offering accurate and timely reports about patients thereby preventing the precipitation of adverse events in clinical routine, and improving patient safety and care outcomes (Müller et al., 2018; Shahid & Thomas, 2018) SBAR template.
Müller, M., Jürgens, J., Redaèlli, M., Klinberg, K., Hautz, W. & Stock, S. (2018). Impact of the communication and patient hand-off tool SBAR on patient safety: a systematic review. BMJ Open, 8(8), e022202. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-022202
Shahid, S. & Thomas, S. (2018). Situation, background, assessment, recommendation (SBAR) communication tool for handoff in health care – a narrative review. Safety in Health, 4, 7. doi: 10.1186/s40886-018-0073-1 SBAR template


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