Nursing Essay Examples

Nursing Essay Examples
Nursing Essay Examples
Nursing students must frequently write essays to demonstrate their mastery of nursing principles, theories, and practices. These essays allow students to demonstrate their critical thinking and analytical abilities. Students can better understand the nursing field by studying nursing essay examples.
By writing these essays, nursing students can improve their critical thinking and research skills and their capacity to understand complex nursing information. This blog will look at some nursing essay examples that highlight different areas of nursing.
Nursing essay definition
A nursing essay is an academic writing that focuses on nursing and related topics. A nursing essay aims to demonstrate the writer’s understanding of nursing subjects and their ability to communicate ideas effectively.
Examples of nursing essays
These are nursing essay examples that academics and professionals can write. Every kind of essay calls for a different strategy and writing style, and adjusting the essay to the target audience and goal is crucial. Here are some nursing essay examples:

Reflective nursing essay

This reflective essay explores a specific nursing experience and how it influenced the writer’s growth and development as a nurse. A nurse, for example, might write a reflective essay about a challenging patient case and what they learned from it.

Case study nursing essay

A case study essay in nursing would entail thoroughly evaluating a single patient case and investigating the patient’s medical history, diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes. The essay would necessitate a broad knowledge of the medical language and nursing ideas.

Informative nursing essay

An informative nursing essay may provide an overview of a particular disease or medical condition, including its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment choices. You can write this essay clearly and straightforwardly, and you will require a solid comprehension of medical terminology and concepts.

Nursing research essay

A research essay in nursing will investigate a specific topic, such as the effects of a specific medication or treatment on patient outcomes. This essay necessitates substantial data and literature study and analysis.

Nursing personal statement essay

A personal nursing statement essay would be composed as part of an application to a nursing program or for a job as a nurse. This essay concentrates on the writer’s background, nursing career goals, and applicable skills and experiences.
Steps for starting a nursing essay
Are you having trouble answering the question, how do you start a nursing essay? Not to worry. It can be challenging to start a nursing essay; however, the steps below will guide you:

Understand the assignment requirements

Ensure you are aware of the assignment’s needs by carefully reading the nursing essay’s instructions and requirements. This will assist you in narrowing the scope of your study and ensuring that your essay adheres to the demands of your professor.

Choose a topic

Opt for a topic that is both fascinating and pertinent to nursing. It is crucial to pick a subject close to your heart because it will make your essay more interesting.

Carry out your research

Investigate your subject of choice in depth. To ensure your essay is well-informed and well-supported, use academic sources such as textbooks, peer-reviewed publications, and academic journals.

Make an outline

Making an essay outline is a good idea. This will assist you in structuring your thoughts and ensuring a clear and logical flow for your essay.

Compose the introduction

The introduction needs to briefly explain the subject and why it’s significant to nursing. It should also include a thesis statement summarizing your essay’s primary contention.

Write the body

Each paragraph in the body of your essay should focus on a different subject facet. Data and illustrations should support your ideas.

Write the conclusion

In conclusion, restate your thesis statement differently and summarize your primary ideas. Also, you can offer advice or ideas for additional study.

Proofread and edit

Last but not least, proofread and edit your essay to make sure it is well-written and error-free. Examine your essay for spelling and punctuation errors and see if it makes sense and flows logically.
What to include in a nursing essay?
What should a nursing essay include? A nursing essay should include several key elements as follows:

The essay introduction

The introduction should pique the reader’s interest and provide a clear sense of the essay’s discussion. It should also include a thesis statement summarizing the essay’s primary argument. The thesis statement should be distinct and short, with evidence supporting it throughout the essay.

Background information of the essay

In this section, you should provide a quick review of the topic at hand, including its history and current situation. It should also set the stage for the debate and explain why the subject is essential.

The essay’s literature review

The literature review should be comprehensive, covering all essential studies and theories connected to the topic. It should be logically and coherently constructed, critically studying the available material.

Analysis and interpretation

To support the thesis statement, this section should analyze and evaluate the information offered in the literature review. It should also include evidence to support the argument and respond to counterarguments.

Essay conclusion

The conclusion should summarize the main elements of the essay and provide a final viewpoint on the topic under consideration. It should also make recommendations for future research and practice.


References must be correctly mentioned using the relevant referencing style. It is critical to rely on trustworthy sources such as peer-reviewed articles, books, and other scientific publications.

Professional practice considerations

Depending on the topic of the essay, it may be necessary to highlight the consequences for nursing practice and patient care. Based on the information in the essay, this section should provide practical recommendations for nursing practice.
The five core values of a nurse
A specific set of values is necessary for the nursing profession to direct nurses’ conduct and actions. These values are necessary to protect patients’ health and welfare and uphold the nursing profession’s integrity. Then, what are the five core values a nurse should have essay? Here are five core values a nurse should have:


Respect is the recognition of each person’s inherent worth and dignity. No of the patient’s ethnicity, gender, religion, or socioeconomic level, nurses are required to treat them all with respect. Respecting patients’ autonomy, informed consent, and cultural and personal beliefs are all part of this.


Understanding and empathizing with patients’ emotions and suffering is what compassion means. It is the cornerstone of nursing care because it enables nurses to deliver patient-centred care tailored to each person’s requirements. A patient-centred nurse will pay attention to their needs, address them, and offer consolation and support as necessary.


The dedication to advancing and defending the rights and interests of patients is known as advocacy. Nurses must act as their patients’ champions to ensure that their patients’ needs are met and that their opinions are heard. To advance social justice and equity in healthcare, they must also actively participate in advocacy and healthcare policy initiatives.


Excellence is the pursuit of the highest levels of performance and quality. To offer excellent patient care, nurses must constantly increase their knowledge, skills, and competencies. To encourage interdisciplinary interaction, they must also work with other healthcare professionals and look for possibilities for professional development.


A person with integrity upholds moral and professional norms. In their contact with patients and their colleagues, nurses must uphold high honesty, accountability, and transparency standards. In all facets of their employment, they must preserve confidentiality and privacy.
Importance of nursing essay examples
Are you having trouble answering the question, why nursing essay examples? Nursing essay examples will help students who desire to flourish in their nursing courses and improve their writing skills. Nursing essay examples are essential for various reasons, including the following.
They serve as a resource for students new to writing nursing essays. Students can learn about the structure, format, and writing style expected in nursing essays by examining well-written essays.
Second, nursing essay examples can motivate students by demonstrating a variety of topics and approaches to nursing writing. They can assist students in coming up with ideas for their essays and developing a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
Third, nursing essay examples can help students improve their writing skills by pointing out common errors and areas for improvement. Students can learn how to write clearly, concisely, and persuasively by examining successful essays and developing their critical thinking and analytical skills.
In summary
Still in need of help with nursing essay examples? You can better grasp the entire process by paying attention to the advice in this blog. Students who need help with their nursing essays should start by reading this blog.
This blog’s content makes the process simple, efficient, and manageable. Your inquiries about nursing essays will be addressed in this blog. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any more details!


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