NURS 6521: Advanced Pharmacology final exam

NURS 6521: Advanced Pharmacology final exam
NURS 6521: Advanced Pharmacology final exam
Question 1
A nurse educator who coordinates the staff education on an oncology unit is conducting an inservice on targeted therapies. What potential benefit of targeted therapies should the nurse highlight in this education session?

Targeted therapies achieve the therapeutic benefits of traditional chemotherapy with no risk of adverse effects.

Targeted therapies have the potential to provide prophylactic protection against neoplasia in high-risk individuals.

Targeted therapies are significantly more cost-effective than traditional chemotherapeutic drugs.

Targeted therapies have the potential to damage cancerous cells while leaving normal body cells less affected.

Question 2
Alprostadil (Caverject), a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction, has been prescribed to a 42-year-old patient. When providing education to the patient and his wife, the nurse should inform the wife about which of the following adverse effects?

Low blood pressure

Vaginal burning

Increased heart rate

Reduced desire for sexual activity

Question 3
A 12-year-old boy is being discharged from the hospital after … The boy will be taking two medications at home for an extended period. The nurse who is discharging the patient should provide medication teaching specifically to

the mother regarding why the boy needs to take the medications.

both the boy and his mother regarding all medication issued. NURS 6521: Advanced Pharmacology final exam

the boy by telling him not to worry about the medications and to take them as directed.

the mother and be sure to reinforce the need to force the medications, if her son does not want to take them.

Question 4
A 30-year-old African-American woman tested positive for …and is prescribed … The nurse will plan the patient’s care to include close monitoring of the drug therapy because

the process of drug

the therapeutic .

the patient is at greater risk for high serum levels of the drug.

the process of

Question 6
A 16-year-old boy is prescribed cromolyn sodium nasal spray to treat a nasal allergy. To maximize the therapeutic effects of the drug, which of the following will the nurse include in instructions to the patient?



Take the


Question 7
Laboratory testing has confirmed that a patient has chloroquine-resistant malaria and the patient’s physician has prescribed quinine along with an adjunctive drug. The nurse should question the physician’s order if the patient has a history of

osteoporosis or

chronic .


Question 8
A nurse is explaining to a pregnant 21-year-old college student why she cannot continue to take ibuprofen (Advil) for her headaches. The nurse draws a picture depicting drug molecules crossing the placental membrane and entering into the fetal circulation. The nurse tells the patient that the main reason this happens is because

there is a 40% increase in blood volume during pregnancy.

the mother’s heart rate is 10 to 15 beats per minute faster during pregnancy.

drugs compete with the hormones of pregnancy for albumin-binding sites.

hemodilution of plasma albumin occurs.

66-year-old man has made an appointment with his primary care provider to discuss his recent …and has requested a prescription for …based on television commercials he has seen. What characteristic of this patient would most likely contraindicate the use of

The patient takes allopurinol for the treatment of gout

The patient has a family history of osteoporosis and has undergone bone density testing

The patient has unstable angina and uses a nitroglycerin patch

The patient often takes ginseng when he gets a common cold

Question 10
A man has a demonstrated history of androgen deficiency and the consequences of this health problem include an inability to maintain an erection. Which of the following medications would best address this patient’s erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Exogenous testosterone

Question 11
A 39-year-old woman is receiving doxorubicin for the treatment of cancer. After each treatment, the patient has acute nausea and vomiting accompanied by a slightly increased heart rate. The nurse will advise her to

perform relaxation techniques after the treatments.

make an appointment for cardiac function tests.

take the drug only at bedtime.

perform light exercise after administration of the drug.

Question 12
A nurse has administered filgrastim to a diverse group of patients in recent months. Which of the following patients should the nurse observe for extremely elevated white blood cell counts following administration of the drug?

A 19-year-old

A 25-year-old female with

A 39-year-old female with

A 47-year-old male with a=

Question 13
A patient is taking flavoxate hydrochloride (Urispas) to help control an overactive bladder. On a follow-up visit to the clinic, the nurse will question the patient about which of the following?

Dental hygiene practices


Question 17
A female patient is taking filgrastim (Neupogen) to decrease the incidence of infection. The nurse notices a small increase in the neutrophil count 2 days after starting therapy. The nurse’s evaluation of the increase is that

the therapeutic effect of the drug is slow, and it is likely to cause adverse effects.

the drug

the therapeutic effect of the drug is fully evident.

the increase in the

Question 18
A 2-year-old child is diagnosed with a minor ailment and is to be administered medications at home for 2 weeks. The child lives with his mother, grandmother, and four other children between the ages of 14 months and 7 years. The home health nurse is asked to assess the home environment to determine if it is appropriate for the child to take his medication at home. Which of the following will have the greatest impact on the nurse’s assessment?

The mother and grandmother’s understanding about the drugs

How clean the house is

The health status of

Where the

Question 19
A nurse who provides care on a pediatric unit of a hospital is aware that the potential for harm as a result of drug errors is higher among infants and children than adults. This fact is primarily due to

the inability of infants and children and describe symptoms of adverse drug reactions.

increased body surface area relative to body volume in infants and children.

increased heart rate and subsequently rapid drug distribution among infants and children.

immature liver and kidney function in infants and children.

Question 19
A nurse who provides care on a pediatric unit of a hospital is aware that the potential for harm as a result of drug errors is higher among infants and children than adults. This fact is primarily due to

the inability of infants and children and describe symptoms of adverse drug reactions.

increased body surface area relative to body volume in infants and children.

increased heart rate and subsequently rapid drug distribution among infants and children.

immature liver and kidney function in infants and children.

Question 20
A nurse is caring for a 46-year-old female patient who is taking paclitaxel for ovarian cancer. Two or three days after the infusion of the drug, the nurse must closely monitor for which of the following?


Question 21
A 15-year-old boy who has been taking dextroamphetamine for the treatment of ADHD has been experiencing a depressed mood and a sense of hopelessness. He confides in the school nurse that he has begun taking his stepfather’s antidepressant to improve his mood. After immediately phoning the boy’s stepfather, the nurse learns that the drug in question is phenelzine (Nardil), a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI). The nurse should recognize that this combination of drugs creates a serious risk of what health problem?


Question 22
A 7-year-old child has been taking tetracycline for a bacterial infection. The nurse will be sure to inform the parents that this drug could cause

orange-tinged urine.

staining of permanent teeth.

sleep deprivation.

deep muscle pain.

Question 23
Mr. Laird is a 49-year-old electrician who experienced severe burns on his trunk, arms, and hands in a workplace accident 2 weeks ago. Part of his ..

Apply a layer of silver sulfadiazine that is sufficiently thick to make the wound bed invisible.

Cleanse the wound of

Apply a thin layer of the drug to

Perform thorough
Question 24
A patient has been prescribed daptomycin for a complicated skin infection. Which of the following will the nurse advise the patient to report immediately?

Nausea and

Muscle pain or tingling

Question 25
An immunocompromised 7-year-old child was recently discharged home with a … for home antibiotic therapy. He has now been brought to the emergency department by his mother and father with signs and symptoms of line sepsis. Upon questioning, …


Ineffective Family Therapeutic Regimen Management



Question 26
A patient’s current course of cancer treatment involves the administration of a conjugated monoclonal antibody. What characteristic of the ?

The drug is derived from .

The targeted therapy is combined with .

The targeted therapy is combination of a monoclonal antibody, a kinase inhibitor, and an inorganic cytotoxin.

The drug is able to adapt its pharmacokinetics to the etiology of the patient’s cancer.

Question 27
A female patient has been prescribed estrogen therapy. Which of the following will the nurse advise the patient is a common ?
Migraine headaches
Breakthrough bleeding
Changes in libido
Question 28
A nurse works at a weight management clinic. To which of the following overweight patients could the nurse safely administer dextroamphetamine?

A 38-year-old Caucasian woman with

A 60-year-old African-American man who

A 48-year-old Caucasian man who has

A 28-year-old African-American woman with

Question 29
A patient with a diagnosis of chronic myeloid leukemia has met with her oncologist, who has recommended treatment with the kinase inhibitor imatinib. What route of administration should the nurse explain to the patient?

Daily intramuscular injections throughout the

Peripheral IV administration three times a day

Weekly IV infusions over 6 to 8 hours through a

Oral administration of imatinib in a

Question 37
A nurse is instructing a 19-year-old female patient on the use of fluconazole for candida vaginitis. A …will be to

take an antiemetic or antidiarrheal for adverse .

use an alternative form of birth control, if taking an oral contraceptive.

use an aspirin for relief of.

take the drug with . NURS 6521: Advanced Pharmacology final exam

Question 38
A nurse is assigned to a patient who is at 32 weeks’ gestation and is receiving …for 24 hours to control preterm labor. Which of the following nursing actions will the nurse take to decrease the risk of hypotension and promote circulation to the fetus?

Instruct the patient to lie on her back during the infusion.

Instruct the patient to notify the nurse if she experiences palpitations.

Instruct the patient to limit the amount of her fluid intake during the therapy.

Instruct the patient to lie on her left side during the infusion.

Question 39
A nurse is caring for a patient with cancer who has been prescribed dronabinol (Marinol) to help reduce nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy. The nurse will inform the patient that h…NURS 6521: Advanced Pharmacology final exam


Question 40
A 36-year-old woman with a history of dysmenorrhea has begun treatment with progesterone, which she will be receiving by the intramuscular route. The nurse participating in the

Incontinence, Functional, related to neurosensory and musculoskeletal changes

Confusion, Chronic, related to CNS changes resulting from adverse drug effects

Question 41
A 9-year-old boy was bought to his primary care provider by his mother with signs and symptoms of hookworm infection and will be sent home with a prescription for … When provided patient and family education, the nurse should teach the mother with which of the following measures to avoid reinfection following treatment?

The importance of vigilant hygiene for the boy and the other members of the family

The need for the boy to provide serial stool samples for 6 months following treatment

The need to supplement the anthelminthic

The need to use prescription skin cleansers during

Question 42
A patient has been admitted to the critical care unit of the hospital with bacterial septicemia that has failed to respond to initial antibiotic treatment. The patient’s most recent blood cultures reveal the presence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in the patient’s blood. The nurse

Doripenem (Doribax)

NURS 6521: Advanced Pharmacology final exam Question 43
A nurse is working in a women’s hospital where she is caring for a new mother who is experiencing postpartum urinary retention. Bethanechol (Urecholine) has been ordered. The nurse will observe for which of the following?


Decreased salivation

Question 44
A patient is pregnant and is at 7 weeks’ gestation. She has type 1 diabetes and has been taking insulin since she was 13 years old. She asks the nurse if the insulin will be harmful to her baby. The best response to the patient by the nurse would be

“I will tell your physician that you are concerned about taking insulin during your pregnancy.”

“You will have to discontinue the insulin therapy during your pregnancy, but you will

“You will need to continue taking your insulin because

“Insulin is usually the drug of choice for controlling blood glucose levels during pregnancy because it does not cross into the placenta.”

NURS 6521: Advanced Pharmacology final exam Question 58
A female patient is prescribed oprelvekin therapy to treat thrombocytopenia. Which of the following should the nurse continuously monitor to determine the efficacy and duration of the ?

Red and white blood cell count

Cardiac arrhythmias

Question 59
Which of the following is critical to helping prevent development of resistant strains of ?

Limit the exposure of

Keep the

Maintain the optimum duration of the antimicrobial agent

Maintain the maximum safe frequency of antimicrobial drug ingestion

uestion 60
A 30-year-old woman who is in the first trimester of pregnancy has presented to her primary care provider with a 4-day history of a reddened, itchy left eye that is … The clinician suspects a bacterial, rather than viral, etiology. How will the patient’s pregnancy affect the potential use …?

Ciprofloxacin is safe to use in pregnancy and the patient may use to same dose and route as a nonpregnant patient.

The use of c.

It is safe for the patient to use topical ciprofloxacin but the oral route is potential teratogenic.

The patient will require a lower dose and longer course of .

Question 68
A 56-year-old woman will soon begin treatment of her …. What patient teaching should the nurse provide to this woman?

“It’s good to measure your heart rate before you take your Detrol each day, and withhold it if your heart rate is below 60 beats/minute.”

“You’ll probably need to stop taking your “

“You’ll likely find that you have scant amounts of blood in your urine for the first few days, but this is not unusual or problematic.”

“You might find that you get a dry mouth or a headache from this drug, but this does not mean

Question 69
A nurse is instructing a colleague on how …effect. Which of the following should be included in the nurse’s teaching?

The first drugs used to treat infections date back to the 17th century.

…with the growth and development of the bacteria cell wall.

Selective toxicity determines the appropriate drug dosage needed.

…interferes with synthesis of the bacteria cell wall.

NURS 6521: Advanced Pharmacology final exam Question 70
A nurse is explaining to the parents of a 6-year-old child suffering from …for chest pain would not be appropriate. Which of the following will the nurse include in an explanation?

A child has an …, which increases drug absorption, causing an increase in adverse effects.

A child’s …decreased, causing less of the drug to be absorbed from the subcutaneous skin, therefore producing more adverse effects.

A child has a greater body surface area, creating greater permeability resulting in an increase in absorption of topical agents, which may result in more adverse effects.

A child has a smaller body surface area, resulting in an increase in topical absorption, which can cause more adverse effects.

Question 71
A patient is being discharged from the hospital and will be taking ….. The nurse will instruct the patient that she will be taking a medication

that will be provided in pill form and which may cause lightheadedness.

that will be administered as a weekly IM injection in an outpatient setting.

that may be prescribed as a patch and which may cause dry mouth.

that can be inhaled and that may cause occasional heart palpitations.

Question 72
A nurse is aware that the concept of …is foundational to … Which of the following statements most accurately describes ….?

A drug harms microbes without harming human cells.

A drug’s effect on microorganisms is proportionate to dose. NURS 6521: Advanced Pharmacology final exam

Most microbes may be collected from a host and cultured on an alternative medium.

A drug can be isolated and produced in a controlled manner in a laboratory setting.

Question 98
A nurse is caring for a patient who is at 28 weeks’ gestation and is receiving …to control … Which of the following assessment parameters should the nurse prioritize?

Maternal body temperature

Fetal heart rate (FHR)

Correct fetal position

Fetal blood pressure

NURS 6521: Advanced Pharmacology final exam Question 99
An oncology nurse is aware of the risks for injury that exist around the preparation, transportation, and administration of chemotherapeutic agents. In order to reduce these risks of injury, the nurse should take which of the following actions?
Dispose of intravenous lines used for chemotherapy administration in a covered trash can in the patient’s room.
Use an IV system for administration that includes needles to reduce the risk of accidental spills.
Prime the IV tubing with an approved IV solution rather than with the drug itself.
Encourage patients who have been receiving chemotherapy to use a bedside commode rather than a toilet.

Question 100
A nurse is discussing with a 58-year-old male patient the causes of erectile dysfunction in men over 50 years of age. Which of the following will the nurse inform the patient is the primary physical cause of erectile dysfunction of men in this age group? NURS 6521: Advanced Pharmacology final exam

Emotional stress

Atherosclerosis of the penile artery

Diabetes mellitus

Decrease in testosterone levels


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