nurs 6501 final exam

nurs 6501 final exam
Question 11 pts
When are childhood cancers most often diagnosed?
Group of answer choices
During infancy
At peak times of physical growth
After diagnosis of a chronic illness
After an acute illness
Question 21 pts
How is gonorrhea transmitted from a pregnant woman to her fetus?
Group of answer choices
Unbound in the blood via the placenta
Attached to immunoglobulin G (IgG) via the placenta
By direct inoculation with the fetal scalp electrodes exposed to maternal body fluids
Predominately through infected cervical and secretions during the birth process

Flag question: Question 3
Question 31 pts
Compared with an adult, an infant has a greater content of extracellular fluid, as well as a greater rate of fluid exchange. What effect does this have on the fluid balance of a child compared with that of an adult?
Group of answer choices
Edema development is less of a problem.
Overhydration is not difficult to manage.
Daily fluid requirements are greater.
The control of dehydration is more difficult.
Question 41 pts
A child has osteosarcoma and the healthcare team is assessing for metastases. What diagnostic study would be the priority?
Group of answer choices
Pancreatic enzyme analysis
Liver biopsy
Chest x-ray or CT scan
Brain MRI
Question 51 pts
Gait disturbances and instability are characteristic of which form of cerebral palsy?
Group of answer choices
Question 61 pts
The student asks the professor for a definition of orexigenic neurons. What description by the professor is most accurate?
Group of answer choices
Promote appetite and stimulate eating
Suppress appetite and inhibit eating
Increase overall metabolism
Promote satiety after eating
Question 71 pts
Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) system abnormalities exist in a large percentage of individuals with what?
Group of answer choices
Major depression
Panic disorder
Question 81 pts
A child has a disorder that resulted in the failure of bones to ossify, resulting in soft bones and skeletal deformity. What treatment plan does the healthcare professional discuss with the parents?
Group of answer choices
Extremely careful handling
Increasing vitamin D intake
Containment and motion therapy
Question 91 pts
Abnormalities in brain development related to schizophrenia are thought to develop when?
Group of answer choices
Early Childhood
Question 101 pts
A patient with schizophrenia will have alterations in their dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.   The APRN would expect it to be described as:
Group of answer choices
Question 111 pts
A woman has been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome but is confused because her pelvic ultrasound (US) was read as normal and did not show cysts. What response by the health care professional is most appropriate?
Group of answer choices
We will schedule another US in 3 months to check again.
The cysts may be too small to see right now.
Maybe that diagnosis was incorrect; let’s schedule more testing.
You do not need to have cysts on your ovaries to have this condition.
Question 121 pts
A patient has been diagnosed with lithium toxicity. Which electrolyte imbalance does the healthcare professional correlate with this condition?
Group of answer choices
Question 131 pts
A professor explains to a class that the reason lymph nodes enlarge and become tender during infection is because of what reason?
Group of answer choices
B lymphocytes proliferate.
The nodes are inflamed.
The nodes fill with purulent exudate.
The nodes are not properly functioning.
Question 141 pts
A patient is in the Emergency Department with heat stroke. What finding does the healthcare provider associate with this condition?
Group of answer choices
Core temperatures usually reaching approximately 39.5″1eC (103.1″1eF)
Absence of sweating despite a high core temperature
A rapidly decreasing core temperature as heat loss from the evaporation of sweat ceases
Symptoms caused by the loss of sodium and prolonged sweating
Question 151 pts
The neurobiology of depression is believed to be related to the atrophy of neurons in the:
Group of answer choices
Question 161 pts
Which immunoglobulin (Ig) is present in childhood asthma?
Group of answer choices
Question 171 pts
The APRN is assessing a patient that has monotone speech and unchanged facial expressions even though he states he is happy and excited about his life.   This is an example of:
Group of answer choices
Pressured speech
Question 181 pts
The musculoskeletal system is responsible for:
Group of answer choices
Movement and support
Movement and protection
Movement, support, and heat
Blood circulation, movement, support, heat, protection
Question 191 pts
A patient has damage to the lower pons and medulla. What finding does the healthcare professional associate with this injury?
Group of answer choices
Flexion with or without extensor response of the lower extremities
Extension response of the upper and lower extremities
Extension response of the upper extremities and flexion response of the lower extremities
Flaccid response in the upper and lower extremities
Question 201 pts
A student asks the professor to explain the jaundice that accompanies hemolytic anemia. Which statement is by the professor is most accurate?
Group of answer choices
Erythrocytes are destroyed in the spleen.
Heme destruction exceeds the liver’s ability to conjugate and excrete bilirubin.
The patient has elevations in aspartate transaminase (AST) and alanine transaminase (ALT).
The erythrocytes are coated with an immunoglobulin.
Question 211 pts
What congenital malformation is commonly linked to acute leukemia in children?
Group of answer choices
Down syndrome
Wilms tumor
Question 221 pts
The APRN is treating a patient with bipolar 1 disorder.  The major focus of treatment is on:
Group of answer choices
panic attacks
Question 231 pts
A health care professional determines that the student needs more education when the student makes which statement about treating bone infection?
Group of answer choices
Bone contains multiple microscopic channels that are impermeable to the cells and biochemicals of the body’s natural defenses.
Microcirculation of bone is highly vulnerable to damage and destruction by bacterial toxins, leading to ischemic necrosis of bone.
Bone cells have a limited capacity to replace bone destroyed by infections.
Bacteria are walled off by macrophages and T lymphocytes; consequently, the antibiotics cannot penetrate the infected area.
Question 241 pts
A student is learning about pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). What information does the student clarify with a study partner as being correct?
Group of answer choices
An episode of mild PID can decrease the possibility of a successful pregnancy by 80%.
Such an inflammation may result in permanent changes to the ciliated epithelium of the fallopian tubes.
PID has not been associated with an increased risk of an ectopic pregnancy.
Contracting this infection increases the risk of cervical cancer.
Question 251 pts
A patient has hepatomegaly, bronze-colored skin, and cardiac dysrhythmias. What condition does the healthcare professional prepare to teach the patient about?
Group of answer choices
Aplastic anemia
Pernicious anemia
Hereditary hemochromatosis
Immune thrombocytopenia purpura
Question 261 pts
A healthcare professional wants to volunteer for a community education project to help prevent spinal cord injury. What activity would the professional most likely volunteer for?
Group of answer choices
Teaching school aged children bicycle safety
Teaching stretching to high school athletes
Teaching adults good body mechanics for lifting
Teaching older adults how to prevent trip-and-fall events
Question 271 pts
An infant has been diagnosed with intussusception and the student asks the healthcare professional to explain the condition. What explanation by the professional is most accurate?
Group of answer choices
Poor colonic motility due to a problem in the parasympathetic nervous system
The colon stays in the upper right quadrant instead of moving to its normal location.
One part of the intestine telescopes into another section of the intestine.
Fibrosis increases the resistance to blood flow within the portal system.
Question 281 pts
The APRN is assessing a patient that states that Napoleon Bonaparte is the King of France even thought he has a book that says he is dead.   This is an example of:
Group of answer choices
Pressured speech
Question 291 pts
A healthcare professional has educated a student on folic acid. Which statement by the student indicates that more teaching is needed?
Group of answer choices
Folic acid absorption is dependent on the enzyme folacin.
Folic acid is stored in the liver.
Folic acid is essential for RNA and DNA synthesis within erythrocytes.
Folic acid is absorbed in the upper small intestine.
Question 301 pts
Mr. Smith, 58 years old, presents to the urology office with complaints of gross hematuria which have been present for five days. He also expresses difficulty with urination and episodes of dysuria. He is experiencing flank pain, which radiates into the abdomen and groin. Mr. Smith has had nausea and vomiting. He does not drink many fluids, but when he does his fluid intake usually caffeinated beverages. The NP knows that:
Group of answer choices
The lumen of the prostatic urethra narrows and lengthens, resulting in progressive urine flow obstruction. This process occurs when there is growth of the glandular-epithelial and stromal/muscle tissue of the prostate.
Acute pain can result from renal colic, which occurs when the smooth muscle of the ureter contracts to move a kidney stone.
Renal tubule dysfunction and atrophy can result from renal tissue fibrosis, which includes transforming growth factor and angiotensin II in the process


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