NUR-514 Topic 2 DQ 1 leading vs managing Discussion post essay

NUR-514 Topic 2 DQ 1 leading vs managing Discussion post essay

NUR-514 Topic 2 DQ 1 leading vs managing Discussion post essay

Topic 2 DQ 1

Differentiate between “leading” and “managing.” Based on your experience in the health care industry, explain how an advanced registered nurse can lead well and provide management. Share at least one strategy you have used to effectively lead and manage staff within health care organizations Consider interactions with patients, team members, daily tasks, and responsibilities as you formulate your response.
NUR-514 Topic 2 DQ 1 leading vs managing Discussion post essay sample 1

Being a manager does not mean that you are necessarily a leader. Managers have daily tasks and staff to look after. They may manage by running their department and making sure that the day-to-day tasks are taken care of such as staffing, hiring, and performance evaluations, these are a few of their tasks that they perform. Miller (2022) states, On a team, they typically function as “the boss” with authority over the group. Leaders inspire, motivate, and help to establish a vision. Leaders look more at the things that can help improve relationships.   According to Miller (2022), Whether problem-solving or setting the bar higher, their main objective is to create greater outcomes. At my facility I see many leaders and it is not necessarily managers or directors but staff as well.
Advance practice nurses can be seen as leaders among the healthcare team. They can provide leadership among the patient care teams in which they function. In terms of a nurse practitioner, they can effectively communicate with other members of the healthcare team to motivate patients and the team to provide the best care possible for improved patient outcomes. The advance practice nurse can provide management by following policies and procedures and ensuring all members of the team are doing the same.
There is one effective strategy that our leadership provides at our facility is conducting a quarterly town hall. These town halls provide information to all staff about things that are going on in our facility. The feedback that we received from the staff is that they feel like they are involved and in the know about what is happening at our facility NUR-514 Topic 2 DQ 1 leading vs managing Discussion post essay.
As a leader another strategy is that I perform rounds on the staff and patients to see how they are doing and letting all know that I am available should they need anything. According to Hotko (2023), “Relationship-building questions during rounding build communication at all levels of an organization because they demonstrate to employees that leaders care about them as people… one of the top indicators of a strong workplace”. I also am part of the shared governance committee at my facility, and I like to provide snacks to the staff when there are days busy, and they may need a little pick me up.
Hotka, B. (2023). Rounding for Outcomes: How to Increase Employee Retention and Drive Higher Patient Satisfaction. Learning Lab | Healthcare best practices | Studer Group.
Miller, H. L. (2022, May 6). The difference between leadership and management.

NUR-514 Topic 2 DQ 1 leading vs managing Discussion post essay sample 2
The difference between leading and managing can often have misconceptions about the role that each title has. Often there are times when a “leader” or “manager” title will be used interchangeably. As a leader your job is to create a vision for the organization or company. A leader is not just associated with a position but can be anyone that has a vision and strategy for change. A manager role entails that you oversee the goals to conduct and implement the vision of the leaders. As a manager there are four essential functions to conduct which are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling (Duggal, 2023). According to the reading in Leadership in Nursing Practice there was a particular line that stuck out to me that sums up difference between a leader and a manager which was “managers have subordinates; leaders have partners” (Weberg et al., 2019, p. 139).
I have been in healthcare since 2014 with various titles for different organizations. One thing that I have learned is that while leaders and managers are supposed to work together for a common goal or vision that is not always the case. As an advanced practice nurse (APN) we are taught the tools needed to bridge that gap, part of those tools include learning leadership styles, understanding/ managing conflict, and what the foundation of a good leader is supposed to be (Weberg et al., 2019) NUR-514 Topic 2 DQ 1 leading vs managing Discussion post essay.
Since I am a new nurse, I have not had the opportunity to be a leader and participate in management. I am working on learning the dynamics of my unit and participating in committees so that way once I do have the opportunity to participate in leadership in management I can say that I have been at the bottom and worked my way up, as well as participated in committees to make change within the unit. I feel that part of becoming a good leader is that you don’t always have to be the one talking, it is important to sit back, and listen to the dynamics of what is happening around you.
Duggal, N. (2023, March 10). Leadership vs management: Understanding the key difference: Simplilearn.
Weberg, D. R., Mangold, K., Porter-O’Grady, T., & Malloch, K. (2019). Leadership in nursing practice: Changing the landscape of Health Care (3rd ). Jones & Bartlett Learning NUR-514 Topic 2 DQ 1 leading vs managing Discussion post essay.


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