NU420M1 transformational leadership theory and research Sample essay

NU420M1 transformational leadership theory and research Sample essay
NU420M1 transformational leadership theory and research Sample essay
NU420M1 Leadership Theory and Research
Nursing leadership entails advocacy, action, decision making, and critical thinking. Quality healthcare delivery is promoted by effective leadership skills. Nursing leadership theories merge the desires, abilities, and enthusiasm to promote service delivery and bring change in the organization. There exist multiple nursing leadership theories including the transformational, service leadership theory, Laissez-Faire Leadership, democratic and autocratic among others. This paper seeks to explore the transformational leadership theory, its main concepts and application in moral, productivity, financial decision, training, and ethical conduct. NU420M1 transformational leadership theory and research Sample essay.
Transformational leadership theory is characterized by the imposition of changes required in an organization through teamwork, creation of visions to direct the changes, inspiration and execution in collaboration with committed members of a group (Fischer, 2016). It provides motivation, enhances job performance and improves the morale of the followers through role modelling, collective identity, and connection with their sense of identity, challenging accountability and responsibility, ownership, und understanding of the weaknesses and strengths. These are meant to align the organizational staff with the activities that promote performance. In general, this theory enhances commitment and motivation of the followers towards the right behaviors that achieve shared visions. It creates positive change and valuable with the aim of developing leaders from followers as the end goal. NU420M1 transformational leadership theory and research Sample essay.
The main concepts of transformational leadership theory include idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration. Inspirational motivation guides nursing leaders in the creation of visions to the followers (Masood & Afsar, 2017). Leaders act as role models to the followers who emulate their actions. They also enhance self-efficacy among followers. Another concept is intellectual stimulation NU420M1 transformational leadership theory and research Sample essay. It entails taking risks, soliciting the ideas of followers and challenging of assumptions. This concept recognizes the innovation, creativity and stimulation of followers. A collaboration with followers helps in creating new innovative ways and approaches that promote the resolution of issues in the organization. An example of this concept is seen where the leader promotes independent thinking and autonomy of the followers.
Idealized influence engages ethical behaviors. Leaders have high ethical conduct and moral standards which are emulated by their followers. Great respect in the leaders enhances trust and consequently, a sense of mission and vision is provided to the followers. For example, leaders enhance fairness and justice in the institution which enables the followers to co-exist harmoniously in the workplace. On the other hand, individualized consideration entails mentorship, coaching and guidance of followers through attending to their unique needs. For instance, a leader supports a creative follower to enhance their talent and skills by facilitating their training.
The application of the transformational theory is evident in various areas of a healthcare organization. Through the motivation and inspiration of followers, increased productivity is observed in the organization. Development of new ways and approaches of problem resolution through creativity and innovation promotes productivity. Moreover, role modelling encourages moral and ethical conduct through leadership guidance. Notably, promotion of independent thinking, innovation, creativity creates room for training in the organization as the leaders seeks to advance the skills, abilities and professionalism of the followers (Harrison, 2017). Since the end goal of the transformational leadership theory is to create leaders from followers, it is evident that it promotes organizational training towards effective leadership. On the other hand, the financial aspect of an organization is influenced by the management capabilities of a leader.  In this case, transformational leadership emphasizes on financial changes that propel the organization towards successful achievement of its financial goals. NU420M1 transformational leadership theory and research Sample essay.
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