NSG6430 Women’s Health Case Study assignment

NSG6430 Women’s Health Case Study assignment

NSG6430 Women’s Health Case Study assignment
Week 7 assignment case study
Women’s Health Case Study
General Guidelines for Comprehensive Case Study – the due date assigned
You will complete the iHuman case, “Nancy Campbell”. NSG6430 Women’s Health Case Study assignment.
After completing the iHuman case, you will present the case and supporting evidence in a PowerPoint presentation with the following components:
Slide 1: Title, Student Name, Course, Date
Slide 2: Summary or synopsis of Ms. Campbell’s case
Slide 3: HPI
Slide 4: Medical History
Slide 5: Family History
Slide 6: Social History
Slide 7: ROS
Slide 8: Examination
Slide 9: Labs (In-house)
Slide 10: Primary Diagnosis and 3 Differential Diagnoses – ranked in priority
Primary Diagnosis should be supported by data in the patient’s history and exam
Slide 11: Management Plan: medication (dose, route, frequency), non-medication treatment, tests ordered, education, follow-up/referral. NSG6430 Women’s Health Case Study assignment.
Slide 12-17: An evaluation of 5 evidence-based articles applicable to Ms. Campbell’s case: evaluate 1 article per slide
Include title, author, and year of article
Brief summary / purpose of the study
How did the study support Ms. Campbell’s case?
Course texts will not count as a scholarly source; if using data from websites you must go back to the literature source for the information-no secondary sources are allowed, i.e. Medscape, UptoDate, etc. NSG6430 Women’s Health Case Study assignment.
Slide 18: Reference List
You will submit the PowerPoint presentation in the Submissions Area by the due date assignbedName your Case Study Presentation SU_NSG6430_W7_A2_lastname_firstinitial.doc. NSG6430 Women’s Health Case Study assignment.


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