NRS-429VN Topic 2 DQ 1

NRS-429VN Topic 2 DQ 1

NRS-429VN Topic 2 DQ 1
Topic 2 DQ 1

What is a definition of family that encompasses the different family structures prevalent today? Discuss the importance of acknowledging nontraditional family structures. Explain how family systems theory can be used to better understand the interactions of a modern family (traditional or nontraditional). 
The word “family” can mean different things to different people. For some, family is simply defined as a group of people who are related by blood. Others may define family as a group of people who live together and care for one another. There are many different family structures prevalent today NRS-429VN Topic 2 DQ 1. Some families are traditional, with a mother, father, and children. Other families may be single-parent households or may be headed by grandparents or other relatives. There are also families of choice, which may include close friends or others who are not related by blood. What all of these different family structures have in common is that they are a group of people who care about and support one another. “Much of the research exploring family structure differences has focused on resources available within nuclear families”( Marks et al,1993). NRS-429VN Topic 2 DQ 1 No matter what form they take, families provide a source of love, security, and stability.
Nontraditional family structures should be acknowledged because they are just as valid as traditional families. They provide the same love, support, and stability as any other family. Additionally, acknowledging nontraditional families can help to break down stereotypes and misconceptions about them. Acknowledging nontraditional family structures can help people feel more included and accepted. It can also help to create a more inclusive society overall. By seeing the family as a system, family systems theory may be utilized to effectively understand the relationships of a contemporary family. This means that each member of the family is seen as part of the whole, and their individual actions can affect the entire system. By understanding how the family system works, we can better understand the dynamics at play in any given family. This may help us understand why families behave the way they do and how we can best assist them NRS-429VN Topic 2 DQ 1. For instance, if a family is going through a difficult time, family systems theory can help us to understand how each member of the family is affected. We can also use this theory to develop interventions that will support the entire family system, rather than just individual members. Family systems theory can be used in both traditional and nontraditional families. However, it may be especially helpful in understanding nontraditional families, as they often have more complex dynamics at play.
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NRS-429VN Topic 2 DQ 1 sample 2
The traditional definition of a family is the parents and offspring living together with the same ancestry. Family has been classified as those residing in a housing unit related by birth, marriage, or adoption; however, these definitions of family by bloodline or household cannot encompass the components of modern families. Family of choice indicates people chosen by an individual to care, love, and trust rather than the family of origin NRS-429VN Topic 2 DQ 1. Today’s family reaches beyond the traditional definition and encompasses society units of single parent families, such as LBGTQ+ and children raised by grandparents or other relatives and friends. It is important to acknowledge nontraditional family structures because it is significant to include all forms of family as everyone has a different vision of what family is. Nures need to involve and incorporate the patient’s family in the patient’s plan of care regardless of the family structure. Having family members involved in patient care helps ensure that the patient is following prescribed orders and instructions leading to positive patient outcomes (Health Promotion: Health & Wellness Across the Continuum, 2018), (Ahmed, 2020). A family systems approach to individuals and their families provides a means to better understand the interactions of a societal family unit. Viewing the family as a system provides perspective on influences within and outside of the family (Health Promotion: Health & Wellness Across the Continuum, 2018) NRS-429VN Topic 2 DQ 1.
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