NR 509 Week 6 Quiz

NR 509 Week 6 Quiz
NR 509 Week 6 Quiz

A woman has come to the clinic to seek help with a substance-abuse problem. She admits to using cocaine just before arrival. Which of these assessment findings would the FNP expect to find when examining the woman?
A 63-year-old Chinese American man enters the office with complaints of chest pain, shortness of breath, and palpitations. Which statement most accurately reflect the FNPs best course of action?


The FNP is planning to assess new memory with the patient. The best way for the FNP to do this would be
During the health history the FNP asks a female patient “how many alcoholic drinks do you have a week?” Which answer by the patient would indicate at risk drinking?
Symptoms such as pain are often influenced by a person’s cultural heritage. Which of the following is a true statement regarding pain?
The FNP suspect abuse when a 10-year-old child is taken to the urgent care center for leg injury. nr 509 week 6 quiz The best way to document the history and physical findings is to
During a mental status assessment, which question by the FNP would best assess a persons judgment? NR 509 Week 6 Quiz.
The FNP is performing a mental status assessment on a five-year-old girl. Her parents are undergoing a bitter divorce and are worried about the effect it is having on their daughter. Which action or statement might leave FNP to be concerned about the girls mental status?
During mental status examination, the FNP wants to assess a patient’s affect. The FNP should ask the patient which question?
During an examination FNP notices a patterned injury on a patients back. Which of these would cause such an injury?
The FNP is aware that intimate partner violence screening should occur with which situation?
Which statement is best for the FNP to use when preparing to administer the abuse assessment screen?
The FNP is conducting a class on alcohol and the effects of alcohol on the body. How many standard drinks (each containing 12 g alcohol) Per day are associated with increased deaths from cirrhosis, cancers of the mouth, esophagus and injuries in men? NR 509 Week 6 Quiz.
A woman who has just discovered that she is pregnant is in the clinic for her first obstetric visit. She asked the FNP how many drinks a day safe for my baby? The FNP‘s best response is
The FNP is performing the Denver II screen test on a 12 month old infant during a routine well child visit. The FNP should tell the infants parents that the Denver II
Which term refers to a one produced by tearing or splitting of body tissue usually from blunt impact of a bony surface
When reviewing the use of alcohol by older adults the FNP notes that the older adults have several characteristics that can increase the risk of alcohol use which would increase the bioavailability of alcohol in the blood for longer periods of time in the older adult?
The FNP is reviewing concepts of cultural aspects of pain. Which statement is true regarding pain?
The FNP is planning to assess a child using behavioral checklist. This tool is most appropriate for a(an)
The FNP is … orientation in a 79-year-old patient. Which of these responses would leave the FNP to conclude that the patient is … ?
As a mandatory reporter of elder abuse, which of these must be present before an FNP notifies the authorities? NR 509 Week 6 Quiz.
A 30-year-old female patient is describing feelings of hopelessness and depression. She has attempted self-mutilation and has a history of prior suicide attempts. She describes difficulty sleeping at night and has lost 10 pounds in the past month. Which of these statements or questions is the FNP‘s best response in this situation? nr 509 week 6 quiz
For persons age 12 years and older which of these illicit substances was one of the most commonly used?
Which of these individuals would the FNP consider at highest risk for suicide attempt?
The FNP is assessing a patient who has … admitted for cirrhosis of the liver secondary to chronic alcohol use. nr 509 week 6 quiz During the physical assessment the FNP looks for cardiac problems that are … with chronic heavy use of alcohol such as NR 509 Week 6 Quiz


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