NR 509 Week 2 Quiz Review

NR 509 Week 2 Quiz Review
NR 509 Week 2 Quiz Review

What does dullness when percussing lung fields: Jarvis pg 427
Facial sensation controlled by which CN: Jarvis 283,
Know what two salivary glands are accessible during exam
What CN is being assessed when pt shrugs shoulders Jarvis 646
What muscles are being assessed when assessing CN 11 (spinal accessory nerve)
Concern for malignant nodules versus benign lymph nodule
Know what you’d do next if you palpated a submental lymph node: Jarvis pg 253
Define visual acuity
Know what to do if your patient can’t read the largest number on the Snellen chart: Jarvis 289
Example of good visual acuity : Jarvis 289 NR 509 Week 2 Quiz Review
Example of poor visual acuity: Jarvis 289
What is expected with corneal light reflex-
Know normal variances of sclera : Jarvis 283
Know how to check for Ptosis: Jarvis 292
What does ptosis indicate: Jarvis 292
Nasal fissure of pt with chronic allergies : Jarvis 271
Acute allergies : Jarvis p 363 .
What is an abnormal palpation of sinuses: Jarvis 362
Normal palpation of sinuses
Know normal variations in gingival margin
Know what a dehydrated oral cavity will look like: Jarvis 387
What is tactile fremitus, how do you test for it and what does it indicate. Jarvis 425 NR 509 Week 2 Quiz Review


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