My Goals and Walden University Vision and Mission Discussion Essay

My Goals and Walden University Vision and Mission Discussion Essay
My Goals and Walden University Vision and Mission Discussion Essay
My Goals and Walden University Vision and Mission
I have been a nurse for a few months now, and I knew this was the right time to advance my career in other to achieve my academic, career, and life goals. I became interested in the field of nursing during my last semester of my first undergraduate degree. I knew I wanted to be an advocate for public health issues; I did not realize that nursing could open so many opportunities to achieve that goal until my great friend and professor encouraged me to investigate nursing. I choose the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) program because I wanted to be challenged. I wanted to be part of the solution in a field that I believe is underrepresented. My Goals and Walden University Vision and Mission Discussion Essay
After a year of shopping around for various PMHNP schools, I choose Walden University for several reasons. The first time I heard about Walden was through my older sister, who is in her final year at Walden. I liked how she was able to pace herself, continue working, and caring for her family, all while earning a PMHNP degree. Upon further research, Walden’s mission to create a diverse group of scholars achieve their career goal meant there was a spot for a Nigerian woman like me (Walden University, n.d.). Walden’s vision is what truly grilled me in as I share the same view about education and its ability to transform minds that can advance our society (Walden University, n.d.).
Another reason why I choose Walden was that their College of Nursing Vision which stated that the school seeks to provide “academically rigorous and culturally and contextually relevant,” (Walden University, n.d. para. 5). Like I mentioned above, I choose the PMHNP program because it is a challenging field, and I needed a school that will equally match that. According to their vision, Walden’s school of nursing will provide me with an environment where I can be an expert in my field of study while making it relevant to our culturally diverse world. My Goals and Walden University Vision and Mission Discussion Essay
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Outcome
           One of the outcomes for the MSN program at Walden is to create health care providers who can implement ways to provide cost-effect care to reduce any healthcare disparities (Walden University, n.d.). The Centers for Disease Control (n.d.) supported that health care professionals can implement strategies to decrease healthcare disparities by using evidence-based practices. Ending disparities in healthcare apply to one of the reasons I chose the PMHNP program. I want to be in health care to bridge the gap between what kind of care patients can receive based on whether they live in a rural or urban area, unbiased of their race, gender, age, and medical needs. Another outcome for the MSN program that I relate to is the need for Walden to use its graduates to educate the public about their health (Walden University, n.d.). I believe that nurses can play an integral part in educating the public on safe health choices that prevent injuries and promote a healthy lifestyle.
Vision for Social Change
Since my first undergraduate degree, I have made it my mission to fight for social justice for women and children. It is awe-inspiring that Walden also has the vision to bring about social changes through the education their students will receive. The university vows to inspire and celebrate their students who create solutions to challenging issues in our world (Walden University, n.d.). Walden is the place for me to be and continue to nurture my hunger for developing changes in communities of interest. According to the Minnesota Depart of Health (2015), only 10 percent of Nurse Practitioners licensed in Minnesota, where I live, are found in rural areas. With my career as PMHNP at Walden, I intend to become part of that 10 percent. I want my time at Walden to reflect the steps I take in the future as a human being and as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.
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Discussion: Networking Opportunities
In this module, you begin laying the foundation for your academic and professional success. Your efforts begin with a vision that includes your own definition of success. Your vision may vary from those of your colleagues, but this does not mean you have to take these first steps alone.
Walden University and the College of Nursing also have a vision and mission, which include helping you to make your own vision a reality. Members of your new academic community, such as faculty, support teams, and fellow students, can also be helpful. Current practitioners and other member of the professional community can also help you to clarify your vision. My Goals and Walden University Vision and Mission Discussion Essay
This Module’s Discussion asks you to consider how the Walden mission and vision as well as the College of Nursing’s mission and vision apply to your professional and academic goals. You will also begin to identify individuals and teams who can help you along the way as you begin designing the “blueprint”—your Academic Success and Professional Development Plan—that will guide you toward your own vision for academic and professional success.
To Prepare:

Review the Walden and College of Nursing mission and vision statements, Walden’s goals and University Outcomes, and the MSN Program Learning Outcomes presented in this Module’s Learning Resources.
Reflect on your professional and academic goals as they relate to your program/specialization.
Consider how the information in these resources fit with your own goals and to your becoming a scholar-practitioner My Goals and Walden University Vision and Mission Discussion Essay.
Also consider academic and professional individuals and teams with whom you may collaborate in support of your efforts as a student at the university and as a professional within your organization and career.

By Day 3 of Week 1
Post a brief introduction of yourself to your colleagues. Include an explanation as to how Walden’s vision, mission, goals, and social change initiatives relate to your professional and academic goals and to your becoming a scholar-practitioner. Also include an explanation for how the Walden MSN Program Outcomes and perspectives relate to your professional and academic goals and to your becoming a scholar-practitioner. My Goals and Walden University Vision and Mission Discussion Essay.
By Day 6 of Week 1
Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ posts by suggesting additional individuals and/or teams with whom you wish to collaborate or by offering additional networking strategies.
Discussion – Week 1

Being able to serve patients with mental health disorders for about fifteen years is one of my accomplishments that I really applaud. Even though this is not an easy job, using holistic nursing to stimulate the healing process has brought to my attention the need to continue my degree as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP). My Goals and Walden University Vision and Mission Discussion Essay Since I have been having such a great experience with patients with mental illness, I have decided to work and reach my goals until retirement in the highest quality of care of Psychiatric Mental Health Institution. In the light of all that, I have chosen to advance my career at Walden University as a referral by my friend who is also my coworker to fulfill those dreams

Walden University Vision –Mission –goals- social change-outcomes
According to Walden University’s vision-mission statement, “Knowledge is judged worthy to the degree that it can be applied by its graduates to the immediate solutions of critical societal challenges, thereby advancing the greater global good”. The university provides a various community of career professionals with the opportunity to transform themselves as “scholar-practitioners so that they can effect positive change”. Walden University provides a wide range of educational opportunities for career learners. The university “provides research that fosters critical thinking skills that leads to professional excellence. Walden supports ethical scholar practitioners that will become civic and professional role models for the society.” (Walden University, n.d.). From students’ success enrollment specialists to Professors, the University provides great quality customer service. That is another reason why I have picked Walden University, because its vision statement relates to the type of program I was looking for.
With that being said, upon completing this program as a professional Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, I believe that education I receive from the Walden MSN Program will enable me to create a positive attitude that will be useful within my work environment to better serve the community in which I am working for My Goals and Walden University Vision and Mission Discussion Essay. It will also help me to assess the mental health needs of different populations to finally solve the problem of patients with different mental health illness living in our community and around the world. Walden University gives its students the possibility of networking. As suggested by experts, I am positive that networking with students who chose a similar career path as me could be an instrument in advancing my career (   Without any doubt, after advancing my education to this noble profession, I will continue to improve patients’ outcomes in delivering excellent services in any challenging Psychiatric mental health institution. My Goals and Walden University Vision and Mission Discussion Essay
References 6-1-20 My Goals and Walden University Vision and Mission Discussion Essay


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