Locates medical mnemonic essay

Locates medical mnemonic essay
Locates medical mnemonic essay

Clay is a 7-year-old male who presents in your office with complaints of right thigh pain and a limp. The pain began approximately 1 week ago and has progressively worsened. There is no history of trauma.analysis of your assigned case by responding to the following:

What additional questions will you ask?

Has the case addressed the LOCATES mnemonic? If not, what else do you need to ask? What additional history will you need? (Think FMH, allergies, meds and so forth, that might be pertinent in arriving to your differential diagnoses).

What additional examinations or diagnostic tests, if any will you conduct?

What are your differential diagnoses? What historical and physical exam features support your rationales? Provide at least 3 differentials.

What is your most likely diagnosis and why? locates medical mnemonic essay.
How will you treat this child?

Provide medication treatment and symptomatic care.

Provide correct medication dosage. Use the knowledge you learned from this week’s and previous weeks’ readings as well as what you have learned from pharmacology to help you with this area locates medical mnemonic essay.

Patient Education, Health Promotion & Anticipatory guidance:

Explain strategies for educating parents on their child’s disorder and reducing any concerns/fears presented in the case study.

Include any socio-cultural barriers that might impact the treatment and management plans.

Health Promotion:

What immunizations should this child have had?

Based on the child’s age, when is the next well visit?

At the next well visit, what are the next set of immunizations?

What additional anticipatory guidance should be provided today?

The Primary Diagnosis is Leg Calve Perthes Disease

The other three are is Juvenile rheumatiod arthritis, slipped capital femoral epiphysis, and osteomyelitis.

Each diagnosis needs to be in its own paragraph explaiing similarities in symptoms and why they would be ruled out locates medical mnemonic essay


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