Pathophysiology is the side effects of an infection, syndrome, or other disorder that alters how someone feels or interacts with the rest of the world. A Nursing Pathophysiology Paper can be written to describe anything from treating the cause of coughs and colds to more critical circumstances, such as Multiple sclerosis. Nursing Pathophysiology Paper:
For nurses, it’s a different way of asking, “why?” Why is the patient experiencing pain/difficulty/frustration? Pathophysiology papers can help nurses or nursing students to accurately describe any abnormal changes in a patient. Explain why they happened and suggest possible solutions to the doctors and other healthcare professionals regarding the patient’s treatment.
Nursing Pathophysiology paper is assigned a class obligation in many academic nursing writing formats. It could be Pathophysiology Research Papers, Pathophysiology Essays, term papers, or case studies. Each nursing student is expected to be to write this paper at a certain academic level in a nursing school.
Pathophysiology covers the nurse’s responsibility of managing the effects of disease on the patient. Many nursing students find it challenging to write a Nursing Pathophysiology Paper. Most of these nursing students are inexperienced in academic writing and lack time to do the assignment. It becomes impossible for a student to fully commit themselves to the project of writing a Nursing Pathophysiology Paper.
Selecting a Pathophysiology Paper Topic
Before you begin your Nursing Pathophysiology Paper, the first thing you need to consider is the topic of discussion. Select a few of the Best Topics for Nursing Pathophysiology Papers that you’re going to write about. Then, you can narrow them down by considering the following:


The Pathophysiology Paper topic will center around a patient you supposedly have currently interacted with in the hospital setting. The choice of the patient highly determines the kind of content your Nursing Pathophysiology Paper will have. Ensure that you include details like your patient’s primary medical diagnosis. Clearly write about the pathophysiology of the disease process and then discuss how and to what degree it affects your patient.

Explore Your Topic

After thoroughly examining your assignment and understanding the instructions, do research on the topics you initially chose and if restricted to a certain topic, conduct background research. You can look for information from books written by various authors, websites, magazines, and journals.

Analyze Your Topic

After you have settled on the topic you are most comfortable writing your Nursing Pathophysiology Paper about, read about your patient’s condition. Consider these important ideas:

What medical term is used when talking about this condition? (In case you are unfamiliar with any of it, take time to research).
What is the pathophysiology of the disease process? To what extent does it affect the patient involved?
How does what is described match the condition you witnessed or know about your patient’s particular situation? Was there anything different or unusual about your patient?
What did you do for your patient? What treatments, procedures, etc., are mentioned for this condition?
What nursing diagnosis would be appropriate? What priority order should they be in?
What are the short-term and long-term goals of the nursing diagnosis?
What are the appropriate interventions?
What is the rationale for each intervention?
Do you have or need any evidence to support these actions?

Do a more in-depth Research

You will have to search for more information to support your patient’s specific condition in your Nursing Pathophysiology Paper. Remember to follow the guidelines and rules given by your instructor to avoid being penalized in your Pathophysiology Paper.
You can write an outline or ask yourself a few questions for clarity. For example;

What is the illness at hand? What medical terms will doctors, and other medical professionals use when referring to this ailment or situation?
What is the etiology of the condition?
What are the developmental or environmental hazards?
What are the prognostication and actual outcomes?
What age is appropriate for treatment and other medical interventions?
What are the educational points for the patient? Why are they beneficial to the patient involved?

As you start to narrow down your topic, you might need to continue to look for more sources. In order to help you find relatable sources for your Nursing Pathophysiology Paper, you’ll want to identify keywords to help you search.
As you think about what information you should include in your Pathophysiology Paper, look for specific words that a good article might contain. Think of related keywords.

(Name of the disease)
(Medical terminology used by doctors when referring to the disease)

Other keywords:


Try pairing these keywords to find specific information – use the name of your condition, along with the information you’re trying to locate:
Search: Dementia and diagnosis
Search: Dementia and intervention
You can also pair conditions together if the patient has multiple-related factors.
Search: “Lung cancer” and “post-obstructive pneumonia.”
As you are searching, consider medical terminology nurses may use when referring to the condition. For example, the general public may use the phrase “appendix removal,” while a nurse will use the term “appendectomy.”
To help you find keywords, try searching the National Library of Medicine’s Medical Subject Headings (Mesh) for potential keywords:
Medical Subject Headings (Keywords)
This database will help you brainstorm medical keywords. For example, a search for “chickenpox” will lead you to add keywords you may not have considered, such as “varicella.”
Search Tips
Search Tip 1:
Use an asterisk (*) after a set of letters to perform a truncated search. This will find variations of a word.
Example 1: child*
This search will find results containing the words… child, childhood, children, etc.
Example 2: Ur*
This search will find results containing the words urine, urinary tract, urination, etc.
Search Tip 2:
Use quotation marks to look for an exact word phrase. This will help you find more specific results.
For example:
mental illness = 556000results
“Mental illness” = 118000results
Narrowing Your Results by Patient’s Age
How old is your patient?
Consider the following keywords compiled by the National Library of Medicine to help you find appropriate articles:
Newborn = birth to 1 month
Infant = birth to 23 months
Preschool = 2 to 5
Child = 6 to 12
Adolescent = 13 to 18
Young Adults = 19 to 24
Adult = 19 to 44
Middle Aged = 45 to 64
Aged = 65 to 79
Frail Elderly = 80 and over
Use the appropriate terminology (keywords) when searching for articles.
Pathophysiology Research Papers
Pathophysiology is a discipline of study that combines Pathology and Physiology. Pathology studies the chain of circumstances of diseases and injuries, while Physiology studies the normal functions of living organisms and their parts. Therefore, being a core part of nursing practice, pathophysiology surveys how diseases and injuries affect bodily processes.
When writing Pathophysiology Research Papers, it is important for nursing students to have the following skills to be able to make an accurate diagnosis and carry out a trustworthy analysis of patient conditions.
Communication skills
Communication is an important skill that contributes to a student’s understanding and application of Pathophysiology. It is also important when operating within healthcare as you must be able to communicate with other healthcare professionals regarding patients’ diagnoses and treatments.
Strong Clinical Knowledge
To effectively write a Nursing Pathophysiology Paper and apply the discipline of pathophysiology to nursing, nursing students need to raise their clinical to a level where they can understand diseases and their effects on the human body. Understand the medications and other treatments used to address patients’ symptoms.
Critical Thinking
For a student to write an accurate and eye-catching Nursing Pathophysiology Paper, they need to apply critical and creative thinking skills, especially when applying pathophysiological principles to diagnosing and analyzing a patient’s disease or injury.
Best Topics for Nursing Pathophysiology Papers
If you are not restricted to writing about a specific topic for your Nursing Pathophysiology Paper, you have the freedom to write your essay about a topic that you understand well. Some of the Best Topics for Nursing Pathophysiology Papers include:
Pathophysiology of Cardiovascular Disorders
When writing a Pathophysiology Paper about cardiovascular disorders (CVD), you need to understand the Uncontrollable risk factors for CVD, such as family history, increased age, ethnicity, and gender. You should also beware of controllable risk factors such as hypertension, cholesterol levels, diet, and body weight.
Research on the pathophysiology of various CVDs like Atherosclerosis, Peripheral Vascular Disease, stroke, Hypertension, Cushing’s Syndrome, Diabetes Mellitus, etc. Understand other causes and effects and the best treatment for these Cardiovascular Disorders.
Pathophysiology of Skin Conditions and Disorders
When writing your Nursing Pathophysiology Paper, you need to understand that there are many different skin conditions and disorders. For the skin to continue protecting the body, you need to recognize the condition and offer the best treatment.
Under the Pathophysiology of Skin Conditions and Disorders topic, you can choose to specialize your Nursing Pathophysiology Paper content on conditions like eczema, acne, Melanoma, hives, Psoriasis, etc. Explain what causes the disease and give the diagnosis of the disease.
Pathophysiology of Musculoskeletal Conditions & Disorders
Comprehend the pathophysiology of conditions such as arthritis, rickets, Osteoarthritis, gout, bone cancer, Osteoporosis, etc., and advise on the best treatment to facilitate the best quality of life for your patient.
Pathophysiology of Seizures
When writing your Pathophysiology Paper, ensure that you understand the mechanisms involved with seizures. Think of a lightning storm on a warm summer evening. Sometimes you can look in the clouds and see random, rapid bursts of lightning shooting throughout the sky. Neurons in the brain look this way during a seizure episode. Research on triggers for this condition. Are they environmental or medical?
Pathophysiology of Cancer
Before you begin writing your Nursing Pathophysiology Paper, do your research and comprehend how cancer impacts the body through different physiological processes or its pathophysiology in both direct and indirect ways. Learn the impact of cancer through physical forces, paraneoplastic syndromes, hormonal effects, and more. After you have completely understood the general Pathophysiology of Cancer, you can begin writing your Nursing Pathophysiology Paper.
Pathophysiology Paper Example 
Extract of sample “Pathophysiology.”

High Cholesterol

In this Pathophysiology Paper, we will be discussing various interventions to be recommended to a 50-year-old man with a risk of a high-fat diet and smoking. Cardiovascular disease affects the blood vessels and heart. For our patient, an immediate change in lifestyle will do him good compared to medication. The key preventive measures are regular exercise, a well-balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, and stopping smoking with immediate effect. However, age and gender are uncontrollable risk factors; hence there is nothing much that one can do to change them.
The Interventions include:
1. Regular exercise
The patient is advised to participate in exercises like morning or evening walks for around 20-30 minutes every day.
Exercise lowers blood lipids, minimizes platelet adhesiveness, and increases blood circulation within the body.
2. Well balanced diet
The patient should consume more high-fiber food and reduce the intake of food with high-fat content. He should eat more vegetables and fruits and avoid alcohol, sugary foods, red meat, and processed food. Managing his lifestyle by being watchful of what he consumes is very important.
3. Stop smoking immediately
Tobacco smoking reduces blood flow from the heart. The smoke limits the amount of oxygen that reaches the various body tissues and increases the risk of blood clots. The clotting, together with the hardening and narrowing of the arteries, leads to blockage in the coronary artery, which may result in sudden cardiac illness.
4. Healthy Ageing
As people grow older, they tend to be exposed to more risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks. A man is more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease compared to a woman of the same age. Our patient was advised to take a break from work which he was doing at an urban Centre and go back to his rural home. In cities and towns, the blood pressure of the old tends to increase due to unhealthy lifestyles and strains.
5. Avoid stress
There are all kinds of stresses which include emotional, social, and psychological. Each and every person in society experiences one of the dynamics of stress. Stress maximizes the risk of heart disease and hypertension. This should be avoided because chronic stress enhances other risk factors of heart disease, for example, smoking, high cholesterol, physical inactivity, and obesity (Schneider & Fields, 2006).
References Balakrishnan, E. (2004). Cardiovascular Diseases and Homoeopathic Treatment. B Jain Pub Pvt Ltd. Schneider, R. H., & Fields, J. Z. (2006).
Pathophysiology Essays for Nursing Students
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