CBT vs REBT Essay

CBT vs REBT Essay
CBT vs REBT Essay
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy versus Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy
According to the World Health Organization, mental and behavioral health disorders are a global public health concern that affects more than 70 million people at one point in life. This estimate contributes to approximately 10% of the global disease burden and is expected to increase by the year 2030 (David et al., 2018).  In the United States, behavioral and mental disorders affect close to 50 million adults. However, despite the high prevalence, highly recognized therapies are effectively being used to alleviate this problem resulting to improved health outcomes CBT vs REBT Essay. The best examples of therapies being used are: cognitive behavioral therapy and rational emotive behavioral therapy.
Cognitive behavioral therapy is a treatment approach used to manage people with different mental and behavioral health problems based on thoughts, behavior and emotions. In comparison, rational emotive behavioral therapy emphasizes on rational thinking for the development of healthy expressions and emotional behavior. This paper discusses the similarities and differences between the two behavioral therapies and how the differences might impact my clinical practice as a mental health counselor. CBT vs REBT Essay To add on, I will discuss about the version of cognitive behavioral therapy I would use with clients with supporting reasons.
Similarities Between Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) And Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy and rational emotive behavioral therapy use theories which are founded from the ABC model. Therefore, the two therapies have similar beliefs in terms of development and maintenance of psychopathology (Brown  & Gaudiano, 2013) CBT vs REBT Essay.  To add on, the practical applications of both CBT and REBT are the same more so in terms of organization and interrelations of beliefs which may either be labeled as irrational or dysfunctional. The last similarity is that the major notions of CBT and REBT uphold that human behavior and emotions are highly dependent on individual beliefs, ideas, thinking and attitude and not by the sole occurrence of events. Therefore, for behavioral and emotional change to occur, one has to change his/her thinking.
Differences Between Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) And Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy
A major difference between CBT and REBT is that REBT addresses the irrational thoughts and philosophical basis of emotional disturbance based on a client’s personality, which results to solutions that involve unconditional self-acceptance. On the contrary, CBT addresses irrational thoughts based on a client’s disorder through reinforcement of positive qualities which leaves many pitfalls in case of a client’s poor performance (David, Lynn & Ellis, 2010).  CBT insists on psychoeducation as an early vital component of treatment while REBT is highly reliant on psychoeducation in the entire period of treatment CBT vs REBT Essay.
With regards to the therapeutic relationships, CBT emphasizes on having a high quality therapeutic relationship for good treatment outcomes whereas REBT does not recognize the necessity of a therapeutic relationship. In terms of reasoning, CBT utilizes inductive reasoning by laying emphasis on inferential thinking. In contrast, REBT maximizes on deductive thoughts with a focus on evaluative reasoning (Sapp, 2014) v. Generally, these differences would help to gauge the best case practice scenarios that one therapy may be well suited to adequately address a client’s needs as in comparison to another for a mental health counselor.
The Version Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy I Might Use With Clients
The version of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that I might use with clients is Dialectical Behavioral therapy. This form is highly reliable in being able to identify the triggers which result to negative tendencies and thoughts such as self-harm, suicidal thoughts and drug abuse (Craske & American Psychological Association, 2017).  It also provides a mental health counselor with a framework for identifying the irrational and dysfunctional behavior in a client and the tools that can effectively be used to counteract it CBT vs REBT Essay.
From this discussion on the similarities and differences between REBT and CBT, it is rather evident that the latter is more advantageous as compared to the former CBT vs REBT Essay. A perfect example is in the management of self-esteem, the establishment of a therapeutic relationship and thinking style. With this knowledge, mental health counselors are able to apply the most effective therapies depending on a client’s needs.
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Assignment 1: Cognitive Behavioral Theory Versus Rational Emotive Behavioral Theory
While cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT) have many similarities, they are distinctly different therapeutic approaches CBT vs REBT Essay. When assessing clients and selecting one of these therapies, you must recognize the importance of not only selecting the one that is best for the client, but also the approach that most aligns to your own skill set. For this Assignment, as you examine the similarities and differences between CBT and REBT, consider which therapeutic approach you might use with your clients.
Learning Objectives
Students will:

Compare cognitive behavioral therapy and rational emotive behavioral therapy
Recommend cognitive behavioral therapies for clients

To prepare:

Review the media in this week’s Learning Resources.
Reflect on the various forms of cognitive behavioral therapy CBT vs REBT Essay.

The Assignment
In a 1- to 2-page paper, address the following:

Briefly describe how cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT) are similar.
Explain at least three differences between CBT and REBT. Include how these differences might impact your practice as a mental health counselor.
Explain which version of cognitive behavioral therapy you might use with clients and why. Support your approach with evidence-based literature CBT vs REBT Essay.


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