230+ Best Social Media Essay Topics for Students

230+ Best Social Media Essay Topics for Students
Have you been tasked with writing an essay on a social media topic? First, if you are assigned to write a social media essay, find a solid topic for your essay. Social media is such a trendy topic right now; you’ll have no problem coming up with social media essay topics and subtopics.

If you’re at a loss for what to write about, consider sociology or media and communication. A social media essay topic isn’t difficult to choose if you know how to express your ideas. Consider first what kind of social media essay you want to write before settling on a topic. Selecting topics for an essay might help you find your writing style.
Best topics for a social media essay
It’s impossible to write an essay without a topic. Finding essay topics that allow you to debate your ideas is difficult, so take your time. There are numerous essay topics to choose from concerning social media. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most intriguing and thought-provoking social media essay topics for your convenience.

Social media’s cause and impact
Society’s response to social media
Before and after social media
Social media’s positive and harmful consequences
Intertwining social media and globalization 
Social media’s disadvantages and benefits
Social media and cyberbullying
Is it possible that social media is being used for mass surveillance?
On social media, the impact of fake identities
Facebook’s benefits and drawbacks
Negative attitude toward people on social media
Learning how to use various kinds of social media
How social media affects the way people communicate
The dangers of using social media
Theories supporting social media’s political influence 
 Using social media to advertise real estate
Race and religion-related concerns in social media
Facebook’s Right to Privacy
Social media’s role in the teaching of a second language
Friendships and social networking
Using Facebook and other social media to stay in contact
Social media activity by international students
Aggression among young people and social media
Social Media’s Importance in the Modern World
Ethical Issues in Social Media
Student Cross-Cultural Activism
The Impact on Student Relationships
As a Social Media Tool, Blogging
The Use of Social Media for Social Justice Advocacy
Learning a Second Language with the Help of Social Media

Latest Social media essay topics
Choosing social media essay topics is the first and most crucial step in writing a social media essay. Here are some examples of social media essay topics to broaden your horizons and encourage you to write one.

How social media is affecting the lives of today’s youngsters
Social media’s effect on human relationships
Impact on society
Influence on education
Facebook’s positive and negative aspects
Before and after the age of social media
What is it about celebs that use Twitter?
Social media regulation for a more equitable society
The effect of social media on young people today.
Social media and how it affects education
Depression among young people: a result of social media?
The ideal age for social media participation
Should youngsters be trained to be careful about what they share online?

Social media essay
Social media has grown enormously in the last few years and now has millions of users all over the globe. The best way to understand the benefits and drawbacks of social networking is to read this English essay. If you’re studying for the board exam, you’ll find the ‘effect of social media essay’ a helpful topic. 
Short social media essays might help you prepare for the board examinations. A social media essay is a piece of writing that clearly explains a critical topic, including its benefits and drawbacks. There is no need to provide the authors’ viewpoints in these sections, which are motivated exclusively by facts.
After assessing the benefits and drawbacks of various options, you should express a conclusion. A social media essay is written to highlight social media’s positive and bad aspects nowadays. The writers’ analysis of the two sections is presented in the open-ended conclusions.
Social media argumentative essay topics
Now that social media affects almost every aspect of life; students must investigate its effect. Students may learn a lot about social media by researching and discussing it with their friends. While this may appear very straightforward to perform, students frequently struggle to obtain proper social media argumentative essay topics.
We’ll assist students in emerging from challenges by presenting them with the top social media argumentative essay ideas. We took our time to find just the fascinating social media essay topics. Since the ideas are popular, students won’t have trouble deciding what to write about them. We suggest students thoroughly research any topic they choose from the list below.

Is social media beneficial to your life, or is it a time-waster?
Virtual communication vs face-to-face communication
The impact of Instagram on young adults
The use of social media by those with political aspirations
False media images and their consequences on media users
An examination of the issue of social media’s liberal tilt
Students distracted from their schoolwork by social media
Social media fosters violence in society
People’s mental well-being is facilitated by social media
Social networks increase idleness among adolescents
Censorship on social media platforms
Social media is filled with shady users
Without social media, there is no point in living
The influence of social networks on society
The social network is a barrier to cybersecurity
Social media causes isolation from the outer world.
Social media addiction
Social media usage has the potential to save lives.
LinkedIn is an excellent platform for marketing companies
Suicide is widely promoted on social media

Social media persuasive essay topics
It might be challenging to come up with a good topic. When researching a topic, do you go for the easy option and hope that it will be straightforward? So, which is more important, your enthusiasm or your instructor’s approval?
Throughout your academic career, you’re almost sure to encounter the persuasive essay as a writing style. If you’ve never written one before, a persuasive essay requires you to build a case for a particular point of view. You must choose a position and then back it up with facts and language that persuades the audience that you are accurate.
This collection comprises the most significant social media persuasive essay topics available. This collection has something for everyone, from simple social media essay topics for preschoolers to complex concerns for college students.

Is there a downside to using social media?
Is celebrity on social media detrimental to one’s well-being?
Is social media bringing us closer together or making us more isolated?
Is social media a threat to our democracy?
Isolation or connect via social media?
Why do you feel uneasy because of social media?
Precisely, how does social media impact body image?
Social media has what function in education?
Is there a connection between privacy and social media?
Is there a link between social media use, anxiety, and depression?

Persuasive essay topics about social media
When looking for persuasive solid speech topics, consider your principles and perspective. If you are pretty confident about one or more statements, this is the most excellent topic for persuasive essay topics about social media. Since a persuasive essay contains the emotional part of your belief, these social media essay topics are usually concerning societal concerns.

Is it becoming more important to interact through social media than to meet in person with teenagers?
Is there evidence that the ubiquity of social media is negatively impacting people’s capacity to form meaningful relationships?
How is social media affecting young people’s loneliness during the Covid-19 lockdown/pandemic in the US?
Should kids be penalized for what they post on social media outside of school?
What are the problem of censorship and its consequences on politics inside the sphere of social media?
Do the advantages of personal publishing information on social media outweigh the costs?
What are the benefits of multilingual persons in developing debate on social media?

Essay topics about social media
You cannot write an essay without a topic. Finding an essay topic that allows you to express yourself fully involves time, effort, and study. You may locate plenty of essay topics about social media on the Internet. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most intriguing and thought-provoking social media essay topics for your convenience.

The Use of Social Media by Students
Marketing on Social Networks (SMM)
The usage of social media and depression
Social media’s right to freedom of expression
The Arab uprisings and social media
Ethics and social media
Impacts on Social Media of Globalization
Social Media’s Potential for Improving Education
Crises on the Internet
Use of Social Media for Promotion
The influence of social media on today’s youth
Impacts, Both Good and Bad
Analysis of Social Media Data

Social media essay introduction
A social media essay introduction serves as a road map and establishes the tone for the rest of the essay. An excellent opening captures the reader’s attention and keeps them interested from the start. It also exposes the readers to the subject matter and leads them to the topic of the essay. 
The introduction should also include background information on the subject or problem addressed in the essay. The introduction should begin with broad strokes before narrowing in on precise details. Present background information before stating your position.
A hook, a synopsis of the essential points, and a compelling thesis statement are all included in the introduction. Begin by mentioning the topic’s importance, providing context, and concluding with a powerful thesis statement.
Social media essay topics of discussion
Some of the social media topics of discussion are:

Is social media a kind of self-inflicted harm?
Is it OK to enable youngsters to use social media platforms?
Social networking has the potential to stifle the creative process
Is socializing detrimental to mental health?
Is Facebook a tyrannical force?
Is it OK for people to share news on social media?
Does social media have positive or negative effects?

The pros and cons of social media
The essay on the benefits and drawbacks of social media platforms addresses social media platforms’ good and bad consequences. The introduction, body, and conclusion are the essential parts of an ideal essay. We provide you with some essays about social media and the positives and cons of social media. You may select any of the essays about social media per your demand for the test.
Social media advantages


Social media platforms are an excellent method to connect with old and new friends, colleagues, and anybody else. Social media enables users to relive past moments, celebrate new ones, and meet new people. Social media platforms have benefited communications.


Social media inevitably provides entertainment and delight for people of all ages, genders, castes, colours, and faiths. Teenagers are ecstatic when they upload a picture and get likes and favourable comments on their posts. When they see photographs and videos of their children and grandchildren having a good time, the elderly feel great. Social media does an excellent job of keeping everyone pleased.


People have access to many excellent opportunities in life via various social media sites. A job seeker uses social media sites to find desired jobs in their preferred place.
Social media provides a forum for entrepreneurs and idealists who want to impact constructive change. When someone is in severe need of encouragement, social media may be able to help.


It assists new emerging business people who want to expand their business to more people, overseas, etc. Instant needs met: Thanks to social media, we can now get what we need in just a few clicks. When we are hungry or craving something to eat, we can easily and quickly have food delivered to us.

Global news

Anyone can get an update for any place on the planet in minutes. When moving from one area of the world to another, it is possible to learn about the region’s most famous individuals. Politics, trends, lifestyle, music, movies, gaming, and other subjects are also covered on social media.
Social media disadvantages

Real-life interaction reduction

Due to the general advent of media, both the younger and older generations have become more social, declining face-to-face contact. On social media, indulgence creates addiction, and as a consequence, individuals avoid face-to-face interaction with their loved ones.


The usage of social media has also contributed to an increase in cybercrimes. Persons who conduct cybercrime do the same thing as people who do a real-life crime on a social network site. Too much confidence in social media has caused users to give out personal information, enabling cyber fraudsters to get their hands on their private information.
Then some specific hackers contribute to cybercrime. That is one of the most fundamental ways social media threatens privacy.

Language destruction

The increased usage of social media has resulted in an overuse of acronyms and colloquial terms in all types of talks, even face-to-face ones. People have become so used to utilizing acronyms that they have lost how to use words or initiate a conversation. People have started forgetting how to address people because they use acronyms to look “cool.” It is a common way in which social media has annihilated traditional languages.

Issues concerning health

Social media addiction may be incredibly harmful to one’s health. Addiction to social media may result in excessive screen time, detrimental to both visual and mental health. The Internet’s dazzling lifestyle promotes drug usage by saying, “All hip people use drugs.” When teenagers hear sentiments like these, they are more inclined to join in.
Argumentative essay topics
Are you trying to think of something to write about for an argumentative essay? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered if this is the case. The most effective way to write an argumentative essay is to pay attention and select an intriguing topic or theme. Finding good argumentative essay topics can be difficult, but it becomes much more manageable once you understand the process and have some ideas.
Use the topics provided to impress your instructor and achieve academic success.

What do you think about making abortion a criminal offence?
What do you think about animal testing?
Do you believe that you should offer legal status to illegal immigrants?
Does “big pharma” have the public’s best interests at heart?
Do you think the death penalty is appropriate?
Can genetic cloning be considered unethical because of ethical considerations?
What do you believe individuals should do to prevent human trafficking?
Is HIV connected with homosexuality?
Wild animals as pets: What are the issues?
Should children be driven to learn other languages?
Are socio-political movements effective?
Should hunting of all animals be banned?
Can racism be abolished from society?
Does tourism tax affect cultural heritage?
What about the rights of animals?
Should animal testing be prohibited?

Topics for argumentative essay
Writing argumentative essays without plagiarism demands plenty of time to finish, particularly when you do not have an allocated topic. Choosing topics for argumentative essays is a different talent that you should study and practice at school. So stop delaying and follow the easy steps below to come up with fresh ideas and develop a solid topic to work on.

Can the death penalty be effective?
Are females too “mean” in their friendship?
Is it a brilliant idea to purchase a lottery ticket?
How effective would it be to make tobacco products illegal?
Is there a lot of competition?
Is fashion critical?
Does religious intolerance spark conflict?

Argument essay topics
The following is a list of argument essay topics:

University should be free
Prisons don’t work
Assisted suicide, euthanasia, and lethal injection should be permitted.
Testing on animals is required
Governments are over-spending
Video games inspire violence
Nuclear power is a poor investment
Money is the key to happiness
Compulsory military duty is a good idea
Marriage is getting old-fashioned
Consumerism is bad
Brexit is a mistake
Education is the key to minimizing crime
GMOs are harmful and should be prohibited since there is no other life in the cosmos.
Climate Change is a myth.
Parents should choose the careers for their children
Academic research can’t rely on
Superstar corporations need to be better regulated

Argumentative topics
These are some recommended argumentative topics for your essay. To be successful in your study, you should choose a topic that is interesting to you personally.

Should students be able to grade their teachers?
Is the death penalty an effective crime deterrent?
 Do we spend too much time preparing for standardized tests?
How effective are curfews in preventing criminal activity among teenagers?
Should all states legalize marijuana?
 Should parents give their children allowances for completing chores?
Should the school day be lengthened?
Does having fewer students per class lead to more student learning?
Is it acceptable to conduct scientific studies on living creatures?
Should colleges look at just test scores for admittance?
How much do professional athletes make?
Is it OK to use video games as a teaching tool?
Is it safe to believe everything you read on the Internet?
Do teen pregnancy reality TV shows have any effect on preventing pregnancies?
Does social media harm people’s lives?
Is it safe for middle school students to play football?
Does it make sense to use social media as a teaching resource?
Does it make sense to pay college athletes?
Should junk food be subjected to a higher tax?
Should schools begin their days later?

Good argumentative essay topics
An argumentative essay is a popular assignment that most students are given throughout their academic lives. Whether you are a high school or a college student, you will frequently be requested to compose this writing kind. Writing a solid essay is vital to doing well in your language lesson. 
The quality of your essay writing may have a significant impact on both your exam results and your overall reputation. The most prevalent argumentative essay necessitates that the author takes a firm position on the topic matter. The audience is also tasked with being persuaded with even greater proof due to this request.
If you want your argumentative essay to be successful, pay attention, and select an appealing topic for your work. It might be challenging to develop good argumentative essay topics, but it becomes much more manageable if you understand the process. To find out more about creating an exciting topic, keep reading this post. Also, use the offered list of suggestions to amaze your teacher and achieve academic success.

What do you think about cosmetic surgery in health insurance?
Alternative medications: should health insurers cover them?
Can American high schools have mental health facilities connected to them?
How does illegal immigration impact the workplace?
Illegal immigration has what costs?
What is the market effect of immigration?
In what ways does immigration affect the educational system?
What are the ramifications for the workplace of undocumented workers?
Is Illegal Immigration an Expensive Option?
Making new friends is a lot more challenging while you’re smoking.
Communication is a thing of the past because of the Internet.
The secret to harmonious family life is codependency.
Gender roles in the military
When we die, what happens to us?
Factors contributing to the rise in the number of children and adolescents
Is today’s education system too commercialized?
What are the drawbacks of co-educational schools?
Children under the age of 18 should not be given smartphones.
Are test scores the best indicator of a student’s aptitude and proficiency?

In summary
You should now have a better understanding of how to write a social media essay. Only a handful of the most intriguing and thought-provoking social media essay topics have been included in this piece. You may get additional social media essay topic ideas from us. 
Besides helping you choose a topic for your social media essay, we will help you in the writing process. We can assist you with your assignments if you provide us with the details of your project. We’ll meet or beat your deadlines when you engage us for assignment writing assistance.


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