150+ Good Persuasive Essay topics

150+ Good Persuasive Essay topics
Selecting good persuasive essay topics is the first step towards achieving a captivating essay that will inform, engage, and persuade your reader. As a student, you must write a persuasive essay to assess your understanding of an issue. In this blog, we have compiled persuasive essay ideas that you may consider while writing a persuasive essay. 
What is the best persuasive topic?
To compose a good essay, you must select a good topic you are passionate about. The best persuasive topic should be;

Familiar: topics that you are familiar with will help you write a good essay
Interesting: when you choose a topic that interests you, it will motivate research and writing.
Unique: do not choose a topic that people have heard about repeatedly because it will not interest them.
Emotional topics: emotional topics persuade the reader because they get motivated.
Relatable: choose a topic relatable to issues affecting the community because they interest the reader.
Desired outcome: choose a topic that will achieve the desired outcome of your essay.

What are some examples of a persuasive essay?
The following are examples of persuasive essays;

Eating from home is better than eating from a restaurant

This essay shows the benefits of eating from home, including increased family time, healthier options, reduced temptations, saving money, etc. It would be best if you also showed the counterarguments and opposing opinions. Finally, conclude your essay by summarizing why eating from home is better than eating from a restaurant.

Child obesity is caused by poor nutrition

Eating healthy is essential to stay fit. Children tend to eat tasty and readily available food, which is unhealthy. Lack of exercise also contributes to obesity, as children prefer playing video games to outdoor activities. In this essay, you discuss why children take poor nutrition and the steps to prevent it. Also, talk about healthy eating habits that can help children stay fit.
What are some good persuasive essay topics?
An excellent persuasive topic should be daring, thought-provoking, and have a clear opinion. We have compiled a list of good persuasive essay topics below that you may consider while writing an essay.
What are three good topics for an essay?
The following are unique topics that you should consider while writing an essay;

Do you think gym classes are required?
Is exploring space worth it?
Who is more emotional between a man and a woman?

Easy persuasive essay ideas

Homework should not be given in schools
Kids should determine when they want to sleep
Kids should not be given chores at home
The voting age should be lowed
Is life better without a computer?
Everybody should have a smartphone
You can use technology to boost your grades
Do you think teachers’ earnings are little?
Are textbooks better than iPads?
Are children taught to read when it is too late?
Do you think homework improves grades?
Should psychological screening be taken before joining college?
Should teachers be blamed for poor results?
Should school years be made longer?
Do you think interns should be paid?

Challenging persuasive essay ideas

Human behavior is not defined by sexual desire
What is the impact of social media on society?
Why do you think most Americans watch reality TV shows?
What is dangerous: being overweight or underweight?
Poor nutrition makes people aggressive and argumentative
Should digital learning be advanced?
Are robots too expensive?
Does television advocate violence among children?
Which is the worst season?
Should you make new friends or keep the old ones as you grow old?
What do you think is best: to work in silence or while listening to music?
Which is best: poor and have friends or rich and alone?
Do parents educate their kids’ on outdated manners?
What is the best career to have?

Persuasive essay topics about school

Should the school break be longer?
Should cell phones be allowed in schools
Students should grade their teachers
Should the school day start later in the day?
Students should have a 3-day weekend
Students should be allowed to wear what they want to school
Exercise lessons should be made mandatory
What is the best punishment for bullying n schools?
Should boys and girls study separately in schools?
Do you think that friends should be permitted to sit simultaneously in class?
Do you think schools start earlier than they should?
What should be the best punishment for cheating?
Which is the most exciting subject to learn?

Persuasive essay topics about food

Effects of junk food on the body
Eating vegetables should be made mandatory
Should schools provide more nutritious food to students?
What is to be blamed: obesity genes or poor nutrition habits?
Which one do you think is the finest: a hot dog or a pizza?
Name the dessert that you think is the best
Which is fun: eating at home or in a restaurant?
Which is more expensive, junk food and healthy food?
Do you think eating meat is good?
Should junk food be permitted in school?
Kids should know how to cook their food
Should kids be given foods that they don’t want?
Which food do you think is best to set out at an event?

Persuasive essay topics about animals

Cats are better than dogs
Pets improve the mental health of their owners
Which animal do you think it’s the best to train?
Which is the best between small and big dogs?
Which is the best pet?
Which is the worst pet?
Should pets be allowed in school?
Do zoos protect or exploit animals?
Should dogs be trained as service animals?
Do you think pets should be adopted or bought from a breeder?
Should we tame wild animals?

Persuasive essay topics about entertainment

Rap music is poetry and not music
Do you think that reality shows are best than other shows?
What do you think is best: streaming a movie or watching it at the theatre?
Which is the best comedy and action movie?
Should movies and music be free?
Which is the funniest movie?
Scary movies are entertaining to watch: yes, or no
Should the audience be allowed to film live concerts?
Which is the best music to listen to when unhappy?
Are graffiti art?
Should students be required to learn instruments in schools?

Persuasive essay topics about social issues

What is social media’s negative impact on people’s social life?
Do you think social medial is bad or good?
What do you think is the best punishment for drunk drivers?
Should the government limit the number of kids born in overpopulated countries?
Do you think teens are rude?
Does society treat mentally ill people fare?
Should we give money to homeless people?
Should rich people pay more taxes?
Introverts make good leaders

Persuasive essay topics about education

Between PE class and music class which one is more important
Why do American students score lesser in math exams than students from other countries?
What are effective ways to reduce cheating in schools?
Should colleges consider students’ race while making administration decisions?
Should sex education be taught in schools?
Should students learn sign language instead of a foreign language?
Are the ACT and SAT exams the best way to measure intelligence?
Should students’ rank be banned in schools?
Should all students go to college?
Advantages and disadvantages of learning cursive in school
Should it be mandatory for students to participate in the arts?
Online education makes students lazy
Should college be free?
Is online learning best than school learning?
Should families be allowed to choose schools for their kids?
Etiquette should be taught in school
Do you think kids learn the most from fun teachers?
TV shows do not have any educational value

Persuasive essay topics about history and government

Should the US lower or raise refugees it allows each year?
Should the minimum voting age be changed?
Should electoral colleges be banned?
Do you think voting should be compulsory?
The government should ban cigarettes and tobacco completely
Name the US president who was the least or most effective
Which is more critical: national security or individual privacy?
Should the United States reduce its budget?
How can the government help homeless people?
Should the government legalize same-sex marriage?
Do you think democracy is the best form of government?
What do you think is the most unfair law in the nation?

Persuasive essay topics about science and technology

What is the impact of zoos on animals?
Should having aggressive dog breeds be banned?
Should keeping exotic animals as pets be allowed?
How can illegal poaching be reduced?
Should recycling be made mandatory?
Should digital voting be allowed? What are the risk and rewards?
Is online school effective as traditional schools
Should facial recognition be banned?
Are ride companies good or bad for society?
Does excessive use of social media lead to anxiety or depression?
Does technology make children lazy?
Is smartphone addiction terrible?
How can we improve the results of an experiment?
Do you think climate change is real?
Do you think animal testing is moral?
Do you believe that too much screen time is unhealthy for kids?

Persuasive essay topics about health and nutrition

Should birth control medicine be accessible without a doctor’s prescription?
Should pregnant mothers be abolished from buying alcohol and cigarettes?
Reasons why anxiety has increased in adolescence
How can we reduce the spread of Ebola?
Is genetically modified food safe for consumption?
Should the FDA be stricter in regulating supplements and vitamins?
Is eating chocolate healthy?
Healthcare should be free
What is your view on paternity leave?
Listening to music at high volume is dangerous
Is it a good idea to legalize marijuana?
Do you think professional sports are dangerous?
Should parents vaccinate their kids?
Do schools sell healthy foods only?
Should schools be permitted to drug test students anytime they feel like it?
Is dieting effective in losing weight?
Do you think assisted suicide should be legal?
Should the government impose a tax on junk food and use it for public health?

Final word
Choosing good persuasive essay topics is the first step while writing an essay. You should select a topic that interests you to help you in research and writing. Consider the topics provided in this blog to write an excellent persuasive essay that will persuade, engage, and inform the audience.


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