Tips for Writing the Best Research Paper Outline

What came to your mind when your professor first mentioned that you are going to be working on a research paper? A lot of thoughts must have flooded your mind. From thinking that this will be difficult to asking yourself how you will do it, you must have had many concerns. Well, writing a research paper is a process that gets easier as you progress. You start with a research paper outline and later proceed to writing the actual paper. First things first, what is a research paper outline and how do you write it? Here is a comprehensive guide with everything you need to know on this matter.

What is a Research Paper Outline?

When you look for information on how to write a research paper, you will often be directed to start with an outline. This is like a skeleton on which you will build your research paper. It is a breakdown of how the paper will be arranged. Whether you are writing research paper apa format or you will be using another format, you will need an outline. This outline is like an action plan. It has the sections one wants to cover in the final research paper.

How start a research paper? Simply start with an outline. Why is this outline important. It helps you bring your thoughts together. You will have a paper that flows nicely from the start to the end. With an outline to follow, you will not forget your train of thought even if you leave a paper halfway and continue later.

Who needs an outline? Your teacher may require you to provide an outline before you start working on your research paper. This outline will show the instructor that you are ready to write an impeccable paper. While not all instructors require this, it is good practice to always have an outline for all papers above 1,000 words long. It makes your writing easier to do.

Before Writing the Research Paper Outline


There are some actions you need to take before you get to ‘writing my paper’. First, you need to plan and carry out the actual research. This could be on any topic as assigned by your teacher or a topic of your choosing. If given a choice, choose a topic you find interesting. This will give you the zeal and drive to find out more which is the motivation you need for a successful research.

What kind of research paper are you working on? If you look at how to write the thesis you will see that one needs to state the problem clearly. On the other hand, how to write a case study will need a detailed look into the particular case. Understand the type of study you are doing and follow all the recommended guidelines. If the research paper requires a hypothesis, learn how to write hypotheses. If it requires research questions, formulate them accordingly.

Conducting the actual research will involve collecting data and recording it. You will also need to look at literature on the topic and use it as your reference. This literature will also help you understand the topic better. The findings you get will need to be analyzed and their significance proven. Then you can report this in the form of your research paper. Start by creating a research paper outline using the steps below.


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Steps for Writing a Research Paper Outline

The outline of your research paper will differ depending on the required writing style but the basics are the same. The research paper outline needs to have an introduction, body and conclusion.

In Modern Language Association (MLA) format, the outlines look like:

In APA writing format, the research paper outline looks like:

As you can see, the format difference does not change the contents of the outline. The introduction is the part where you will introduce the research and explain its relevance in the concerned field. In the body, the details of the study will be discussed including the methods used and the findings made. The conclusion is for wrapping up the paper providing actionable points for the readers and providing reference material for further reading.


Useful Tips

By applying the tips below, you will be able to create a perfect outline:

  • Be consistent – The tone, font and other aspects should remain the same throughout the outline. This makes the outline easy to read and follow through.
  • Adhere to the rules of the writing format you use. Write your research paper outline in the same format as the final paper. Go through the latest manual of that writing style to ensure you do everything correctly.
  • Keep the information organized. Let the topics and subtopics flow in a consistent manner so as to avoid confusion.


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