This will be a software presentation so everything will be done on the computer, all the info will be in the scr

This will be a software presentation so everything will be done on the computer, all the info will be in the screenshots below ill provide a rubric as well once we start working. I look forward to working for you.

Activity: Creating a Trophic Cascade
As you have learned, there are a lot of factors that make a marine animal suited to its
environment. For this assignment, you are going to design a new marine species and
suppose that you are introducing it into a marine ecosystem. Imagine that you have been
tasked with introducing this species to a group of fellow marine scientists. You can either do
a presentation using presentation software or create an encyclopedia entry for your species.
Both should have an illustration of the species and contain the following information:
• A physical description of the species
• A description of the requirements for the habitat
• What the species eats
Any natural predators for the species
• Adaptatio that allow the species to compete in the environment
• The population cycle for the species
By introducing a species, you are also creating a trophic cascade. Conclude your
presentation or encyclopedia with a discussion of the impact of the trophic cascade on all
levels of the food pyramid.
If you choose to do a presentation with presentation software, it should be free of
mechanical errors, well organized, and easy to read. If you choose to create an encyclopedia-
style entry, it should also be free of mechanical errors and clearly organized.
Grading Rubric
Content (80%)
Slideshow Mechanics
Video Mechanics (20%)
Full Credit
• The description thoroughly
addresses all of the required
• The description of the species
demonstrates a thorough
understanding of the habitat
and adaptation
• The description of the trophic
cascade thoroughly and
accurately considers several
different levels of the food
• There is an illustration of the
• Slides are largely free of
mechanical errors.
• Slides are well organized and
easy to read.
• The video is visually appealing
and clear
• All language is clear and

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