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Assignment 3
Decision Making and Problem Solving (MGT 312)
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Learning Outcomes:
1. Explain and apply critical thinking and cognitive psychology as it pertains to
analyze and synthesize information for problem solving and decision making.
(C.L.O :2.1)
2. Demonstrate decision tools and employ appropriate analytical business models to
break down complex issues. (C.L.O :2.2)
3. Demonstrate effective leadership skills and teamwork capacity for efficient
decision making with the problem owners and other stakeholders as either a team
member or a team leader.. (C.L.O :3.1)
Assignment Question(s):
Assignment Questions:
(Marks 10)
(Marks 10)
Read the passage below:
Abdullah Alarifi, has completed his Master’s in Business. Abdullah’s is passionate
about driving and racing car. Another hobby of Abdullah is body cooking
international cuisine. His father has a Arabian restaurant in Riyadh. His mother
running a beauty salon, while brother has a car rental service.
After MBA Abdullah is planning for his future. He wanted to earn money. He
started thinking about how he can start his professional life. He doesn’t want to do
any job. He want to do business but how and what business?
Abdullah is confused about what kind of business should he start, traditional or ecommerce? Though his family is running a traditional business, Abdullah has heard
and learnt lots about the e-Business and e-marketing. The question he need to deal
with whether he should join his father’s or brother’s business or he should do his
own. He is also considering the financial aspects. Should he take from father? Or
bank or other sources such as partnership, etc.
Therefore, this is a question with no easy solution. Considering the above situation
prepare a Decision Making and Problem Solving Worksheet answering the
following question:
Step 1: Defining and Clarifying the Question (1 Mark)
Step 2: Develop mind mapping for the alternative (2 Marks)
Step 3: Generating Alternatives (1 Mark)
Step 4: Variables to consider (1 Mark)
Step 5: Weighing the considerations (2 Mark)
You may notice that the variables to consider are not of equal importance.
Therefore, you need to weigh how important each variable is before you make
your decision. In this activity, the following rating scale can be used:
Very important
Considerably important
Neither important nor unimportant
Not very important
Not important at all
Step 6: Weighing the alternatives (2 mark)
When weighing the various alternatives, how well each alternative fulfills the
variables to consider can be expressed as scores. A different rating scale will be
used to assess each alternative:
+2 very suitable
+1 quite suitable
0 neither suitable nor unsuitable
-1 not quite suitable
-2 not suitable at all
Note: Positive numbers (+2 or +1) indicate that the alternative is able to fulfill the
variables, whereas negative numbers (-2 or -1) denote the opposite.
Step 7: Calculating a decision and Overall assessment (1 mark)
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