ECOM322 SEU Social Media Marketing Essay


The course is based on:

Textbook: Melissa S. Barker, Donald I. Barker, Nicholas F. Bormann, Debra Zahay, Mary Lou Roberts (2017). Social media marketing: A strategic approach, 2nd Edition. Mason, OH: Cengage Custom Publishing. VBID: 9781337025928.

ECOM 322: Social Media Marketing
2nd Semester/2021-2022
Project Assignment
In this project, you will work as a group to provide social media consulting. You own a
Social Media consulting company, and your company has been selected to work with a new Saudi
B2C organization (business or non-profit) of your choice (select a business of any industry).
The selected business has decided to launch a New Product and Mobile App campaigns on
social media. And they are planning to market and present their products or services on social
media such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Foursquare, Facebook, YouTube and Blog…. etc.
For this part of the assignment, you need to write a report that describe the following aspects
of the business.
1. Brief overview [Brand Summary & Social Media Accounts] [1.5 marks]

Find new creative store/business name [Doesn’t exist].

Give a brief description about your company and the industry?
▪ Create proper social media accounts [such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat]. And
provide screenshots of the accounts that you’ll use across all social platforms.
▪ Explain the competitive advantage to show how the company can realize significant gains
by using SMM and what do you want to achieve with social media?
2. Audit your social media platforms performance [2 marks]

After creating your social media accounts, share links with your colleagues on discussion
▪ All students are required to participate/engage [likes, comments, tags or share] and provide
▪ Social media marketing statistics will give you the vision you need to improve your plan,
check your account’s statistics [ex: Twitter analytics, Instagram Insights] and attach a
screenshot to your report.
▪ After that, you must analyze the company’s use of the social media by examining their
presence on the following social media platforms:
Average response
time to feedback
Platform 1
Platform 2
Platform 3
Note: you can use any free online Sentiment Analysis tools to evaluate your social media presence.
3. Social media benchmarking [3.5 marks]

Review the social media accounts of five local competitors and pay attention to their tone
and personality and analyze your competition’s social media platforms. Base your analysis
on what you’ve observed on your competitor’s social media accounts across all platforms.
For each competitor answer the following questions:

How your competitors use each platform?

What type of content are they posting? And social media platforms used?

What content is getting the highest engagement [e.g. retweet, likes, comments]?

How many followers do they have?

How often do they post [daily, weekly, or monthly]?

Do they respond to comments? And how?

Are your competitors successful on these platforms?
Note: You can use any free online third-party platform for further analysis.

After completing the benchmarking, think about the results and act accordingly, how can
a benchmarking analysis help your business?

Look at the data you’ve collected and identify the areas that need improvement (Explain).
4. Define your social media marketing goals (based on launching a new Product and Mobile
App campaigns) [1.5 marks]
▪ Based on the finding from your social media audit, write the goals and strategies section
of your SMMP.
▪ How are you going to get people to engage with your business on social media?
5. Research your target audience [1.5 mark]

Research to determine the target audience of your business.

Create three marketing personas that represent the organization’s target audience.

Which platforms might best help you achieve your goals? [Select at least 4 platforms].
6. Develop your social media brand/business standards [2 marks]
▪ Establish your business voice and tone and figure out how to speak with your target
▪ What’s your business’s personality? Try to pick out 2 or 3 traits that define your style, and
list 2 or 3 that your style is not.
▪ Write a clear and detailed description of your brand/ business posting guidelines.
▪ What logos, positioning, and sizing will you use?
▪ What fonts and colors will you use?
▪ What is your company’s communication strategy when responding to your targeted
audience and competitors? (How will your brand/ business respond to public complaints,
competitors, and questions from followers?)
7. Implementation [Content Ideas: for each campaign] [4.5 marks]
Actionable social media tactics
In detail, develop actionable social media tactics to implement each of the company’s
social media presence.
For each social media platform [based on the previous selection (point #6)]:

Determine the purpose/goal

Ideal time for Posting

What types of content will you create and share on each channel? And what types
of content will help you driving people to your website and local store?

What percentage of your posts will be promotional, if any?

How many hashtags will you use in your Twitter and Instagram posts (List 3 or 4)?
Influencer marketing strategy:
▪ Select 3 influencers and evaluate the following:

Who are the influencers you will employ and why you selected them?

What Social media platforms are they using?

What is the nature of their followers?

What messages will you ask your influencers to promote?
Content calendar plan:

Create a social media content calendar plan for your business and attach a
screenshot to your report.
Paid advertising:

How to integrate paid advertising in your content marketing strategy?
Note: Provide screenshots of your work.
8. Evaluation and Measuring [1.5 marks]

Choose four metrics to measure the success of your social media campaign? [Explain].

How do you know if your social media activities are effective?
9. Budget [1 mark]

How much your business should spend on its social media marketing budget? you should
include the following: Content creation, Tools, Paid advertising, Paid partnerships
(Influencer campaigns), Employees and training, Management and any important
10. Conclusion [1 mark]

Conclude your report.
11. Reference list

List all the sources you have used in the process of researching your work.
Assignment Guidelines:

This is a group project (2-3 students), which is part of your course score. It requires effort,
research, and critical thinking.

All students are encouraged to use their own word.

Your Assignment must include:

Cover page and make sure to include the cover page with all information required.
One mark will be deducted if there is no cover page.

A title that well represents the content of your report.

Table of contents.

An opening paragraph.

The main body of your report, which required analyzing a company’s use of social
media [All points must be related to the concepts raised throughout the course].

A “References” section listing all sources included. And ensure that you follow the
APA style in your report.

The minimum number of required references is 5.

Use Times New Roman, 12 font size, 1.5 line space and adjusted text.

A mark of zero will be given for any submission that includes copying from other resource
without referencing it.

Your report length should be between 2000 to 2500 words.

Assignment must be in word format only no PDF.

Your file should be saved as: Group # – CRN – ECOM322-Project Assignment – Part 1.doc

You must check the spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting the assignment.

Up to 20% of the total grade will be deducted for providing a poor structure of
assignment. Structure includes these elements paper style, free of spelling and grammar
mistakes, referencing and word count.

Any information that you use in your SMMP that has been derived from a published
source (including our textbook) must be properly cited.
Project Submission:
Due Date
Point Covered
First Submission
@11:59 P.M.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 11
Second Submission
@11:59 P.M.
6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11
Note: Submission will be through the Blackboard.
Notes to be addressed:
1. Kindly summaries the publishing schedule you mentioned in the Implementation
section into something like what is below
Target audience
of Makeup,
makeup success
artist in the society
of How
has Makeup
helped society
view of makeup
How to wear and use Beauty,
of Makeup
The black Our
black Shopping,
market prices
Myths and Provides truths about Beauty,
of makeups that could makeup, myths
eliminate myths
A brief history of Makeup,
2. There is no mention (what the company wants which is to promote their
new product and mobile app which wasn’t mentioned in your work.
Make sure the 2nd part is aligned with the company’s campaign for the
new product and app)

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