Proofread 444 words make it clear and better. Grammatical errors run on sentenceThe strength that I will be focu

Proofread 444 words make it clear and better. Grammatical errors run on sentenceThe strength that I will be focusing on is responsibility. This strength is something that my parents always installed in me. I was always taught to take accountability for my action and take responsibility of the outcome. After having children at a young age my responsibility became better. From making sure that my children are healthy emotionally and physically, making sure they go to school, from trying to do better to make sure I’m financially stable for my children I have learned to be more responsible. When looking at Gallup survey report, its states that I instinctively I deliver on all my commitment, I’m determined to meet all of my obligation, I feel bad when I fail to do something that I promised. This is 100 percent true. Been an Instructional aide and a mother can be challenging sometimes. However, the devotion to my students makes me feel I’m doing something much bigger to myself. My responsibility goes hand in hand with believing that all my students succeed and do better. A good example would be last year when I was assisting my teacher. The teacher did not have a good relationship with her students. I tried to confront her about this situation but she would not agree with me. After some arguments I wanted to live the class and get moved to a different class Every day I felt as if I was in the war zone due to miscommunication and not wanting to be heard. However, because I knew my students, I felt it was my responsibility to stay in the class and bite my tongue. It was not too long that the teacher goes evaluated about her teaching skills and was told to live the school. This was good that I stayed in the situation because I felt responsible for my students however, I think I should have told the principle about the teacher. But me thinking because I was just an instructional aide, they would not listen to me. Looking at the situation back then I should have said something. If I had to go back I would my other strengths to change the situation. I would definatley be courages to talk to the principle about the situation. At that time though I was empathing with the teacher because she was telling me that she hasn’t had much experience teaching. I think that was a weakness that I felt for her. So I tried my best to work with the students but the end of it all I ended been the teacher not the instructional aide. So I felt used because I was trying to understand where she came from.