Please read the each post and reply. All post are in Attached PDF. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank

Please read the each post and reply. All post are in Attached PDF. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you

1) Business Admin Capstone
A) Business-level strategies are actions that an organization or firm adopts for each of its
business separately to serve their different customer groups and also to satisfy the
various customer needs (Hill & Jones, 2007). The strategy of Victory Motorcycles is
offering their clients with customized products to increase their satisfaction.
However, this approach is not appropriate for other automotive companies in the
market have the capability and the technology to manufacture better and more
efficient motorbikes. Hardley-Davidson being one of the biggest competitors of
Victory Motorcycles has the capability of producing more efficient motorcycles hence
attracting many customers.
Some of the recommendations I would give Victory Motorcycles are manufacturing
motorcycles that are an environmental friendly which are electric. The firm may also
consider coming up with other strategic plans that will improve the effectiveness of their
product. Lastly, the strategic plan of the company can be enhanced by reducing the prices of
the merchandise. However, the company may face various challenges while implementing
some of these recommendations. For instance, reducing the prices of the merchandise may
impact on the profitability margins of the enterprise.
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B) When looking at the case study of Victory Motorcycles, you can see why the
company needs to strategize better. Even though profits were coming in, there was a
downfall. This was due to a global recession with poor sales, corporate restructuring,
and company-wide layoffs. The Cost Leadership strategy would be most effective in
this case, it ensures the ability to switch vendors if the cost is too high. If you’re not
selling the company doesn’t make money and employees will not get paid. This then
comes down to corporate restructuring of choosing who you will need to let go.
Managers and supervisors have to make this decisions based on what an employee
brings to the company, and what their pay is. In their mindset is, the more people that
are laid off the more money they will get back. Which is not fair due to the company
not making money. If you ship a product to a customer, and it cost more. The first
thing is to look at other options and see which ones works. For example, when you’re
ordering a product and go to pay for your order. You get two options free shipping,
next day, or two day shipping. The best option would be free shipping, but if you do
the other two options there is a cost difference.
A company needs to learn how to strategize and continue to get information from
customers. This can help or hurt the company, because you will need to learn how
your markets are. As you’re dealing with competitors and trying to push out the
product before they do. For example, McDonald’s and Burger King are competitors.
Even though they sell the same food such as burgers and fries. But what keeps them
separate is how they market and appeal to customers. The same as Microsoft and Dell,
they both sell laptops. A customer might think their laptops are cheaper than the
other, or has better programs. This is why before you buy, research should be done to
see which one is beneficial for you.
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2) Business and Society
We’ve recently purchased a new home. So, when you’re in new develop areas vendors come
around to offer a variety of environment friendly items. One vendor offers to put in a new
water filter system that would have cost over $3000.00. I immediately stated that we would
think about and look for more cost-effective solutions. I was happy to find that there are
several different filter systems that are a fraction of the cost. My son is several different
sports activities, so we would buy 2-3 cases of water at a time. In order to cost save on
buying bottle water, I went to Dick Sporting Goods and purchased a small Igloo cooler.
Purchasing the cooler was the best thing we could have done. We still buy bottle water, but
we purchase 1 case per month and use more of the water filter system on the refrigerator.
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3) Solution and Global issue
The sustainable development goals are truly dynamic, but I think they are very achievable. Just
knowing the progress that has been made from 2012 to 2015 gives me complete faith that the
statics for the outcomes can get even better. All the goals are desirable and practical to achieve.
The only way this can be achieved is if we continue to work together as a nation and be on the
same page as one another. There is much that can be accomplished by 2030. There may be a
challenge that presents itself due to the different governments, cultures and resources but for this
reason alone they should want better for their people and I would hope that would encourage the
governments to work together.
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