One of the most important services provided by the natural world is pollination. Module 3 material explained how ecosy

One of the most important services provided by the natural world is pollination. Module 3 material explained how ecosystems are structured by trophism or feeding and the primary trophic level are the producers. Terrestrial producers are mostly trees and green plants.

The honeybee, or more specifically, the European honeybee (Apis mellifera) is responsible for most of the insect-pollinated plants or crops used for about one-third of the human food supply in the world.

Since the 1980s scientists have discovered that the population of European honeybee has dropped significantly and have termed this observation the colony collapse disorder (CCD).

For this discussion, do some research on CCD and the potential threat that it poses to agriculture and human food supplies. In your main post consider the possible solutions to the loss of the European honeybee pollination services and address the following questions or provide the requested information:

1. Draft a statement that fully defines the problem.

2. What national and/or international organizations would you want to be involved in research and promotion of solutions? (Note: you can provide real organizations here).

3. Describe and explain what might be your own organization that you would develop and define its’ role in solving the problem by generating a mission statement.

4. Explain how you would fund the research including some details of the sources.

5. Develop a brief plan of study with at least three goals and a schedule for completion.

6. Propose alternatives for pollination services to agriculture in the possible scenario that the European honeybee becomes extinct or at least scarce.

Submission: Our discussions are a valuable opportunity to have thoughtful conversations regarding a specific topic. You are required to provide a comprehensive initial post with 3-4 well-developed paragraphs that include a topic sentence and at least 3-5 supporting sentences with additional details, explanations, and examples. In addition, you are required to respond substantively to the initial posts of at least two other classmates on at least two different days. All posts should be reflective and well written, meaning free of errors in grammar, sentence structure, and other mechanics.