It was that time of the semester when the first project submissions were due. The computer labs were busy all

It was that time of the semester when the first project submissions were due. The computer labs were busy all


It was that time of the semester when the first project submissions were due. The computer labs were busy all the way until closing time, with lots of students working on projects. On the Monday evening, Sipho managed to finish one of his projects and hand it in a whole day early. Fifteen minutes before closing time, he waved goodbye to Lerato who was still furiously working. On Tuesday midday, Sipho went to the lab to read his emails and saw Lerato in the same spot. Still working hard and looking more determined than ever, she gave him a brave smile as he walked past. On Wednesday morning, when a well‐rested Sipho had a class scheduled in that computer lab, Lerato was still in the same spot. And by now, she was looking distinctly frazzled. No, she can’t have been there the whole time. The labs definitely do close at night. But it sure looked like she had been working for two days straight without sleep. Sipho felt sorry for Lerato. It was difficult to have so much work to do all at once. Not sleeping takes its toll. He had once been in the same position, burning the midnight oil and falling behind. He realized that it would help tremendously if he didn’t leave things until the last minute. Now his life was so much more organized. He had time for things like sleep throughout the whole semester. Right there and then, Sipho decided that a cool computer program could help Lerato to organize her life better. So, he would try it out for himself first and then give Lerato a copy as a surprise present. And maybe, just maybe, he could get to see his friend smile again. The program will have to be able to store which modules a student is doing. Every module is worth a specific number of credits. And that number multiplied by ten will be the number of hours spent on it throughout the semester. For example, Multimedia is 15 credits, so 150 hours should be spent on it. Some of that will be in class, and the rest will have to be distributed throughout the weeksinstructions of what you have to do:
Usingg HTML, CSS, Java Script, PhP and MySQL develop a web application to fulfill the following requirements:
1. The user must be able to add multiple modules for the semester.  The following data must be stored for each module:              a. Code, for example, NMUF622            
b. Name, for example, Multimedia Application development            
c. Number of credits, for example, 15            d. Class hours per week, for example, 5
2. The user must be able to enter the number of weeks in the semester.
3. The user must be able to enter a start date for the first week of the semester4. The software shall display a list of the modules with the number of hours of self‐study that is required for each module per week. The number shall be calculated as follows on the picture:  5. The user must be able to record the number of hours they spend working on a specific module on a certain date.6. The software shall display how many hours of self‐study remain for each module for the current week. This should be calculated based on the number of hours already recorded on days during the current week

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self-study hours per week=
number of credits x 10
number of weeks
class hours per week

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