Review the commentary described below which was taken from the Forward of the United States National Intelligence Strategy of 2014.

“To navigate today’s turbulent and complex strategic environment, we must: (1) Execute our mission smartly and identify ways to better leverage the substantive work of our partners and potential partners; (2) Continue to integrate, transform, and strengthen the IC’s support to national security; (3) Protect privacy and civil liberties and adhere to the Principles of Professional Ethics for the IC; and (4) Adopt to changing needs and resources and innovate to provide unique anticipatory and strategic intelligence.”

National Intelligence Strategy

Compare the Intelligence Strategy of 2014, with the readings and class discussion of Module 1, and the perspectives offered in the articles we read in Module 2 to respond to the following:

Thoughts and Perspectives

Considering the growing electronic interchange and global media interconnectivity that can be used by Terrorists or Nation States to collect U.S. intelligence not only from the government, but also from American businesses and local communities, are our efforts sufficient to “anticipate” and remain prepared for future activities of Nation States or other bad actors?
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