I want someone to edit my paper using different color and take out the sentence if it doesn’t make sense or anyt

I want someone to edit my paper using different color and take out the sentence if it doesn’t make sense or anything. Check for incorrect grammar, error, punctuation, Colloquial and subjective.Please different color when change or add new words or sentences. Please do not use online writing assistant to check your work for spelling, punctuation and grammar. I actually want you to read the paper and edit or revise!

Thank you so much for agreeing to talk about your family and your experiences of parenting. As
part of my studies at PFW I am doing a project on how schools/early childhood programs can
communicate and collaborate with families. This interview is part of that project. Before we
start, can I say that there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers to the questions I’m going to ask
you. I am simply interested in finding out your experiences. If there’s anything I ask you that
you don’t wish to discuss, please just let me know or move on to the next question. And, of
course, anything you say will be strictly confidential and I will not use your name, or the name
of your child or the school in anything I write.
These are the questions I have come up with. Please feel free to answer, and if you have
something you want to share that I have not asked, please do share. Again, I will not use you
name or your child in my write up and it is confidential.
1. How many family members do you have in your family? (are they all in school,
elementary, middle, high school?
2. What would you like to tell me about your family?
3. What kind of traditions does your family have?
4. What does your child’s education mean for you?
5. How do you communicate with your child’s teacher?
6. What would you want your child to teach other children at school?
7. What goals do you have for your child’s education?
8. How do you find a balance between home and school?
9. How are you involved in your child’s education?
10. Outside of your immediate family what is your support system?
11. What values/ standards do you have for your child/ren can you give a few examples?
12. What role does religion play in your families’ life?
13. What are some family goals but also goals for your child?
14. What ways do you provide consistency in your child’s life?
15. How do you manage a work life balance if you are working?

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