I found the crossroads of creativity to be very relatable to my life’s journey as I am in college getting an education

I found the crossroads of creativity to be very relatable to my life’s journey as I am in college getting an education for elementary education. “At the crossroads, we learn of our need for the guidance and support of a mentor, a model, an elder- someone who can keep us on the path.” This is a place in life where we often get stuck, and the help from a mentor can keep us going on our own path. In my life, I feel I have many mentors who help guide me along the way. My mom is one of my biggest mentors in my life as well as teachers I have had in the past. There have been times throughout my college career that I wanted to give up and stop trying because of all the stress it was causing me, but my mentors helped me through it. I learned that yes sometimes college can be stressful, but getting a degree at the end is worth it. I will be able to get the job I want someday because my mentors helped push me through the hard days.

“It takes an inordinate amount of energy and commitment to get pat the crossroads and journey on to creativity.” I love this quote from the chapter because I find it to be very eye-opening and has a lot of truth behind it. Life is not easy and there will be times where it seems like you have fallen and won’t be able to pick yourself up again. That’s why mentors in life are so important. In order to succeed in life, you need a mentor for guidance. My mom has always been my mentor in life because whenever I need advice on something she is the first person I call. She runs an in-home daycare, so she always has great tips and advice for me as someone going into the Elementary Education field. Being in a classroom comes with a lot of ups and downs where some days are great and others not so much. If I ever have a bad teaching day in the classroom, my mom is always there to guide me. Mentors are people who nudge you along the way, and this is exactly what my mom does for me.

Something that stood out to me when reading this chapter is on page 86 when Cousineau says, “The mentor’s job is to show up and tell the truth.” This caught my attention because your mentor in life may not say things you want to hear. For example, I might have a really bad day and complain to my mom about whatever happened, and she may say that I am overreacting. This isn’t what I want to hear, but it’s what a good mentor should do. In my opinion, a good mentor is someone who will always tell the truth no matter how much it might hurt because it will help you in the long run. In order to continue down that path of creativity, people need to hear the truth. This makes me think of another mentor I have had in my life, who is a teacher I had for my level 2 field experience. In the education field, there are different levels, and each level progresses a little more until level 4, which is student teaching. My level 2 field experience coordinator was a big mentor in my life as a pre-service teacher.

She was a mentor in my life because she guided me along the way in my level 2 teaching experience as I was required to teach 2 lessons for this experience. She would sit and watch me teach each lesson and provide meaningful feedback for me. Sometimes the comments and feedback from my lesson weren’t the best, which can be upsetting. Everyone wants to think of themselves as perfect, but this is not the case besides there is always room for improvement. I may have spent hours perfectly my lesson, and practiced it several times, but I had to understand that it takes time to get a good feel for teaching the lesson in front of a class full of students. One of the hardest challenges that comes with teaching is the classroom management aspect of it. Even experienced teachers cannot plan for what their class will be like day to day because every day is different. This is where my mentor came in because she was able to help me fix things here and there to become a better teacher.

“The willingness to learn, to be curious, and always to be humble enough to seek out teachers is apparent in everyone who grows in their work.” This is another quote from the reading that I found really powerful. I can have all these wonderful mentors in my life, but I also need to have the willingness to learn and seek out help when needed. I can’t just sit back and hope my mentors will come and check up on me. They might do this, but in order to have a successful journey to creativity, I need to take charge of my own learning. Going back to my level 2 field experience, if I ever had a question, I made sure to ask. I want to become a great teacher someday who my students will love and admire; therefore, I ask as many questions along the way as I can to my teachers. Most of my teachers have many years of experience with working with children, so they are a great mentor to have as a pre-service teacher.

I found an article online about 5 types of mentors everyone should have in their life. Not only can we use a mentor, but this article says we could all use 5 mentors. I thought this related really well to this chapter because it talks about the importance of mentors. “The best mentors can help us define and express our inner calling.” This is very similar to what the chapter has to say. Not only do mentors help guide us on our life’s journey, but they also help define us. One of the mentors the article talks about is the anchor mentor. This person doesn’t have to work in your industry; they can be a friend or family member. I feel the anchor mentor in my life is my mom as I talked about earlier. She isn’t a teacher, but she does know alot about working with children since she runs a daycare. The anchor helps us up through challenging times, which is exactly how I view my mom.

Another mentor talked about in the article is the master of craft mentor. This person has gone through many years of experience in the field of study you want to be in. If you want to be the best in your field, then you need to talk to people who have a lot of knowledge in the field. In my personal experience, this would be any teacher with many years of teaching experience. This person is someone you can turn to when in need of advice because they will probably know exactly what to say to help guide you in the right way. The chapter states, “No man is wise enough by himself.” I want to end on this because I think it’s a powerful statement to end on. If you want to have a successful lifes journey, then make sure you have mentors in your life to help guide you.