I AM looking for some one to do my home work very well these problems you have to answer and give the solution s

I AM looking for some one to do my home work very well these problems you have to answer and give the solution scccccccccccccccccccccxxxxxcccc

is this appositive
trendora negativetrend?Whatwillthisbarchartlooklikein2020?LO1-3
2//////Match the value chain activity in the left left column with the scenario
column: LO1-4
1.ServiceactivitiesA. Surveys for prospective customers
2.InboundlogisticsB. Warranty work
in the right
C. Assembly line
4.Firm infrastructureD.
Delivery to the firm’s customer
E. New-product development
F. Receiving dock for raw materials
G. CEO and CFO
H. Buying (sourcing) raw materials
I. Worker recruitment
3/////////////. Using the accompanying explanations of each IT strategic role, suggest the
appropriate IT strategic role (automate , informate, or
transform)forthefollowingtypesofITinvestments.Dependingonyourinterpretation,it is possible that
some of the IT investments could in clued two IT
a. Digital health records
b. Google Maps that recommend hotels and restaurants along a trip path
c. Customer relationship management software
d. Supply chain management software
e. Enterprise systems
f. Airline flight reservations systems
g. PayPal (www.paypal.com)
h. Amazon.com product recommendation on your homepage
i. eBay
j. Course and teacher evaluations conducted online for the first time (instead of on paper)
k. Payroll produced by computer
——————————————————————————————–2- Consider the following narrative describing the process of going to class:
Larry awoke to his alarm clock buzz. He got up and dressed for the day. Then, he ate a hearty
breakfast of oatmeal, toast, orange juice, and coffee. He grabbed his books and prepared to leave
for school. Before he left home, he checked the weather. If it looked like rain, he put on a jacket
and took his umbrella, and he drove to school. If it looked sunny, he left his jacket and umbrella
at home and walked to school. If he drove to school, he parked his car and walked to class. If he
walked to school, he went straight to class.
UseBPMNtomodel Larry’s process of going to class using the following independent
a. a- No additional assumptions. Identify the start and end events and the tasks Larry per forms,
including any gateways whenever there is a decision to be made.LO 2-5
b. Larry arrives at school early. Use an intermediate timer event to show the delay between arriving
at school and going to class. LO 2-5, LO 2-8
c. Larry doesn’t own a car. If it’s raining, he texts his friend Jazmin for a ride. She texts back whether
she’s available or not, and Larry either rides with her or walks to school in the rain. LO 2-5

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