Hello please I need help with my case study.. all you have to do is read the article that I have attached below

Hello please I need help with my case study.. all you have to do is read the article that I have attached below answer all the questions that follows. Please make sure to number the each questions. Thanks in ad

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Module 6: Training Evaluation
though some injuries were sustained by visitors). They also
caused substantial material damage to university property
and/or environment. In three cases in the last five years,
people were killed.
Investigation of these accidents indicated that drug and/or
alcohol abuse by company personnel was relatively
common and that these may have been contributing
factors to the accidents. This analysis also uncovered that
unexcused absences from classes and lower grades were
also the result of drug/alcohol use by students.
XXYYZZ University took a stand to address student
substance abuse on its campus. The university formulated
a zero-tolerance policy toward alcohol and drug abuse. The
policy outlawed alcohol/drug use on the university
premises by employees or students. Further, Center for
Students developed and implemented a training program
to instruct all faculty, counselors, and student volunteers of
the policy, the means to implement, and the specific
behaviors expected of them. This training program became
known as the Alcohol/ Drug Abuse Prevention Program
The day-long training program explained that it was the
responsibility of the academic advisors and counselors to
be vigilant with respect to drug/alcohol use of the students
and to act immediately when there was a problem.
College is a time for trying new things and having new
experiences. For some students, this willingness to
experiment involves using drugs, legal and illegal, and
drinking alcohol. Not everyone who tries addictive
substances becomes addicted to them. Data show;
however, that student substance abuse and addiction are a
problem on campuses nationwide and that substance
abuse rates are increasing.
According to data from the National Institute on Drug
Abuse, “Daily marijuana use has steadily increased among
college students in the past two decades with 3.7 percent
smoking marijuana daily in 1995, 4.0 percent in 2005, and
4.6 percent in 2015.”
In recent years, a number of accidents and near accidents
had occurred. In XXYYZZ university. In some cases the
accidents caused injuries to people (mainly students,
though some injuries were sustained by visitors). They also
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Bb Courses
Module 6: Training Evaluation
There were two main aspects to the ADAPP policy that
were to learn and transfer to the job: 1. Faculty explain the
policy to their class as a group. 2. Advisors and Counselors
watch for employees who show signs of being “under the
Were problematic students detected, advisors and
counselors were instructed to a) assess the situation with
the student, b) immediately direct the student to collegiate
recovery program for further treatment.
The training program consisted of lectures and video
presentations, followed by various role-playing exercises
and discussions designed to help them learn the policy to
motivate Advisors and Counselors into implementing it,
and to enhance their confidence in their ability to do so.
1. Design a training evaluation for the ADAPP. The
training evaluation must be both summative and
2. What variables should be measured and how should
this be done? Hint: Use Kirkpatrick’s model of
training evaluation.
3. After six months, the ADAPP evaluation results
showed little transfer. What would you suggest be
done to improve the situation?
4. Comment on the ADAPP training program, do you
think the program will offer students a college
experience that aims to steer them away from
addiction’s pitfalls? Why or why not?
Flashback Questions:
1. Write training objectives for the problem described
in the case. How would the training objective have
helped in the choice/ design of a training program?
For advisors/ counsellors? For students?
2. If you were to design the training program, describe
what you would do differently so that your training
program would be more effective from the one
described in the case.
Richardson, Al. (n.d.). Do universities offer addiction help to

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