Guide to Writing a Personalized Essay

One of the most common searches on search engines are ‘how essay writing’ and ‘essay how to write’. Many students struggle with writing an essay the right way and this becomes even harder when they are required to write a personalized essay. You may have a lot you want to tell in your personalized essay but how do you do it? If you have been looking for help with writing essays then this is the right place. In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about writing a personalized essay. You will also learn where you can find the best essays writing services.

What is a Personalized Essay?

A personalized essay is a piece of writing that is written by an author about their personal experiences in a non-fictional and autobiography-like manner. These personal experiences are explained in an essay and linked with facts. The aim of a personalized essay is for the author to share his or her experiences with the readers. The readers can share in the lessons learned by the author.

Who needs to write a personal essay? Your teacher could request you to write one as part of your academic requirements. Here, the topic could be anything from explaining how your summer holiday was to telling your life story. Your teacher may even allow you to select a topic. Either way, you need to make it the best essay ever. Applying to college or universities also requires one to write a personal essay. This is supposed to tell the reader about you and show why you deserve the position you are applying for.

No matter what the topic of the personalized essay is or its purpose, the format is the same.


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The Structure of a Personalized Essay

A personalized essay should at least have three main parts, the introduction, body and conclusion. It should be a one-page essay that is usually five paragraphs long. You could make it longer or short depending on the requirements.

The Introduction

Any essay writing helper will tell you that what you write in the introduction will make or break your essay. You need to capture the reader’s attention and tell them what this essay is all about. This is the place to tell the background story and state the problem you need to address in the essay. It is the place where you need to connect with the audience and make them want to read the essay to the end. Use simple sentences to briefly explain where the story takes place and introduce the characters. Have a hook sentence that intrigues the reader. This could be a fun fact, rhetorical question or definition.


This is where you explain your story to the reader. You show the main points with which you will be arguing in the storyline and provide evidence to support the findings. You will also discuss the knowledge gained and how this experience has shaped the point of view you have on the broad issue covered.

As you write the body of the personalized essay, mention the events in a chronological order. Let the reader know when each activity took place so they are able to follow the story.


Wind up by telling the readers what you have learned from this experience. How has it changed your perspective? Sum up everything on the personalized paper and show the life lesson everyone needs to learn from it.

You Have a Personalized Essay that is Due ?

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How Essay Writing Can be Done for the Perfect Piece

Now that you know the structure to follow, you must be looking for help with writing essays that are impeccable. Here are some surefire tips you will find useful.

Start by creating an Outline

An outline will help you gather your thoughts and think about everything to include in your personalized essay before you start. It is a list of the sections or ideas you will be covering written in the same order as they will appear on the essay. An outline is simple and can really help put your thoughts together. By looking at the outline later you will easily recall what information goes where. Taking time to create an essay outline will really help you write a better essay.

Use First Person Voice

This goes without saying but at times writers will find themselves using the second-person voice they are used to. A personalized essay is all about you and it should tell your story. So, the first person voice is very important.

To ensure that the story is easy to read, use active voice. Avoid the use of passive voice phrasing unless you must. Also, use words and sentences that are easy to read and understand.

Be Specific

Once you have chosen a topic or event to talk about, stick to that. Avoid generalizations and deviating from the main topic. Be as specific as possible. Remember that this kind of essay is short so there is not much space for generalities.

Proofread Your Work

When done with writing your personalized essay, go through it. Are there any glaring grammar and punctuation mistakes? Rectify these and then read again. Does the story flow well and is the idea clear? Rectify any issues before making the final submission.

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