Food 2 You Pty Ltd is an online food management and delivery company. Their focus is to enhance their customer’s

Food 2 You Pty Ltd is an online food management and delivery company. Their focus is to enhance their customer’s


Food 2 You Pty Ltd is an online food management and delivery company. Their focus is to enhance their customer’s quality of life by ensuring productivity for people who want to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle, however, are unable to commit to cooking or preparing meals in their busy schedule so they may have more time to commit themselves to other tasks. To achieve this, Food 2 You Pty Ltd offer a range of food packages through a subscription-based customer model. Services provided by Food 2 You Pty Ltd are food selection; food delivery; Dietary and allergens customization and food proportion customization. Food 2 You Pty Ltd source all their ingredients locally within Australia which is delivered to their warehouse. Food 2 You Pty Ltd organisational mission and vision for their customers are to enhance their everyday management in life, work and mandatory commitments people would need to address daily. Through the approach of simplifying decision making or tasks, customers of Food 2 You can live a balanced and ‘streamlined’ lifestyle so they may achieve more in their day. This is achieved through the Food 2 You Pty Ltd website or mobile application in which their customer’s information, personal goals, nutritional requirements, schedules, and other forms of data is entered. The data is run through a program that then produces an output of three different packages. The customer then selects which package best suits their needs. Food 2 You also offer, online and phone support to assist their customers in the process. Packages are comprised of food items, food quantity, nutritional needs, delivery times and preparation. Each package caters to a Food 2 You customer’s personal and time management needs whilst focusing on health and nutrition. If a customer’s needs or obligations were to change, Food 2 You offer the service of engaging with the customer and gathering their information once again to suit their needs. The most recent change in a Food 2 You package is then compared to the previous allowing assessment of any amendments. Customers may alter their packages, however, once changed it is mandatory to commit to their selected package for a minimum of one month. Capstone BIT371 & BIT372 Project Case Study – Monitoring & Management System V2.2 Composed by Michael Gallo Recently, Food 2 You Pty Ltd has engaged in the operation of upgrading their front and back end IT infrastructure within the business. The upgrades incorporate a variety of IT hardware such as servers, switches, routers, racks, access points, caballing, and end-user devices, among other technology. The IT infrastructure overhaul for Food 2 You Pty Ltd was a success in respect to installation, however, several recourses within the newly upgraded system are displaying significant signs of performance degradation and load balancing issues which have led to bottlenecks of data throughput. Some of the challenges the hardware is experiencing are CPU throttling; hardware overheating; Inefficient use of RAM and cyclic redundancy. The overall result is a system performing dramatically below its expected output. Food 2 You Pty Ltd staff and the production departments are being directly affected by this hindrance in performance. Food 2 You Pty Ltd has welcomed you and your team on-board to initiate a new project which will foresee the installation and configuration of both a hardware and network monitoring system which will support IT system infrastructure recourse processing and task delegation. The monitoring system’s primary objective is to assist in the reduction of overheads respective to problem-solving technical issues within the business, and support business processes, flow, automation, and support to IT engineers. Supporting the hardware and network monitoring project, Food 2 You have advised they require their senior IT engineers to have remote access to the monitoring system during business and nonbusiness hours. To establish this, you are to develop a VPN for the IT engineers which will then be utilized during monitoring alerts, check-ups or after-hours support and configuration. The VPN must function appropriately, yet as to also incorporate a strong focus on security by encrypting the connection between the IT engineer’s remote devices and the monitoring system. You have been granted the flexibility in designing how the monitoring system will function. Tools, services, and configuration are at your selection based on your field experience and client specification respective to the project scope  What are the assumptions and constraints of project ?

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Answer Assumptions and Constraints of the Project Successful IT Infrastructure Upgrade It is assumed that the recent IT infrastructure upgrade was suc
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