Expert Tips on Writing the Perfect Essay

High school and college students will have many essays to write. Almost all your subjects will require you to write an essay at a given time. The topic may be decided by your instructor or you may be allowed to pick. Either way, you need to submit an impeccable essay. Why? This will determine what your final grade will be and you definitely want to have the best grade. So, how essay writing is done? Here are a few tips you will find useful. You can trust these tips because they are given by the best essay writing services providers of Essay Ruby.

Identify the Type of Essay

There are many types of essays and knowing which one to write based on the topic is very important. Actually, the choice you make here will make or break your essay. For instance, writing a personalized descriptive essay when asked to compare products will cause you to fail. Below is a look at the various types of essays and what they entail:

  1. A comparing and contrasting essay – This is an essay that looks at two things visa-vis one another and identifies the differences and similarities.
  2. Narrative essay – This is an essay that tells a story. It could be a personalized essay that tells a story from a first person point of view or a report about occurrences that happened to someone else.
  3. Descriptive essay – This focuses on an event or action and its impact. It describes the events in full including painting a picture of surroundings with words.
  4. Argumentative – This is the type of essay to write when asked to take a stand on a controversial issue. You pick a side and show the reader why yours is the best argument on the matter.
  5. Informative essay – This will involve finding as much information as you can on the topic and using the essay to educate the reader. Here facts are very important.

The type of essay to write will mainly be determined by the topic. When your lecturer gives you the topic, take a moment or two to think of the type of essay that would be appropriate for this kind of topic.

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Plan, on how you are going to write

The first step in learning essay how to write is to come up with a plan. Write down all your thoughts on the subject. You could write them in form of thought bubbles, bullet lists or just random ideas. After writing the random thoughts, try to give them a systematic flow. This will help you determine how your essay will flow.

Look at literature out there about the topic. You could read books, online resources of even your class notes. Take time to do research and find out what others have to say about the matter. This research will help you with proper citation and backing your arguments with facts.

Master the Writing Format and Create an Outline

With your ideas and research information ready, it is time to start writing. First you will need to understand the format in which the essay needs to be written. There are various formats depending on the school you attend. They include the Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA) and Chicago Manual of Style. The actual style you need to write in will be communicated by your teacher. Go through the latest manual of that particular writing style before you start writing. The format will determine many things on the final essay ranging from how the cover page looks to how you cite sources. Only write a citation essay that adheres to the set rules. As you keep writing essays in the same writing format, you will see that it gets easier.

Now outline your essay. Create a skeleton with the main points you are going to be discussing. It is tempting to go right ahead and start writing the essay’s introduction but having an outline will make your work easier. It will ensure that your work flows coherently and you write the final essay faster. The outline for synthesis essay and other types of essays should start with a thesis statement. But how to write the thesis? This is a sentence that summarizes the main idea of the essay. Write it such a manner that it is easy to read and thought-provoking. Next, write down the topic sentence of each paragraph. This is a summary of what each paragraph is to talk about.

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When you look up essay how to write you will clearly see that an essay has 3 parts namely the introduction, body and conclusion. First things first, how to start introduction of essay? Present the main idea of the article in simple sentences. Include a hook which is a sentence or two that make the reader interested in reading the rest of the article. The thesis statement also goes in the first paragraph but avoid starting with it. Place it at the end of the first paragraph.

The body of the essay is the place where you will support the thesis statement and present your argument. Use relevant literature quotations and examples to do this. Use the topic sentences you created in the outline as a guide on what to include in each paragraph. Use transition words to show how the essay flows from one paragraph to the other. Transition words include earlier, further, however, finally, according to, although and alternatively to name but a few. Include citations throughout the essay. Ensure that you use the right format and include all cited works in your references at the end of the essay.

The conclusion should be a wrap-up of what the essay is about. Give a conclusion to your thesis statement. Did it hold or will be nullifying it. Ensure that the reader understands what your final words on the topic are. After conclusion, write down references or bibliography in the required format.

Proofread your work

This is a very important part of how essay writing works. You need to go through the essay and read every word. Is the punctuation okay? What about the grammar? Do the ideas flow well from one to the other? Ensure that everything is perfect before submitting the essay for marking.

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