Describe how your personal, educational, and professional background will help me achieve my goal. This essay is

Describe how your personal, educational, and professional background will help me achieve my goal.
This essay is EXTREMELY important for my acceptance. Therefore, PLEASE I need it to be well written. I need an empathetic story within the personal statement that describes how my dream of being a pharmacist started. Some information that might be helpful:I’m a student at Rutgers University as a biology major and a psychology minor. When I was junior in high school I went on a medical missionary trip to Haiti (one of the poorest countries). This trip initiated my passion for becoming a pharmacist. In these villages was a lack of medical resources, proper medication, and doctors. As a result, I observed many families losing their loved ones (especially children at a young age). I saw many cases of fevers and kids that are severely malnourished. From there, I thought of pharmacy as being the antidote to lessen or end suffering. As a group, we helped by providing medications and vaccines of with the proper dosage we were able to draw a smile on the citizen’s faces. This trip was an enormous learning opportunity for me where I discovered what I’m passionate about and got to work with different pharmacists from different locations in America. After this trip, I started volunteering in a local pharmacy to gain more experience in the field. I migrated to the United States from Egypt when I was nine years old with my family from a small village. Even in my village, there were very limited pharmacies and doctors (the nearest pharmacy in my village was an hour away). Therefore, when I went to Haiti I was able to relate to their lack of medical resources. I struggled until I was able to succeed and overcome the language barrier. To support my parents financially, I started working at a young age which helped me gain responsibility. Becoming a pharmacist is my dream to help as many patients and draw a smile on their faces. BY EARNING MY Phd. IN PHARMACY I WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO HELP MORE THE PEOPLE LIKE HAITI IN DIFFERENT LOCATIONS IN THE USA. (After accomplishing a Ph.D. in Pharmacy; using my knowledge of medicine as a powerful mechanism, I would love to be the person to reduce some of the pain and suffering.) IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS FEEL FREE TO REACH OUT AT ANY TIME.