Course Progress (21 of 95 topics) Your weekly homework is assigned in the ALEKS environment. Your goal is complete t

Course Progress

(21 of 95 topics)

Your weekly homework is assigned in the ALEKS environment. Your goal is complete the entire ALEKS pie. This pie is broken down into ten (10) parts (one [1] for each week). Each week, you are assessed on the completion of your assigned problems. Also, at the end of Week 11, you are assessed on your overall completion of the entire pie.

PART 1: Weekly Pie Progress (40 points per week)
Each week, you must complete the assigned problems as part of the weekly pie.
Each set of weekly problems is due at the end of the academic week.
Finish early? Great! You may work ahead on the following week!
Didn’t finish? After the weekly due date, ALEKS will mark any unfinished problems as incomplete and lock down that week from any further progress occurring.
Incomplete problems are scored as 0 weekly points.
PART 2: Total Pie Progress (100 points scored at the end of Week 11)
At the end of the course, you will be graded on the overall completion percentage of the entire ALEKS pie.
Why is this separate? Because, after Week 10, any past incomplete problems reopen for further completion to allow you to work toward 100% completion of the total pie.
PART 3: Time spent in ALEKS (10 points per week for a minimum of 5 hours per week in weeks 1-10).
In order to make steady progress on filling in your pie during the term, you should plan to spend 5 hours per week working with ALEKS. The instructor will be able to see how much time you’ve spent in ALEKS and what topics you’ve worked on. Weekly ALEKS time will count toward 10% of your final grade. If you work in ALEKS for 5 or more hours, you will earn 10 points. If you spend less time working in ALEKS, you’ll receive partial credit in direct proportion to the time you spend, at 2 points per hour. If you are able to complete the weekly assignment in a shorter amount of time, you will receive the full 10 points.
Note: To receive full credit you must either spend a minimum of 5 hours within ALEKS each week OR complete all of the required activities. Once the week has ended, you cannot earn additional points for time spent in a previous week

Weekly points (PART 1) are permanent and are NOT adjusted after Week 10. All progress after Week 10 is counted toward the total pie progress (PART 2).

If you keep up with the weekly homework (PART 1), you will have completed the entire pie by the end of Week 10 (PART 2) – automatically earning you the 100 points for the successful completion of the total pie!