Comments and provide feedback to your peers in one paragraph for each one ,and make reference to his/her comments abou

Comments and provide feedback to your peers in one paragraph for each one ,and make reference to his/her comments about the topic in a very meaningful way.

Iranea Rivas

Death, it is the main goal in our life, because one day we all have to go through it. Death can be for babies, adults, teens, male, female, death is something everyone has to get to. The question is can you actually prepare yourself for a good death. In this video Judy MacDonald Johnston shows us a five (5) steps on how to prepare for the end. Step one (1) would be to make a plan, saying you want to die at home is not a plan, because in the US 80% die in hospitals or nursing homes. To make a plan means to think about where you want to be when you no longer are dependent, medical interventions and who is going to make sure your plan is fulfilled. The second step (2) is to recruit advocates, so that that someone can make you sure that you will get the end you want. Third step (3) is to be hospital ready, this means you should have a summary of our medical history, meds., and your main doctors information in a bright color envelop that you keep somewhere it can be found quickly, this is to assure that when you get to the E.R. you will be treated in a material way. Choosing caregivers is the fourth step (4) you have to choose between a elderly care facility or stay home is your best choice depending on your personality and financial situation. The fifth (5) and final step is to discuss your last words, who you want to hear it from and what you want to hear. These are a few steps you can choose to follow in order to help someone you know or yourself in a future to have a better preparation of your or their end.

Vivian Guzman Marin.

I want to start this message explaining that I cheat. I don’t saw 1 video, actually I saw 2. The reason for this is because this subject touch me very close. I’m been working in the funeral and cemeteries industry for the last 10 years. Is not a work so meanfull as Ms. Isabel Merrin work, but during all this years I been trying to do exactly what she explained in her video, educate all the people that I had the opportunity to meet in the necessity of take care of our self. We need to speak about our own death and plan for that. We plan in our live for everything, since what college we want to go, our college degree, weeding, children, retirement. Then, why don’t prepare our own arrangement? We need to be conscious about our own mortality and make our own decisions, and don’t let,even our children, to wonder what to do in those last moments. The soon we start making the decision and talk about that the easy and natural will be to everybody involve. At the same time I agree with Ms. Judy MacDonald Johnston too because, again plan is the most important part. Is well know that the last 3 month of a person before dye are the most expensive hospital bills, medicines and the majority of the time the long term care facilities. Some person think that if they talk about death, death will be coming knocking to their door. Dye is a natural process for all the living things, then as soon we accepted, talk and prepare will be better to our family members.