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Summaries are used in academic writing to condense information, explain difficult sections, and highlight important points. A crisp, clear summary that demonstrates the main points of a text sets the stage for the subsequent work performed in argumentative writing.

For this assignment, you must briefly summarize two academic essays, giving an overview of each author’s argument in your own words and using direct quotations when appropriate. Quotations should be cited according to MLA guidelines. Include a Works Cited page with an entry for each essay that you reference in the paper.

Divide your attention evenly between the two essays in your paper, making sure to discuss each author’s main point as well as his or her supporting points, any significant examples used by the author, and key passages from the text (i.e., important quotations). Make it clear that you are writing about what other authors have written about. Use the authors’ names often (full name first, then last name for subsequent references), or refer to “the author.” Do not attempt to describe everything the author says. Part of summarizing well is being selective and concise.

At the end of the summaries, briefly discuss the relationship between the two essays. What common theme(s) do they share? How are they similar to or different from each other? Do the two authors present opposite arguments about the same topic? Where do their arguments agree/overlap with each other, and where do they diverge from each other?

Remember to remain as objective as possible when referring to these sources. Your own position on the topic at hand should not be apparent to your reader for this assignment. For this reason you do not need to organize your paper around a thesis statement.

< Lili Loofbourow, “Men Are More Afraid Than Ever” AND Lacy M. Johnson, “On Likability” >


On Likability

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