Argumentative Paper on Gun Control Follow the directions below for the completion of the conclusion and abstract a

Argumentative Paper on Gun Control

Follow the directions below for the completion of the conclusion and abstract assignment for Unit VIII. If you have questions, please email your professor for assistance.

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to complete your academic argumentative research paper.

: In this assignment, you will first write your conclusion; then, you will write your abstract. The following components are requirements of the assignment:

Conclusion (150-200 words):
Revisit the controversy.
Emphasize the seriousness of the controversy.
Answer the “So what?” question.
Suggest a general solution (optional).
Call for awareness/action.
Leave the reader with a final thought.
Abstract (200 words or less): For this assignment, you may not exceed 200 words.
Restatement of the controversy (one to two sentences)
Your thesis (one sentence)
Reasons (three to four sentences)
Conclusion sentence (one sentence)
Add the conclusion and abstract to the rest of your paper so that you are turning in a complete research paper. The paper should include all of the following components (in order):
Title page
Literature review
Body paragraphs
References page

Running head: GUN CONTROL
Gun Control
Columbia Southern University
Terry G Smith
Literature Review
Gun control has different views, and it also affects the lives of the American people. The
argument over laws concerning firearms is one that changes with time with some people being for
or against the establishment of the laws. The Second Amendment allows American citizens to own
and possess guns for purposes of self-defense and therefore gun control regulations would infringe
on this right. But these firearms can be stolen and be used for crime and murder hence
implementing gun control laws is necessary. From a different perspective, the issue is not gun
control but education on the safety of guns. There is also no relationship between gun ownership
and crime which makes gun control ineffective. The gun control argument is not about to end and
will continue to draw different perspectives throughout the country.
Gun control has been a divisive issue in United States history and has been a constant
debate in the media for an extended period. The contentious issue has its roots in the unfortunate
events that have affected American citizens in the past such as the Cold War that has made it
necessary for the enactment of the Second Amendment law. The law was intended to enable people
to protect themselves and their property. The figure of gun-related deaths has increased in the
United States more than any other nation, and so has the number of gun-related incidences. Guns
are weapons that are used for protection and can kill an individual. The gun-related deaths and
tragedies have led to an increased focus on the status of the country’s gun control laws especially
the school shootings (Worley, 2018). Insufficient gun control laws are viewed as the cause of the
increased gun violence and the citizens, especially parents, are in support of the implementation
of gun restrictions although others have different views.
The pro of gun controls
There is a link between gun regulations and crime rates in the United States. Increased rates
of crimes and mass shootings in places like entertainment spots have been linked to the availability
of guns among the population which can be acquired easily by criminals. The statistics are
enormous showing that every year there are more than 37,000 guns stolen from legal owners by
criminals (Weiss, 2018). The gun theft is attributed to the increased violent crime and mass murder
across the country leading to increased support in the establishment of gun laws. The root problem
is negligence by gun owners who do not secure their weapons making it easy for offenders to steal
and use them in committing a crime. Majority of the crimes that are committed within the country
are committed using firearms that are acquired legally and then end up in the possession of
criminals. Gun laws will reduce crime rates and incidences of mass shootings by making gun
owners more responsible for the safety of their guns hence reducing access by criminals.
Gun control laws will reduce incidences of murders that result from domestic abuse. As
many as five women are killed every day in the United States with guns which have been lawfully
acquired. The presence of a firearm in a household where a partner is abusive increases the chances
of death resulting from a domestic dispute by five hundred times (O’Donnell, 2018). This is a
significant area of concern because the death from guns in domestic conflicts is even higher than
the number of militaries killed in wars. Women are the victims in the majority of these incidences,
and therefore they should be protected. Gun control restrictions should be implemented to restrict
individuals with a history of domestic violence from owning and possessing guns. Research shows
that 52% of the individuals involved in mass shootings, for example, the Florida shooting, have a
history of domestic abuse. Gun control regulations would, therefore, help prevent more deaths and
gun-related incidences and help protect women.
The con side of gun control
The most significant reason why some are against gun control measures is the infringement
of the right to possess a gun for self-protection and sporting activities such as hunting. The Second
Amendment gives American citizens the freedom or right to legally purchase guns, and own
firearms for protecting themselves and for activities such as hunting. The gun control legislation,
therefore, denies the people the opportunity to defend themselves, their families, and property.
Americans need guns to guard themselves and prevent crimes that are committed every day hence
gun control regulations will limit their ability to defend themselves.
Gun control laws are viewed to a wrong approach to tackling crime and mass murders. The
right path would be to educate gun holders and the general population on the use and safe gun
practices. There have been increased incidences of accidental deaths in which children are the
majority of victims. This can be reduced or eliminated through education of the safe handling and
storage of firearms so that children are unable to misuse them. Guns are not a threat to the society
because they enable people to protect themselves and therefore instead of gun control legislation,
public education and awareness on safety practices should be the right approach to dealing with
the issue of gun-related crime and murders.
The debate concerning stricter gun control laws is a never-ending debate since it can be
argued from both sides. Imposing stricter gun control laws will not be supported by those who
have already acquired firearms and have no disregard for the law (Lott, 2013). On the other hand,
law-abiding citizens who have legally obtained guns will support strict laws. The debate becomes
a burning issue when tragedies occur and then becomes a thing of the past.
Increase in mass shootings, and crime rates in the United States, especially in schools and
entertainment places has generated a heated debate in the country concerning the establishment of
strict gun control laws. The advantage of having gun control laws is that they will regulate and
reduce the ownership and possession of guns among the population minimizing the risks of
increased crime rates and mass murders. The disadvantage is that the action will infringe the right
to possess and use firearms which the people were granted through the enactment of the Second
Amendment. The scope of the issue can be narrowed down to limiting the ability of the American
people to protect themselves, their families, and property through the establishment of gun control
For example, when stores are robbed in the United States, most owners who have acquired
firearms legally can be able to defend themselves and their businesses by confronting the attackers.
The scope of the issue can also be narrowed to the restriction of the weapon from individuals that
have psychological problems, and those that have a history of domestic abuse as that would reduce
the incidences of gun-related deaths. The controversy is that the focus should not be on the
implementation of gun control laws but on public education on safe gun practices to prevent gunrelated incidents and deaths (Barr, 2018). The advantage of gun control laws that restrict gun
ownership and possession by individuals with mental problems and with the history of domestic
violence is that it will help reduce gun-related incidences and deaths such as school mass shootings.
More than 50% of those who carry out murder using legally acquired guns have a history
of mental illness and domestic violence. The disadvantage of the approach, however, is that the
availability of guns is not the problem but the misuse. Those who have legally acquired them do
not store them in safe places and so not necessarily use them to defend or protect themselves, and
therefore public education on safe use and storage practices should be the focus. Gun control laws
should be implemented to control crime rates and mass murders.
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