Review these facts from the FDA on Food Irradiation: In this dis

Review these facts from the FDA on Food Irradiation:

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Review these facts from the FDA on Food Irradiation: In this dis
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In this discussion, choose a side; pro or con for gamma irradiated food. Choose to defend the use of gamma radiation as safe to use and safe to consume foods. OR, choose to oppose the use and consumption of foods treated in this manner.


Topic 1: Pro Gamma Irradiation of Food

Topic 2: Against Gamma Irradiation of Food

Research and Support your post to address the following questions;

– Would you eat gamma-irradiated strawberries?

– Gamma-irradiation does extend the shelf-life but after some time, mold does begin to grow. Where does the mold come from?

– Was the mold already present on the strawberries and the growth slowed by the gamma irradiation?

– If gamma irradiation becomes the standard for processing produce, over time will the constant radiation exposure select for resistant strains of microbes that will eventually be able to grow despite gamma radiation? Why or why not?


– What about agricultural workers safety? Who is looking out for the women and men responsible for gamma irradiation of produce?


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