Learn How to Write in Cursive with These Simple Steps

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Learn How to Write in Cursive with These Simple Steps
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What is Cursive Writing?

This is a kind of writing in which letters are joined to each other. Unlike block letters that require one to lift the pen so as to write the next letter, the pen is not lifted in cursive writing. One writes continuously from the start to the end. The word ‘cursive’ comes from the Latin word ‘cursivus’ which loosely translates to ‘running’. This kind of writing mimics running in that one writes continuously like moving in a race from the start point to the end.

The origin of this kind of writing can be traced to when quills were used for writing (6th century to mid 19th century). Quills were fragile and tended to spurt ink. Cursive writing was invented to prevent this by writing continuously without having to lift the quill.

Even after the invention of pens, many still embraced cursive writing because of how fast one could write and how neat the final copy was. The letters each take a specific position and have a specific shape. This is actually considered a form of art. Learning how to write in cursive means learning everything from writing individual letters to joining and aligning them.

How to Write a in Cursive and Other Letters

You may be wondering how to write a in cursive or want to understand how to write a t in cursive. Perhaps you know nothing about cursive writing and want to learn. No matter where you are at, you will find the following steps useful.

  1. Master the Cursive Alphabet

The cursive alphabet is the same as the alphabet you already know. The only difference is how the letters are written. Take a look at this alphabet below and pay attention to how each letter is curved. Note that each letter has a stroke before and after it. These strokes are what will be used to join one letter to the other.

Master The Cursive Alphabet
  • Try basic strokes

Joining letters in cursive writing will require the use of specific strokes. You need to learn the entrance and exit strokes. There is a basic upward stroke that extends from the lines bottom to the top. The curve stroke starts from a just below the dashed line (the middle of the line) and goes up to the dashed line and later curves in anticlockwise direction all the way to the bottom where it curves upwards towards its start only leaving a small gap. Practice all basic strokes before you start writing individual letters.

  • Practice writing lower case letters

There are two kinds of small letters in cursive writing – those that have upward strokes and those that have curved strokes. You need to learn each separately before you can do a mix of both. Start with upward stroke letters. These are the letters b, f, h, I, j, k, l, m, n, p, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y and z. So if you came here looking for how to write a t in cursive, pay close attention. The exact way to write the strokes will differ from one letter to the other. While some go all the way to the top of the line, others only reach the dashed line. Look at the chart below to learn how each letter is supposed to be written.

To have an easy time, start by practicing writing the letter ‘u’. It is the easiest to write and after learning it many people find it easy to write other forward stroke letters.  Later go on to the other letters following the arrows shown in the image above. Take note of the letters whose upward stroke stops at the middle of the line and ensure they all line up.

Next, practice letters that have curved strokes. These are the letters a, o, d, e, g and c. Start with the simplest which is ‘o’ and later move to ‘g’ before trying the rest. Proceeding in this manner makes it easy to learn.

  • Practice writing uppercase Cursive letters

The uppercase letters in cursive writing have more curves than their lowercase counterparts but they are just as easy to master.

All uppercase letters fill the lines from top to bottom while some like ‘z’ and ‘y’ extend to the space below the line. Practice writing each letter starting with the easiest before proceeding with the hard ones. The easiest is the letter ‘L’ followed by C, G, O, Q and E. Keep moving and before you know it you will be able to write all the letters.

  • Sentences and Paragraphs

The only way to truly master how to write in cursive is to keep practicing. Move from writing individual letters to writing short words and later try writing paragraphs. As you keep going you will notice that you get better at it. From the onset, let it sink in that you should write continuously. You should not lift your pen and your strokes need to be smooth.

Do not press too hard when writing and keep your writing neat. Do not try to write too fast. Move with the flow and let your speed increase naturally. Take time to practice on a daily basis.

Learning to Write in Cursive Can Help in Your Academics

Writing in cursive will help you with how essay writing. You will be able to write your essay fast and complete term papers in time. This is achieved while writing in legible handwriting that your professor will not have trouble reading.

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