BIOL 101 Saudi Electronic University Basic Medical Terminology Paper


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BIOL 101 Saudi Electronic University Basic Medical Terminology Paper
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Course name:
Basic Medical Terminology
Course number:
Paper Assignment-2
1. Use the following word parts (derm-melan-hidr- crintherm) in terms to structure 10 logical correct sentences
Assignment title or task:
(You can write a question)
2. Use the following word parts (nerv-cephal-psych-spinot) in terms to structure 10 logical correct sentences.
Total number of sentences: 20
Provide references in APA format.
Student name:
Student ID:
Submission date:
Instructor name:
Dr. Javed Khan
Out of 10
1. Please read the questions carefully before answering them.
2. More than one word part can be present in 1 sentence but the total
number of sentences should be 20.
3. Please add your instructor’s name on the cover sheet.
4. Use your own words when answering questions.
derm-: She is recognized as a skincare expert in the field of atopic dermatitis and
general dermatology.
melan-: Melanin is present in special cells called melanocytes in the iris of the eye.
hidr- : Driclor is a strong antiperspirant used for treating hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating ).
crin- : This study was conducted at an endocrinology center.
therm- : Beside autonomic thermoregulation, there is also behavioral thermoregulation with
control actions such as active movement and adjustment of clothing.
nerv- : She was nervous about her daughter.
cephal- : The cephalic region is covered by transverse rows of cuticular spines.
psych- : He wrote both on psychology and on metaphysics, but is known especially as a historian
of philosophy.
spin- : He had to take prodigious quantities of Paracetamol for his spinal pain.
ot- : This ocular emergency requires intravenous antibiotics, otorhinolaryngology, and
ophthalmologic consultation.

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