MIS 201 Saudi Electronic University Management Information Systems at Amazon Essay


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MIS 201 Saudi Electronic University Management Information Systems at Amazon Essay
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Saudi Electronic University
College of Administrative and Financial Sciences
E-commerce Department
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Course Title: Management Information
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Saudi Electronic University
College of Administrative and Financial Sciences
Assignment of MIS201- Management Information System
Project Report Structure: Part 1
Table of Contents
Executive Summary…………………………………………………………………….3
Organizational Profile………………………………………………………………….4
Technologies Involved…………………………………………………………………6
Data Management………………………………………………………………………7
Executive Summary
Hewlett & Packard (HP) is an American founded technology company established by
Stanford classmates Bill Hewlett and David Packard on 2 July 1939. HP operates in the
information technology and computer systems field. Although the company has operations and
stores distributed worldwide, its main headquarters are in Palo Alto in California, United States.
HP produced various scientific machines before becoming a computer systems and technology
giant, including its first successful product, the audio oscillator HP200A, sold to Disney
Company for its 1940 Fantasia film. HP also produced handheld calculators and counter radar
technology for the military during the 1940s and 50s. HP created its first computer, the HP
2116A, for its company operations in 1966, and its first personal computer in 1968, the HP
9100A. HP deals with the development, manufacture, and distribution of a diverse product and
service portfolio, including computer hardware, software, printers, scanners, IT services, and IT
consultation. HP’s extensive products and services range allow the company to market its
products to individuals, small and medium-sized organizations, and well-established businesses.
The paper begins with an organizational profile that discusses HP’s organizational details,
purpose, and structure. The next section explores competitive strategies HP can use to realize
success. The paper also explores technologies used by HP’s IT infrastructure, including
hardware, software, and information security. The data management section explores the
strategies used by HP in managing and processing data. The paper ends with discussing the
stakeholders affected by HP’s information systems.
Organizational Profile
Hewlett & Packard Company was initially a single company before separating into two
independent public corporations in 2015. Hewlett Packard Enterprises and HP Inc. Hewlett
Packard Enterprise is the main company that still maintains the stock price history and the stock
ticker symbol of the parent company Hewlett-Packard Company. The purpose of HPE is to
design, develop, manufacture and distribute products and services, including computer and cloud
storage systems such as HP XP and HPE 3PAR. It also has server systems, containerization
software, networking system. It also offers IT support and consultation services. HP Inc aims to
design, develop, and distribute personal computers, printers, digital press, 3D printing devices,
monitors, scanners, and related supplies and accessories.
HP uses a matrix organizational structure. HP has functional managers in charge of the
classical hierarchy management structure, such as general managers, human resource managers,
and departmental managers. The company also has project managers who coordinate various
projects conducted by different departments and teams. For instance, the company has Tuan
Tuan as the President of Imaging, Printing, and Solution and Alex Cho as President of Personal
Systems (HP, 2022). These two presidents serve as managers of various product segments such
as 3D printing systems and personal computer systems. The matrix system promotes employee
collaboration, team building, and interdepartmental communication among employees, which
improves performance and productivity.
Companies apply competitive strategies to create a competitive advantage over their
competitors operating within the same industry. Companies can use three main types of
competitive strategies organizations; cost leadership, differentiation, and focus strategies. Cost
leadership involves a situation in which organizations use low prices as a penetration strategy to
grow their market share and attract more clients (FrogDog, 2020). The strategy requires the
company to improve its economies of scale by reducing purchasing, manufacturing, and
distribution costs to allow the company to maintain profitability despite the low prices. Wellestablished organizations primarily use the technique to fight off smaller brands and new
entrants. For instance, Walmart and Amazon use this strategy to capture their millions of
customers. Differentiation strategy involves a situation in which the organization improves
products by adding unique features or providing unique services for their value-seeking
customers who target quality and premium offerings (FrogDog, 2020). Differentiation can also
involve introducing new products or services within the company portfolio to expand offerings.
The intention is to make the company stand out while catering to the needs of specific market
segments. Apple has differentiated itself as the only company that uses the iOS systems. It has
also differentiated itself by expanding its product and service portfolio to include digital
streaming services alongside electronics and computer systems. Focus strategies involve
situations in which companies prioritize providing customized services to meet the needs of a
specific target market. For instance, companies can provide the cheapest product offering to a
consumer base in a specific segment. For instance, a brand like Shein may decide to sell its
clothes at the cheapest prices in California. The difference between this strategy and cost
leadership is that the focus prioritizes providing specialized services for a specific target market.
Another way of implementing the focus strategy is introducing a specialized product line for
specific markets. For instance, companies like Starbucks and KFC may have specific products
for the Asian market to meet the specific cuisine needs of their target market.
The most appropriate strategies for HP are differentiation and focus strategies. Cost
leadership is not suitable for HP as the company provides high-quality products and services at
relatively affordable prices. Therefore, it cannot further lower prices as it would affect the
profitability considering the expensive raw materials and unique skills needed to develop
computer products and services. However, HP can use differentiation strategies such as
introducing new product offerings such as smartphones and tablets to expand its product
portfolio. HP can also use focus strategies to introduce specialized product lines such as unique
3D printing systems used for teaching and learning purposes in educational institutions.
Technology Involved
HP operates within the information technology and computer systems field; therefore, it
has adequate IT infrastructure. HP has the HPE data center infrastructure that supports IT
infrastructure installation and management, including servers, networking routers, power
sources, and storage systems to optimize solutions and improve efficiency. HP hardware systems
include personal computers, desktop computers, processors, printers, digital press, 3D printing
devices, monitors, scanners, keyboards, and hard disk drives. HP purchases or manufactures its
hardware systems within its factories in China and the United States after sourcing raw materials
from different suppliers such as Quanta Computer Inc and Hon Hai Precision Industry Company
(Burud, 2022). HP hardware are manufactured and assembled within different firms, for
instance, HP desktop computers are manufactured by Foxconn and Pegatron primarily within its
Chinese firm. Cheng Uei Precision Industry manufactures HP scanners in China (Burud, 2022).
HP software includes firmware, software, drivers, servers, and cloud computing systems. HP
software is created by software engineers, computer programmers, and software developers
working within its headquarters in Palo Alto in California in the United States. HP
telecommunication systems include networking routers, drivers, servers, and broadband. HP has
digital and computerized telecommunication systems that users can access by connecting
computer systems to the internet systems. HP has the HPE data management systems that
provide information security. HP also introduced enterprise security software such as ArcSight,
which detects cyber security risks and Fortify Software tests software systems for malware
(TahawulTech, 2011). These systems provide information security for users. HP computer
systems can be configured and installed to work effectively with different networks, including
Wired Local Area Networks, Ethernet adapters, VPNs, Wireless G, and D Home Networks. HP
computer systems also work with other elements such as Wi-Fi drivers that allow users to
connect to the internet.
Data Management
HP is a technology company equipped with appropriate computer systems for managing
and processing data. HP manages data using the HPE data management framework, which
contains software operating systems, drivers, and supported servers. The HPE framework allows
HP user to optimize data collection, access, archive, and storage from software and hardware
systems. The advantage of the HPE data management system is that it allows job-specific data
organization, optimizes data administration usage of data storage resources, and facilitates
efficient data migration and consolidation (HP Enterprise, 2022). The disadvantage is cyber
security concerns due to the possibility of hacking from third parties or company employees,
exposing important confidential information to competitors and the public. HP processes data
using the HP data science software tool. The system has pre-installed software systems such as
Docker and cuML, allowing users to process data through data analytics and configuring cloud
systems and web applications (HP Enterprise, 2022). The HP data science software tool’s
advantage includes optimized data processing and unparalleled speeds for data analytics
(Gerencer, 2021). The systems have software systems for structuring and tabulating data for
better web and cloud storage. The disadvantage is the risk of cyber-attacks from hackers and
third parties as the software tool contains confidential company information.
The main stakeholders affected by the information systems include customers and
employees who risk their private and confidential information being accessed by third parties or
exposed to the public. The company management risk exposure of private company information
to competitors or the public, which may affect the company’s reputation and provide competitors
with a competitive advantage. The government is also affected by the information systems of
companies such as HP because existing laws have been put in place to protect information
systems such as privacy laws. Therefore, if HP information systems are exposed to the public,
the company is likely to suffer litigations because of violating federal government laws and
regulations. Activist groups that advocate for privacy rights are likely to be affected by
information systems when confidential private information is exposed to third parties. The media
is affected by information systems. The media contributes to the spread of released private
information if it lands on third parties or company competitors, contributing to possible public
backlash, especially in situations where private information is exposed to the public.
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