Saudi Electronic University Human Resources Management Case Study

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Saudi Electronic University Human Resources Management Case Study
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Read the case given and answer the questions:
Nawal was the first of her family to go to college and, after working in a reputed
organization for a few years, she got into her first-choice graduate program. During her
first semester, Nawal was seen as mature, professional, and well-organized. Concerns
emerged during the spring semester; she seemed distracted when on campus and was
absent from organization more days than she was present. She was working on a paper,
but progress was slow, and in March Nawal failed to turn in a draft on the date
promised. Her advisor Dr. Hamed assumed that more structure was needed, so she began
to set very explicit expectations for products with specific deadlines attached. During
their meetings, Nawal was enthusiastic about her projects and eagerly promised to get
the work done. However, the pattern of failing to deliver kept repeating itself. Finally,
after an extended stretch when Nawal was absent from the organization and had missed
a deadline for a draft, Dr. Hamed called her in to ask if she was serious about her work.
Nawal teared up and revealed that her mother was seriously ill, and she had been driving
the three hours back home every weekend for the last several months to help her family.
She had thought it inappropriate to mention her family crisis, not wanting to
acknowledge that her personal life was interfering with her graduate studies. She asked
Dr. Hamed if she should withdraw from the program.
Assignment Questions
Q1. What are the main themes raised in this case?
Q2. What is the best course of action for this student for the immediate future?
Q3. How can organization develop successful mentoring programs to help its work force?
Q4. What policy changes might the department implement to avoid a repeat of the
situation in the future, with another student?

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