MGT 422 Saudi Electronic University Ethical Issues in Workplace Questions


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MGT 422 Saudi Electronic University Ethical Issues in Workplace Questions
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Assignment Question(s): Solve each part of the Assignment. Each answer must be supported
with proper references.
1. Why is performance evaluation important? Why should performance be measured as an ongoing
process, and not just as a once-a-year event? (200 to 250 words)
2. Read the following case carefully and answer the Question given at the end of case study.
As an operation professional, you need to be able to interact effectively with many internal
customers—from corporate managers to field representatives. One of your peers is Jessica, who is
a talented operation professional but who is downright rude to her internal customers. Her attitude
is so bad that people around your company ask specifically to deal with you instead of Jessica.
You’ve heard many tales about her sarcasm and her unwillingness to deliver anything other than
the absolute minimum to other employees. You’ve thought about talking to Bruce, the manager to
whom both you and Jessica report, but you and everyone else knows that they’re dating. In the
meantime, your workload is increasing because of Jessica’s reputation.
How do you handle Jessica and Bruce? (300 words)
3. List some ways you can communicate your ethical standards to your employees and to your peers.
(250 to 300 words)
4. Discuss in detail the various types of corporate social responsibility. (450 to 500 words)
5. Do you think corporate social responsibility is important? Why or why not? (200 to 250 words)
6. If you were running your own company, how would you communicate your CSR strategy with
employees, with external stakeholders, and why? (200 to 250 words)
References are important. Make sure to use the references for EACH questions properly.

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